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Publication: Diet Buddy
Belly Bulge? Part-2

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         Diet Buddy - Monday, October 9, 2006

Belly Bulge? Part-2

Hi there Buddies:

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the 
nicer weather we've been having, finally.  September most 
definitely has been one of the chilliest, gloomiest and 
rainiest months that I can remember, and I sure am pleased 
that October at least seems to have some pleasant Indian 
Summer days ahead.

I'm not ready for cold weather just yet and I'm hoping 
Mother Nature just had her months mixed up.  They do say, 
"if you don't like something, change it," so hopefully next 
year will bring a cross-country move away from freezing 
temperatures for good.  I have my fingers crossed!

To lose weight and keep it off, exercise has to become a 
regular part of our everyday life - no ifs, and, or "but I 
don't have the time" about it.  If we don't make the time 
to exercise we won't have the means to permanent weight 
control.  Once we realize this fact of life, we'll be on 
the road to banning that bulge forever.

Last week we received some really great tips for reducing 
that belly bulge we all would love to just make dissappear. 
This week I'll continue with Part-2 in our never ending 
battle of this bulge.....with some excellent tummy-toning 
exercise tips, courtesy of Prevention Magazine.

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Get Moving !

-  Increase activity throughout the day.  "By reducing 
   sedentary behavior and increasing activity, weight loss 
   will come - and stay - for good," says diet expert James 
   O. Hill, director of the Center for Human Nutrition at 
   the University of Colorado Health and Sciences Center in 

   You can make small changes in three areas of your day 
   that will lead to permanent pound removal.  First, 
   replace some of your sendentary time (watching TV, 
   sitting) with movement.  Instead of reading the newspaper
   at lunchtime, take a walk for a half an hour.  Next, 
   change the way you approach your time in motion - 
   vacuuming, digging in the garden, running errands.  Dr 
   Hill recommends that you take the stairs instead of the 
   elevator to whittle away more calories.  Finally, target 
   your daily planned exercise.  Add an extra 15 minutes to 
   your evening stroll.  These minor, almost unnoticeable 
   changes can add up to a gradual yet significant weight 
   loss over time.

-  Learn to love resistance training.  Increasing or 
   maintaining our lean body mass is a crucial component in 
   the weight loss game plan.  The more muscle you have, the 
   more calories you burn, whether you're exercising or 
   sleeping.  Weight lifting is a unique exercise in that it 
   enhances lean body mass.  While aerobic exercises, such 
   as walking, jogging, and bicycling are important for fat 
   burning, they don't substantially increase lean body 
   mass.  And as we age, that lean body mass tends to 
   decrease.  Weight training should be done two or three 
   times a week, unless you target different muscle groups 
   on different days, in which case you can work out more 

-  Learn the 80% solution.  To increase muscle mass, you 
   need to do high-intensity weight training.  That means 
   finding the weight that you can lift about 8 to 12 times 
   and no more.  At that rate, you're lifitng about 80% of 
   your capacity.  (If you lift a weight 25 times without 
   tiring, you tone muscles, but you don't increase muscle 
   mass.)  It's fine to start with lighter weights to train 
   your muscles to get ready for heavier work.

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-  Try dumbbells.  To weight train, you don't have to buy a 
   membership in a fitness center or buy expensive home 
   gyms.  To start out, buy a $20 set of dumbbells with 
   instructions and work out at home.  You can see how you 
   like it without a big investment.  If you're unsure how 
   to use your weights, seek instructions from a certified 
   health and fitness instructor at your local YMCA or 
   fitness club.  As you progress, you may find fitness 
   centers great places to meet lifting buddies or learn 
   more about your new sport.

-  Combine walking with weight training.  To lose weight, 
   most people need to commit to at least 45 minutes to an 
   hour of low-density endurance training, such as brisk 
   walking, almost every day.  So if you're lifting weights 
   one day, you should still try to get your walk in.  (WE 
   know it's hard.)  Unless you're a body builder who needs 
   to maximize her output in one area, you can do both and 
   enhance your weight loss program without harming your 
   body.  To avoid fatigue, try doing one in the morning 
   and the other in the late afternoon or evening.

Stay Motivated !

-  Keep a journal.  Just like food diaries, exercise 
   journals help keep you motivated to do what it is you 
   want to do.  Keep one for weight lifting to show your 
   progress, and another for aerobic activity.  If you're 
   not keen on spending a full hour exercising continuously, 
   remember, it's the sum totoal of exercise you do in a day 
   that matters most, not whether you do it all at the same 
   time.  Try for 15-minute sessions instead of one 
   continuous hour, if you prefer.

-  Find some good videos. Ask your friends if they have any 
   favorite workout videos. Keep a collection around so you 
   can vary your workout from time to time to avoid boredom.
   You can borrow videos from you local public library to 
   keep things interesting. Instead of a walk outside, go 
   inside and try some step aerobics, or polka or country 
   and western dancing. Just don't try to do the whole tape 
   the first day out. Ease into it, or you may be too sore 
   to get out of bed the next day.

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Strategies For Busy People !

-  Do as much exercise as possible in the morning, before 
   work demands zap your time.

-  Always include a vaiety of exercises - with a 
   recreational sport thrown in - to prevent you from 
   becoming bored.

-  For pleasure and inspiration, try to find a group of 
   people to work out with.

-  If you can't find a big chunk of time to exercise, 
   break up your workout into smaller chunks and spread 
   throughout the day.

-  Choose on exercise that requires little more than a 
   change into shoes and shorts, such as jogging or 

-  Have an indoor exercise alternative in case bad weather 
   squelches your outdoor plans.

-  If you're traveling, be imaginative and improvise in 
   your hotel room. Or find a nearby gym or park. 

Now if we can just get it into out thick skulls that 
exercise is an activity that needs to be a daily part of 
our lives, like breathing, then maybe we can take advantage 
of these smart exercise tips and get our bodies in gear 
once and for all, and stay there.  After all, we have 
everything to gain, or lose, depending on how you look at 

Did You Know ??? 

That seventy-five percent of those who exercised in the 
morning were still exercising a year later.  Half of those 
who worked out at noontime stayed with the program, but 
only 25 percent of those who exercised in the evening 
maintained their exercise regimen. 

Next week I'll finish this trilogy of the Belly Bulge with 
Part-3, "Secret Substitutions."  For now, please take a 
moment to visit our new Diet Buddy Forum and share your 
success stories or struggles with fellow Diet Buddies at:

Have a great week everyone !!! 

Disclaimer:  Since I am not a medical professional, any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.

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