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Publication: Bass Matters

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><> ><>       BASS MATTERS - December 13, 2006       ><> ><> 

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Hello Anglers,

Slow rolling a spinnerbait is done by casting out, allowing 
the bait to fall to the bottom then pulling it a short distance 
and letting it fall again. At least 90 percent of your strikes 
will occur on the fall, so keep the slack out of your line as 
the lure falls or you will never know you had a hit.

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Enjoy a week of fishing!
email Brock

Let's Tie on a Buzz!

The Lunker Lure web site proudly proclaims that they intro-
duced the original buzzbait to the national market in 1976. 
Today most anglers do not always use them as often as they 
could, even though buzzbaits have consistently been great 
bass producers for the past twenty-two years!

A buzzbait is a specialized topwater form of a bass jig. In 
anglers' game plans, it competes for play time against spinner-
baits and against other topwaters such as poppers, spitters, 
prop baits. It's more snagless and you can cover more water 
faster with a buzzbait than with most other topwaters.

It's the Prop, Baby! The main attraction of a buzzbait is that 
the metal parts squeak when they rub, the blade creates a 
rhythmic throb. It leaves a bubbly trail and an ever-widening 
vee wake which makes for easy tracking by bass, even at night. 
The entire commotion partially obscures the lure skirt from 
sight, preventing the bass from eyeballing it too closely. 
With all these things going on up top, the lure skirt itself 
is less important, and a trailer bait is usually not necessary 
to attract fish. However, you may use a trailer to adjust the 
"buoyancy" and/or slow down the speed of the bait.

Not a lot of thought or even much skill needs to go into basic 
buzzbait fishing. It is not like a jig n' pig where a lot of 
people claim they can never catch fish on it and the best 
advice experts give you is to leave all your other lures 
home..."fish solely with a jig n'pig and go fishless for the 
next 2-3 years"...until you learn it. Not so with mastering 
the buzz - just go out on the water and toss it every so often. 
If bass are in the mood for it, you will generate strikes muy 
pronto. It's that simple. If you aren't getting any action, 
take it off and try it again that day or on your next trip.


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Rod High. As a rule, this means 10 o'clock when you have just 
casted and have lots of line out, and tip up at 11 o'clock by 
the time you have retrieved most of your line. When it gets 
within twenty feet of you, you will lose that nice feeling of 
traction on the surface. There's nothing you can do about 
this. Just finish out the retrieve as best you can.

Hooksetting. The bass will not let go of the buzzbait for a 
few seconds or longer - let them take the buzzbait down - do 
not set the hook when they blow up on the bait - only set 
after they take it down and you feel solid weight.

Short Strikes. There is a common feeling that bass short 
strike at buzzbaits. To circumvent shortstriking, use 
trailers, rather I layer-trim the silicone skirt to end just 
a little beyond the hook bend. Or use the Z-Man silicone 
skirts, previously made by RM Industries. Trim both the front 
and rear-facing fronds to create an overall willow leaf-shaped 
"layered look" that presents the illusion of a baitfish body. 
Buzzing in weeds can be dealt with, but doing it in wood, like 
drowned tree tops and logjams, leaves you exhausted by the end 
of the day because it requires so much concentration and 
hand/eye coordination to do it successfully. 

Deadsticking. Occasionally with a wind knot in my line, bass 
pick up the buzzbait after it was resting idle on the bottom 
for 30 seconds or more. They streak off to the side with it 
in their mouths - just like they would pick up a rubber worm 
and streak off with it.

Windy or Calm? Buzzbaits will work in the windiest or calmest 
conditions and everywhere in between. Early morning and late 
evening calm waters are "classic" buzzbait conditions. 

Tackle Tinkering. There are clackers, different colored 
blades, etc. And people always say to bend the wire arm to 
make the buzz run underneath docks or into rock walls. And 
everyone knows the one about hanging your buzzer out the car 
window as you speed down to the lake. 

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        GopherCentral's Question of the Week
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Question of the Week

                  FISHING JOKES CORNER

Year after year Bubba's wife pleaded with him to take her 
fishing but he kept telling her she would not enjoy it. She, 
finally, wore him down, he consented, and early one morning 
they took off to the lake. They had not been there very long 
when the fish began biting. Almost as fast as they cast, a fish 
would bite, and they reeled it in. After catching their limit, 
Bubba said, "Verna Lou, sweet thang, I'm sorry. You've been good
luck and I'm gonna bring you with me the next time. If you'll 
mark the spot where we caught all these fish, we'll go home." 
On the way home, Bubba turned to Verna Lou and said, "Sweet 
thang, how did you mark the spot were all the fish are so next
time I'll know?" "Bubba, darlin', I put a big 'X' on the side of 
the boat right down closest to the water." "Sweet thang, that's 
about the dumbest thing I ever seed you do. Don't you know that 
won't work? We may not get the same boat the next time!"

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