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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Benoit Tribute Airs Overseas

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                  Monday, July 16, 2007

Benoit Tribute Airs Overseas, Vince Speaks With Talent 
Story By: Ryan Gray
Source - Wrestling Observer Newsletter

For what it's worth before the June 26th SmackDown/ECW 
tapings in San Antonio, Vince told the superstars that 
the Benoit thing is behind them and now they had to get 
back to doing what they do. 

In what appears to be a major communication error, ART 
(the station that airs RAW in the Arab countries) aired 
the Benoit tribute edition on June 29th. The Arabic 
announcers heavily praised Chris Benoit. 

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Why Rey Mysterio Was Pulled From GAB 
Story By: Ryan Gray
Source - Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Vince made the decision last week to pull Rey Mysterio 
from his title match against Edge at the Great American 
Bash. Mysterio gave the indication that he wouldn't be 
ready by then and he is trying to push his return to 
August. However; he is currently under a lot of pressure 
by McMahon because SmackDown's roster is so thin. 

Vince went ahead and replaced him with Kane as he feels 
fans would love to see him chase Edge for the World Title. 
The feud will probably continue for a few months. 

It should be noted WWE expected Mysterio to be ready by 
the pay-per-view, as he is featured on the promotional 


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Details On DDP vs. Jay Z Lawsuit Battle
Story By: Neil Stephens
Credit: PWInsider.Com

For those uninformed, former WCW World champion Diamond 
Dallas Page filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against 
hip hop superstar Jay Z, as well as several of the rappers 
companies which include, Roc-A-Wear clothing, Rocawear 
Licensing, Urban Menswear LLC, and Roc-A-Fella Records. 

PWInsider are reporting that the two parties are close to 
reaching a settlement according to recent documents filed 
in the United States District Court of California, Central 

The two sides agreed a settlement "in principle" last month 
on June 15th following a lengthy mediation and are expected 
to present the settlement to the court next month on August 
10th. If the court signs off the case, the case will then 
be dismissed. 

It is believed that within the lawsuit DDP has claimed his 
"Diamond Cutter" hand gesture had been infringed upon by 
Jay-Z in a number of Jay-Z's business activities. 

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                      Reader's Forum

Sorry Nikki but Chris killed his wife and child and then 
himself. In this country that makes him a murderer. I 
realize that didn't know all the details by that Monday 
night hence the tribute. Sure he could have been framed 
but do you really truely believe that? 

- Alan

Nikki, you make me want to giggle. I barely understood a 
full sentence of what you just said. Yes it's possible that 
he got framed, but highly unlikely. Who could get into his 
house? Wasn't it guarded by dogs and stuff? Police theorize 
that he and his wife were arguing, and he ended it by bind-
ing her feet/wrists, puts his knee in her back and 
strangles her with a cable, jerking her head upward. Police 
think they've got the whole story. You should buy the July 
16, 2007 issue of the National Enquirer, because I don't 
want to type any more.  
- Staten

Ok, I Love having Dusty Rhodes back and even like seeing 
his son Cody, but didn't WWE get a clue at the Hall of 
Fame ceremonies. WE WANT GOLDDUST!! I may be his biggest 
fan, but I sure do miss my golden man!! 
- Melissa 

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