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Publication: Diet Buddy
Belly Bulge? Part-1

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         Diet Buddy - Monday, October 2, 2006

Hi there Buddies:

I know, this is probably our all time favorite subject 
concerning our weight.  How many of you have this problem 
and can't seem to find a way to get rid of that bulging 
belly?  And the worst part is that this belly seems to 
have grown overnight and from out of nowhere, right? 

It really can get depressing when you're like me and all 
your clothes were somewhat fitted to your body, before the 
"belly bulge".  Has the time come my dear Buddies to give 
in and start wearing the fashions with elastic bands?  Not 
on your life!  So what then are we women suppose to do with 
this belly that looks like it belongs on a pregnant woman?

Today I'll share some great tips I found in "Prevention 
Magazine", to help get your belly and body hopefully back 
to a condition that's more attractive, making you want to 
flaunt those great looking clothes hanging way in the back 
of your closet again.

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Strategic downsizing!

-  Learn meal planning. Spreading your daily calories over 
   four meals is an effective way to speed metabolism, 
   minimize fat storage, and dampen appetite. Scientists 
   have observed that missing meals, especially early in 
   the day, is hazardous to the waistline. Skipped 
   breakfast, then eating a moderate lunch and a huge 
   dinner, is the most common pattern for people with 
   weight problems, notes James J Kenney, PhD, RD, 
   nutrition research specialist at the Pritikin Longevity 
   Center in Santa Monica, CA. Bypassing breakfast or lunch 
   can leave you starving for dinner, resulting in over-
   eating, and can slow your metabolism.

   We found that people who skipped breakfast, or breakfast 
   and lunch, burned about 5% fewer calories than people 
   who were eating three meals a day or more," says 
   obesity expert C.Wayne Calloway, MD, associate professor 
   of medicine at George Washington University in 
   Washington, DC. 

   A better plan would be to eat about 25% of your daily 
   calories at breakfast and another 25% at lunch. Add a 
   substantial afternoon snack, also containing about 20 to 
   25% of your daily calories. (Research shows that small 
   snacks - less than 10% of daily calories - don't raise 
   metabolic rate significantly.) Then prepare a moderate 
   dinner with about the same number of calories as your 
   earlier meals. If you need an after-dinner snack make 
   it light, and low-fat. If you've eaten well earlier in 
   the day, you won't be so ravenously hungry for late-night 

-  Take calories into consideration. In determining your 
   daily intake, it's important to keep your eye on two 
   different horizons; fat and calories. While fat 
   reduction is the most important priority for good health 
   and weight loss, you don't want calories to fall too low 
   or climb too high.

   A good rule of thumb for women trying to lose weight is 
   to eat 10 calories for every pound of current weight; 
   men's limit is about 12 calories. You can afford 2 or 
   3 additional calories per pound if you exercise for at 
   least 30 minutes three times a week. This pace would 
   result in a half-pound to a pound a week weight loss 
   that's most likely to be permanent and prevent the loss 
   of valuable fat-burning muscle.

   As for fat, most experts suggest about 20 to 25% of 
   calories from fat.  For best results, we recommend that 
   calories from fat not exceed 20% of your daily calories, 
   which is a ceiling of about 33 grams (g) of fat for 
   someone eating 1,500 calories, 40 g for someone eating 
   1,800, and 51 g for someone eating 2,300 calories a day.


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- Consume whole foods.  If you just don't have the patience 
  to count calories and fat grams, there is an easy rule 
  that will usually point you to the right direction; Focus 
  your eating on whole foods, such as whole grains, 
  vegetables, legumes, and fruit.

  Choose an apple instead of apple juice; brown rice 
  instead of white rice; a whole baked potato instead of 
  french fries; a fresh apricot instead of an apricot 
  Danish. The less-processed versions are likely to 
  contain less sugar, less fat, and more nutrients. And 
  they tend to contain more fiber, which fills you up, so 
  you feel more satisfied on fewer calories. Fiber also 
  minimizes insulin response, so less fat is stored.

Beware of Danger Zones!

-  At the supermarket: Never, ever shop on an empty stomach.

-  At mealtime: Preplan. "If you planned a healthy salad, 
   you're more likely to follow through," says Georgia 
   Kostas, MPH, RD, director of nutrition at the Cooper 
   Clinic in Dallas. "If you didn't make plans, a hamburger 
   will sound great."

-  After a meal: Pop a sugar-free mint or butterscotch 
   candy into your mouth; resisting dessert will be easier. 

-  At a restaurant: Order extra side dishes of rice and 
   steamed vegetables. Eat more of those, less of the meat. 

-  At a buffet party: After a few hors d'oeuvres, sneak off 
   into the bathroom and brush your teeth. You'll be less 
   likely to eat more Swedish meat balls if they're going 
   to taste like spearmint. 

-  At the office: Visit the water-cooler often, or keep a 
   carafe of water at your desk. Eight glasses of water a 
   day keeps you more satisfied and prevents overeating.

-  After dinner: Clean up the kitchen, turn off the lights, 
   and shut the kitchen down for the night so you don't keep
   going back for snacks.

-  In front of the TV: Put a thermos of ice water or hot tea
   on your TV table. Or lay out a preplanned healthy snack,
   such as a measured amount of low-fat microwave popcorn.

-  On weekends: Make firm plans to eat every 4 to 6 hours. 
   "If you're running errands and don't eat, the tendency 
   is to grab high calorie-snacks instead of healthier 

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Tricks to Curb Food Cravings!

-  Go low-fat, not fat-free. Many people find that if they 
   toe the fat-free line all day long, they never truly 
   feel satsfied, says Kostas. If hunger wells up soon 
   after eating, try including some low-fat foods with 
   each meal. 

-  Wait out your cravings. When an irresistable urge 
   strikes, resist momentarily; take a walk, telephone a 
   friend, or meditate instead, suggests John Foreyt, PhD, 
   director of nutrition research clinic at Baylor College 
   of Medicine in Houston. Most cravings will pass in 10 

-  Buy individually wrapped portions.  "It's better to buy 
   a box of fudgsicles than a half-gallon of ice cream," 
   says Kostas.  "You've got portion control."

-  Listen to your mouth.  Maybe it's a particular texture 
   you crave. "When my clients crave potato chips, I often 
   refer them to pretzels, popcorn, and Wheat Chex, that 
   supply the same crunch," says Kostas.

-  Go for controlled indulgence. Many of today's fat-free 
   cookies and cakes substitute nicely in a pinch. Just 
   beware of the high caloric toll some take, and limit 
   intake accordingly.  When nothing but the worst will 
   do? Don't deny yourself, says Dr. Calloway; just set 
   limits. Savoring one decadently rich chocolate truffle 
   can be quite satisfying. Denial sets us up for binging 
   and undermines our long-term success. 

These are wonderful tips to keep in mind or on your 
refrigerator door. They are also great tools to 
incorporate into your daily lifestyle and food plan. 
Next time you have the urge to go back to your old ways 
of eating, remember that belly bugle that's keeping you 
from looking and feeling great. 

Did You Know ???

That "for a trimmer belly, ban the booze. While this is 
certainly not the only dietary contributor to abdominal 
bulge, research indicates that drinking alcohol can negate 
your efforts to banish that potbelly by inhibiting the 
burning of body fat." 

Next week, we'll have Part-2 of Belly Bulge. In the 
meantime if you'd like to share your diet ups and downs 
with fellow Diet Buddies, please visit our new Diet 
Buddy Forum at: 

Have a great week everyone !!!

Disclaimer:  Since I am not a medical professional, any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.

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