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Publication: Diet Buddy
Belly Bulge? Part-3 "Secret Substitutions"

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         Diet Buddy - Monday, October 16, 2006

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Belly Bulge? Part-3 "Secret Substitutions"

Hi There Buddies:

I hope everyone had an enjoybale and relaxing weekend. I'm
not sure about these Indian Summer days I was looking
forward to, with temperatures dipping near the 30's here in
the midwest, but I'm still praying for a few nice days and
weekends before the cold sets in. I can feel that chill in
the air already, Brrrrrrr!!!

OK, let's face it, there are times when eating healthy
meals can become a real challenge, especially if traveling
for your job, working in the office, being out and about,
or your simply short on time. What we're contfronted with
many times are fast foods and quick fixes that we all know
aren't exactly the healthiest foods for our system. So,
trying to grab a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner outside
or in, can present us with quite a few challenges as to
what types of food choices to make.

Today in Part-3 of our Belly Bulge series let's explore
some real diet danger zones to find good, better, best and
beware choices. Here again are some helpful ideas that
hopefully will help you make more informed food choices
when left in a bind, Thanks to Prevention Magazine.

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Fast-Food Breakfasts!

GOOD: Hotcakes. If you're selecting your fast-food
breakfast by the lower percent of fat in a serving, choose
hotcakes instead of a breakfast sandwich. A serving of
Hardee's pancakes (3) with 2 pats of margarine plus syrup
adds up to 540 calories an 11 g fat. McDonald's hotcakes
with the same amount of margarine and syrup come to 600
calories and 17 g fat. Pile on vitamin C with a 6-oz cup
of orange juice, and you'll be adding 80 calories with no

BETTER: Get to know the muffin man. If you like to start
your day with a muffin and a hot cup of coffee or tea, head
to Dunkin' Donuts for a wide selection of low-calorie, low
fat muffins. At 240 calories, choose their low-fat bran
muffins (1 g fat), low-fat cranberry orange muffin (1.5 g
fat), or low-fat corn muffin (2.5 g fat). These stats make
these muffins the fast-food treat with the lowest
percentage of calories per bite.

BEWARE: The sandwich board. If an egg sandwich is your
idea of a fast-food breakfast, the ham/egg/cheese breakfast
sandwich at Dunkin' Donuts wins hands down for the lowest
calories (320) and fat (12 g). And their English muffin/
bacon/cheddar Omwich comes in second at (400 calories and
21 g fat). The next closest runners-up are Burger King's
Croissan'wich with sausage and cheese (410 calories, 29 g
fat). Note the amount of fat in each sandwich is high,
varying from 33 to 63% of calories.

Fast-Food chicken Sandwiches!

GOOD: Several contenders. In the 300-calorie range, you'll
find Wendy's Grilled Chicken Sandwich at 310 calories and 8
g fat, rivaling Subway's 6" Roasted Chicken Breast sandwich
at 311 calories and 6 g fat. A Chicken McGrill at
McDonald's weighs in at 340 calories and 7 g fat when you
hold the mayo. Watch out for high sodium in all fat-food

BETTER: Arby's Light Roast chicken Deluxe. with only 260
calories and 5 g fat, this sandwich is worth clucking about.
The next closest is Chick-fil-A's Chargrilled chicken
Sandwich at 280 calories and 3 g fat.

BEWARE: A chicken sandwich could be a fat trap. Some fast
food versions can send your daily calorie and fat intake
through the roof. One brand's chicken sandwich came close
in at 750 calories, with 32 g fat!

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Snack Attacks!

GOOD: Fat-free caramel corn. Who would have thought that
something so yummy could have zero fat? Fat-Free Fiddle-
Faddle provides sweet satisfaction in only 100 calories per

BETTER: Air-popped popcorn. three cups contains only 92
calories and 1 g fat, plus more than 3 g fiber.

BETTER YET: Fat-free (baked) potato chips or tortilla
chips. Guiltless Gourmet NO-Oil Unsalted Yellow Corn
Tortilla chips contain 110 calories for 18 chips, a
respectable 2 g fiber, 6% of the DV for calcium - and
1 g fat.

BEST: Veggie fiesta. Think of snacks as golden
opportunities to eat the foods you often miss, such as
vegetables. Ideas: broccolli florets with low-fat sour
cream dip; a baked potato drizzled with fat-free caramel
sauce; tomato salsa with low-fat tortilla chips; shredded
carrot salad with low-fat mayo and raisins.

Seafood Entrees!

GOOD: Haddock. Just 112 calories and about 1 g fat for
every 3 1/2 ounces, for a total of 8% of calories from fat.

BEST: Lobster. The winner and still champion. Steamed or
boiled, it gets just 5.4% of the calories from fat. Three
and one-half ounces of lobster meat contains less than 1 g
fat and just 98 calories. You'll need to skip the melted
butter, however - try cocktail sauce instead.

BEWARE: Tuna salad. Sorry Charlie. A cup of tuna salad
with regular mayo can provide more than 380 calories and 19
g fat.

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Vegatarian Fare!

GOOD: Taco Bell Bean Burrito. This meatless meal gives
you 370 calories and 12 g fat. These burritos are tasty
and ready for you at the drive-thru!

BETTER: Veggie burger. Serve with lettuce, tomato, and fat
free dressing on a whole wheat bun, and you've got yourself
a tasty main course at less than 300 calories and 7 g fat.

BEST: Vegetarian chili. Zesty and terrific, Health Valley
Mild Vegetarian Chili With 3 Beans has only 80 calories but
a whopping 7 g fiber in a 1/2 cup serving. And our taste
testers were astonished to find out that this yummy dish
had no fat at all.

Mixed Drinks!

GOOD: Virgin (nonalcoholic) fresh-fruit daiquiris. About
80 to 100 calories, with little or no fat. The standard
recipe calls for about 1/2 cup of fresh fruit (such as
strawberries, which contain roughly 30 calories plus some
fiber and vitamin C); 2 oz of a mixer called "sweet and
sour" (a nonfat lemon-and-sugar drink with about 50 calories
for 2 oz); and a big scoop of ice.

BEST: Virgin Mary. This spicy tomato juice concoction is
a boon to the weight conscious in so many ways. It fills
you with liquid; it's low cal - about 32 calories for a
6 - oz glass, with no fat; it's spicy, which satisfies
tastebuds; it provides some nutrition in the form of
vitamin C; and finally, there's a great big celery stick
to provide crunch appeal.

So there you have some excellent tips to start you on your
disappearing belly bulge journey. Keep these tips and
paste them to your refrigerator door, but most importantly,
START using them. It's always empowering to have the
knowledge at your fingertips, but they're not the ones that
need to lose the weight.

Did You Know ???

That "Good Humor no-sugar added fudgsicles have only 45
calories per serving and 1/2 g fat. If you're craving a
chilly chocolate snack, these pops will satisfy and leave
you guilt-free."

Have a great week everyone !!!

Have any suggestions or questions regarding this column,
please visit our new Diet Buddy Forum and share with the
rest of our readers at:

Disclaimer: Since I am not a medical professional any
statements in this column are strictly based on research I
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.

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