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Publication: Bass Matters
Fishing the Small Stuff

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><> ><>        BASS MATTERS - August 2, 2006         ><> ><> 


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Hello Anglers,

On a lot of lakes there are skiers and boats out on the lake 
during the day. To escape all the noise and havoc a lot of 
fishermen like to fish at night. Bass are usually shallow 
during the night. They are also in a more aggressive feeding 
mode. There is one bad thing about fishing at night; the fish 
can be very spooky.
So you should tried to avoid bumping your trolling motor and 
dropping things in the boat. Gravel points and midlake humps 
can be some of the best places to fish at night. Try fishing 
these areas with a plastic worm, jig-and-pig, or a dark 
colored Spinnerbait.

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Enjoy a week of fishing!

email Brock

By Donnie Sims

Finesse fishing had became a lost art until the last several 
years as many pro fisherman and weekend anglers turned back 
to the forgotten tactic to begin filling creels and winning 
major tournaments.

I think finesse fishing had been put in the back of the 
tackle box because of all the fast paced fishing products 
on today's market. With big jigs, spinnerbaits, crankbaits 
and creature type plastics along with high speed reels and 
flipp'n sticks the angler had a more glamourous way to catch 

I had to been caught up in the cover a lot of water and 
catch the active fish that are looking to react on a bait 
from reflex rather than slow down work areas and entice bass 
into hitting a offering that slowly moved by the fishes lair.

Finesse fishing should not be termed as a pick it up when 
the bite is tough technique in my opinion. What I mean by 
this is when fish are active small baits can produce a 
tremendous amount of bites and quality fish when fished in 
prime locations. Often times when fish are feeding good and 
biting the fast moving baits or even the bigger baits a 
fisherman can take a small worm fished on a jighead with 
small diameter line and fish high profile locations to catch 
numbers of fish. 

In these numbers will be some quality and given the angler 
fishes multiple locations on this given day the angler can 
end up with a solid five fish limit while catching a lot of 
fish. I look at it as power finesse fishing where I will 
take and move area to area fishing different types of 
structure to develop a pattern on that day that will produce 
the most bites I can get much as the power fisherman uses 
the jig, spinnerbait or crankbait to do the same thing. 

As many fisherman know the first thing in the morning in 
spring, summer and fall can be the best time to be making 
cast from say daylight to around 10:00 a.m. and often 
fisherman will use the spinnerbait, topwater or crankbait 
to try and catch as many fish as possible before slowing 
down and working an area with a slower presentation. 


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I think this is where finesse fishing excels. I will start
first thing on most mornings with some topwater or what have 
you but spend limited time with these type baits before 
going to my jighead/worm combo. I will concentrate my 
efforts on many of the same type areas that the power 
fisherman make repeat cast to stumps, points, docks, ledges
and humps. 

I often have many days where I catch over 20 fish with 
numbers of keeper sized fish with several tournament quality 
fish mixed in. This style suits me and I enjoy catching 
numbers of fish and with the finesse tackle the fight of the
fish makes it worth the effort . 

I have caught a lot of fish in the last 10 years over 4 
pounds with this style of fishing along with some trophy 
spotted bass as well as a few big largemouth and I can 
assure a fisherman if they will work finesse fishing into 
the arsenal they already posses that the average days catch 
will increase. 

While spring and fall are some of the best times to use this 
tactic summer and the depths of winter also have many days 
that can make the success rate go up when using the finesse 

I am not saying to abandon your other styles of fishing but 
to incorporate a spinning rod , a few jigheads and finesse 
worms along with some small crankbaits and spend some time 
fishing the small stuff and you may figure out what some of 
the nations top pros have already discovered.

The angler has many options from different companies that 
offer baits, lures and tackle for finesse fishing 
applications from rounball jigheads to stand up jigheads 
with weed guards with different style hooks that will match 
your style of fishing.

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10 Reasons why Boats are better than Women

1) You can look at other boats without worrying about 
getting caught.

2) You can own more than one boat at a time.

3) The more guys on your boat the better.

4) You are allowed to drive someone else's boat.

5) When your boat gets old and run down, you can buy a new 

6) If your boat is too big, you can trade it for a sleeker 

7) You don't have to wonder who was driving your boat 
before you.

8) Tying two or more boats together is not seen as kinky.

9) You can leave your boat alone for two weeks and not hear 
a single word about being "neglected."

10) Priming the engine only takes three squeezes. 

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