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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Benoit Moving?

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                 Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Matt Hardy/Helms, Lesnar's MMA Debut, SNME Update
Story By: Richard Gray
Source: PWInsider.com

- Several broadcast trade publications have mentioned 
  Saturday Night's Main Event returning to the NBC network 
  this Saturday night after NBC issued a press release 
  announcing the show's return earlier this morning. 

- Matt Hardy has posted his latest blog on WWE.com. In it, 
  Hardy discusses the recent neck injury suffered by his 
  good friend Gregory Helms and talks about how long the 
  two have known each other. 

- Brock Lesnar is slated to make his Mixed Martial Arts 
  debut this Saturday night (June 2nd) against Korean 
  fighter Min Soo Kim at the K-1 Dynamite PPV event. 

- We are now able to confirm that WWE Magazine will 
  release a "History of Championships" issue soon.

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         Random News From The Wrestling World

News On Former WWE Stars Possibly Joining TNA
Story By: Daniel Pena
source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As noted before AAA/WSX wrestler Ricky Banderas is 
scheduled to be brought in to feud with Abyss. Banderas 
and Abyss feuded in Puerto Rico in a program that current 
TNA writer Dutch Mantel liked. He's confident that it can 
be a good feud and they have can good matches. That's the 
current plan, but it's not a done deal. Banderas isn't 
fully committed to joining TNA because he has a lot of 
bookings in Mexico. 

Former WWE star Matt Morgan was backstage at the last 
Impact tapings. If the deal with Banderas falls through, 
he would be the main guy under consideration for the role. 
Morgan has a lot of size, not to mention that Jim Cornette 
likes him. 

Other names under consideration for the role include 
A-Train and Andrew "Test" Martin. However, A-Train has 
a busy schedule in New Japan, so that could be a problem. 


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Benoit Moving?, Former Diva On Billboard, UK Signees
Story By: Daniel Pena
sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Former WWE Diva Lauren Jones may have the distinction of 
being the first ever woman in wrestling, past or present, 
to ever appear on a billboard. In the town of Tyler, Texas, 
there is a billboard of her that says "SHE'S COMING." Jones 
is coming to the Fox station KYTX to become a reporter for 
a reality show. You can see a snapshot of the billboard 
here. The series "Anchorwoman" is scheduled to premiere 
this summer on Fox. It will be kind of like "The Simple 
Life" but in a TV station setting. 

European wrestlers Stu Sanders, Murat Bosporous, Chris 
Chaos and Taylor Phoenix are also under consideration for 
development deals from WWE. At least one of the recent 
European signees was told that they were loading up on 
them for the prospective European territory, so they're 
not necessarily coming to the United States to wrestle in 
OVW and the forthcoming Florida Championship Wrestling. 
However, while nobody has nixed the possible international 
plans, nobody talks about them anymore. So well, some of 
these European signees could very well be sitting on the 
sidelines for quite some time, unless their WWE contract 
allows them to work for other promotions. Drew Galloway, 
Hade Vansen and Sheamus O'Shaunessy, the three Europeans 
on board, were all signed to three-year deals. Although, 
of course they can all be released at a moment's notice. 

After the recent roster changes and rash of injuries, Raw 
is in desperate need of another headliner. Chris Benoit's 
name has come up again about being moved to Raw now that's 
he dropped the U.S. title, losing to MVP in two straight 
falls no less. There was talk of moving him to Raw after 
WrestleMania, but they wanted to keep his feud with MVP 
going a little while longer. It's no secret that SmackDown 
head writer Michael Hayes doesn't see him as a headliner. 

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                      Reader's Forum

michael, dude get a grip will you? you talk bout others 
moaning you just did the same thing bout edge. thats the 
way it is, he got the money in the bank ken was stupid 
enough to give him the chance to take it. plus ken was 
injuried an had to be out anyway so if it wasnt edge it 
would of been someone else. only thing that was wrong 
that edge did was take credit for beating taker, then told 
batista he did in 3 seconds what batista couldnt do in 
3 months yea well get a clue edge, batista fought a 100% 
taker, edge did not, taker was dropping the title cuz he 
was injuried taker wasnt like batista an handed it over he 
was a man an got in the ring an passed it on. so one way 
or the other someone was gonna win. edge was in the right 
place at the right time an he had the right to do it! he 
had the contract. i dont like the way edge is acting but i 
seen a different side of edge an he isnt that bad. cena on 
the other hand is a loser he is nothing more then a mic 

- nikki 

Dear WNT Readers,
On behalf of WWE Superstar "Edge" I would like to accept 
all of the thanks and praise which he has received from so 
many of our astute readers over the past few newsletters. 
Edge will be very pleased and proud to know that he was 
been doing a job well done for the past 5 or 6 years now. 
There's a fine line between getting good old fashioned 
"heel heat" from the fans and dipping over into the annoy-
ing netherland of "X-Pac heat."  Clearly Edge has played 
his gimmick to a perfect T.  Aside from Carlito, Edge was 
the only believable heel on Raw (which makes me sad that 
he had to move to "injury land" aka Smackdown) and obvious-
ly deserves a pay raise. 
Remember, the more you dislike Edge, the bigger Edge 
- MemphisWrestlingFan 

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