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Publication: Bass Matters
Early Winter Fishing

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><> ><>       BASS MATTERS - December 6, 2006       ><> ><> 

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Hello Anglers,

Bass Fishing Tip for Today:

Spinnerbaits make excellent night time fishing baits. 
Unlike daylight conditions you will want a dark color.
        * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

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Early Winter Fishing: Lures, Tips, Tactics
By Dave Brummond/ bassresource.com

Early winter can be a very frustrating time of year for trophy 
largemouth bass or it can be the most exciting time of year. 
If you fish the right lake, at the right time, you can have the 
best bass fishing of your life, and good enough to count for 
someone else's life too.


Excellent Choice this for this time of year, best when fished 
in 3- to 7-feet of water. Bright colors such as orange, white, 
and chartreuse produce best in murky water conditions and trans-
lucent colors such as light gray generate best in clear water.

Using a slow retrieve this time of year due to the decreasing 
water temperature is a common tactic. On the other hand, make 
sure to always let the bass tell you what speed they prefer, 
vary retrieves until you catch a few. Adding twitches with the 
rod tip for a reaction strike can be a useful method as well. 
If you are attracting tentative bass that are short striking, 
experiment with a trailer hook.

Spinnerbaits most commonly produce best when fished around 
cover like logs, stumps, lily pads, salad bars and a top 
producer, downed trees. So far this year, I have landed four 
bass between 5.8-6.9 pounds, ending up with ten bass over 3.8 
pounds in October. The most recent whopper was a 21.5 inch 
largemouth Halloween morning caught on tandem Colorado white 
spinnerbait in two feet of water. Now that's exciting!

Jig and Pig

Black/blue is the best color for this lure in off colored 
water. Considering off colored water is about the only color 
you'll find this time of year with all the rain. Black and 
brown are excellent choices as well.

Most anglers tie on this bait during a cold front when the 
bass have buried themselves in cover. Many anglers use it as 
a "go-to" bait when they can't buy a bite with any other lure.

Make sure to fish this bait slow this time of the year. Flip 
or pitch between 5- to 15-feet around dense cover such as 
thick weeds, logs, and downed trees. Once it settles to the 
bottom, utilize the rattle (always have a rattle on your jig) 
by lightly shaking the jig to make fish aware of its presence. 
Hop the jig four to five times delaying about five seconds 
between movements and pitch again. Work it into stump roots, 
and drop it so it penetrates into thick weeds. Once you feel 
the lure brush against cover, shake the rod tip to exploit your 
rattle to attract curiosity from a nearby bass.

I highly recommend that you use Stren clear-blue or any other 
high visibility line to detect sudden line twitches. The high 
visibility line allows you to see any suspicious line move-
ments. If you should see or feel anything strange, different, 
or out of the ordinary, set the hook immediately.

Floating Rapalas

This is well known top producer this time of year. The bass 
are in the shallows looking for an easy meal to start the 
winter. They do not want to chase a meal too far where they 
begin to tire. Rather they prefer an easy-to-eat bait such 
as a dying minnow.

A rainbow trout colored Rapala twitched next to dying lily 
pads is a deadly method. Make a cast next to cover or towards 
the shoreline, twitch it underwater and allow it to float to 
the surface. Make about five twitches and then bring it in 
like a crankbait, jerking it underwater back to the boat.

Do not set the hook very hard, it's easy to jerk too quick and 
take the bait out of its mouth. Wait until the splash is gone 
to assure yourself a solid hook set.

7 inch Power worm

This is a great weapon to have in your arsenal this time of 
year. The most common size is a 6-inch worm, yet a 4-inch can 
be just as effective. Texas or Carolina rigged (18'' between 
hook and swivel) worms will produce year round. Ideal when 
working drop-offs and breaklines.

Cast out to structure and let it settle to the bottom. Hop it 
slowly such as a jig, in-between hops shake the rod tip to 
allow the brass and glass combination to make noise and 
possibly attract a fish from nearby dense cover. Keep your 
rod tip high to detect light bites, be ready to set the hook 
at any moment.

It's also extremely effective under docks and around logs and 
various underwater structure and cover. Make sure you always 
use glass with brass weights. Vary the size of your brass 
weights depending on the size of worm and depth of water you 
are fishing.


This lure is ideal this time of year as well, mainly for big 
bass. It is extremely noisy and attracts bass from a distant 
cover and structure. It's best when used in depths ranging 
from 6-inches to 10-feet deep.

Retrieve it just fast enough to stay a little above the weed-
line, or bottom. Give it sudden twitches for maximum sound. 
This lure can cause a reaction from a big bass holding next to 
cover. Run this bait parallel to docks and lily pad edges. You 
can even run it down the side of a log. Keep your rod tip in 
the air. Don't set the hook too hard as a worm or jig - 
they'll usually hook themselves. I recommend you change the 
factory hooks with larger hooks the day you buy the bait. Big 
mouths require big hooks.

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