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Publication: Bits & Bytes
Canon Photography Workshop and Battleship

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Bits & Bytes                                October 19, 2006  
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I have some great deals, tips and sites for you to check 
out. Let's get right to it. 

See you next week. 


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Go Speed Racer... GO!
The Ultimate Collector's Edition of Speed Racer

Store Price: $19.99
DEAL PRICE: $14.99

Now you can get twelve (12) episodes of the 1960s classic
animated action cartoon SPEED RACER in this special 
collector's edition DVD. And the best part is, it's at
a special low price.

Watch the exciting adventures of our hero and the memorable 
cast of characters including his pet chimpanzee Chim Chim, 
his faithful girl Trixie, his faithful mechanic Sparky and 
of course the mysterious Racer X. It's 300 minutes of 
action. Speed Racer Collectible DVD Series


          :::::  This Week's Computer Tip  :::::   

From the Computer Lady: 

It is very easy to drag an icon from your start menu to 
your desktop, but a little bit harder to get it back where 
it belongs. When you follow these directions, don't give 
up if it doesn't work the first time, just try again. 

You are going to be holding down your mouse button during 
this process until the very end, so don't forget to keep 
holding down the mouse button until you are directed to 
release it. 

1. Point to the icon on your desktop, and holding down the 
   left mouse button, drag the icon to your start button. 
   Hold the icon over the start button until the start menu 
   pops up.

2. Still holding down the left mouse button, drag the icon 
   up to the "Programs" or "All Programs" button and again, 
   wait for the programs menu to pop up.

3. Still holding down the left mouse button, drag the icon 
   to the folder it belongs in, and then, you can release 
   the mouse button. The icon should move to the folder you 
   placed it in. 

Disclaimer: Advice presented as informational and is true to 
the best of my knowledge.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   


                     Grand Prix 500
  F-R-E-E (s&h of $5.99, each additional CDRom is $2.99 s&h)   
               Retail Price: $29.95

The 500cc Grand Prix is the most prominent motorcycle 
racing event in the world. From its beginnings in 1949 
until now the 500cc race has remained the fastest, 
toughest and most popular international motorcycle 
competition. As a re-creation of the 50th Grand Prix 
tour, GP500 bring the world of 500c racing to life on 
your PC. With state of the art graphics and sound, 
configurable realism, and complete control over every 
aspect of racing, GP500 is the first true 500cc racing 
simulator. *This product is only available to residents 
of the US and Canada. 

Grand Prix 500 


          GopherCentral's Question of the Week

Do you think the government is telling the truth 
concerning 9-11?

     Please take a moment to share your opinion, visit: 
Question of the Week

                 F-R-E-E (pay just S&D)   
                  Retail Price: $19.95

The classic game of you sunk my battleship! Locate and 
destroy the enemy while real time video displays your 
hits and misses.  Experience the thrill of heart pounding 
naval action amid the surging spray and deafening explosions
of real-life combat.  Play against your friends in 20 real-
time battle scenarios and 3 different variations of the 
classic Battleship game. *This product is only available 
to residents of the US and Canada. 



Parents, Grandparents, Students & Children LOVE THIS...

Store Price: $9.99
DEAL PRICE: $4.99 or less

This complete, 68-piece art set promotes creativity, 
expression and of course fun! Both children and adults 
will love this all-encompassing art kit that includes: 

- 12 Crayons     - 12 Colored Pencils - 12 Colored Markers
- 12 Oil Pastels - 1 Liquid Glue      - 12 Watercolor Paints
- 1 Paint Brush  - 1 Pencil Eraser    - 1 Pencil Sharpener
- 1 Paint Pallet - 1 Drawing Pencil   - 1 Transparent Ruler
- And a Handsome and Functional Storage Case with Carry 

Get this complete set for just $4.99... have a gift to get? 
Pick-up two sets for just $7.98. Check it out, by visiting: 
Complete 68-Piece Creativity Art Set


               Canon Photography Workshop
 F-R-E-E (s&h of $5.99, each additional CDRom is $2.99 s&h)   
                 Retail Price: $26.95

Photography Workshop turns your computer into a virtual 
camera.  Learn in-depth photography skills using beautiful 
multimedia visuals, easy-to-understand basics, tips from 
the pros, and valuable workshops that can be shared with 
the entire family. 

Canon Photography Workshop 


Surfs Up... Here's a Fun Site To Check Out:

The legendary collection of spectacular feats and amazing 
facts can now be enjoyed online. The site is divided up 
into categories such as Amazing Feats, The Human Body, 
Natural World, Sports and Games, etc. If you ever wondered 
who can pop their eyeball the furthest, or hold the heaviest 
car on their head, then look no further. This site is filled 
with enough jaw-dropping records to keep you entertained for 
countless hours. 


Check out more CDRom Software that you can get for just s&h of   
$5.99 for your FIRST ONE, each additional CDRom is just $2.99   
s&h. Check out all that is available by visiting:    
More CDRoms Available   


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