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Publication: Coffee Break
Bank swindler gets unusual sentence

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Monday, July 14, 2008             

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U.S. supermodel Christie Brinkley, who reached a divorce 
settlement with her fourth husband Peter Cook this week, 
insists she will never re-marry. 

Under the agreement reached Thursday morning, Cook, an 
architect, will walk away with $2.1 million, while Brinkley
gets custody of their two children and keeps all the real
estate they shared during their 12-year marriage.

"I'm free!" Brinkley told the New York Post in an exclusive
interview. "I'm not going to marry again. I know too much 
about the marriage laws and divorce laws. Getting married
again would not be a very intelligent thing to do. ... I 
was fighting for my family. I think when you're fighting 
for your family's well-being, almost anything you have to 
go through is worth it."

Brinkley was also previously married to artist
Jean-Francois Allaux, rock 'n' roll singer Billy Joel and
developer Richard Taubman.
What are your thought on Christie Brinkley divorce case
being so public?

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         Woman claims Middle East spider in Utah
An Ogden, Utah, woman said she discovered a spider in her
home that she believes to be a species native to Iraq and 
Afghanistan.  Lynnelle Carson said she caught the alleged 
camel spider in the living room of the home she recently 
moved into with her family, the Ogden Standard-Examiner
reported.  "I was working in the living room around 2 a.m.
and I looked down and thought, 'Hey, there's a camel spider, 
I've got to catch that,'" Carson said.  Carson said she
learned to recognize the species, which can grow to up to
6 inches long and can run at speeds of up to 10 mph, after
her son found one at the family's previous home on an Air
Force base several years ago.  "They're not supposed to be
here (in Utah). I've heard people say they are coming in 
luggage or on planes, so we're introducing these spiders 
here now," she said.  Camelspider.net, a Web site devoted
to the species, said the creatures are not actually spiders,
but solpugids, which are also members of the arachnid class.
"These creatures are usually not dangerous to humans, but
dangerous or not, these creatures are horrifying to
encounter," the Web site said.


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             Bank swindler gets unusual sentence
A former Virginia bank official who swindled a Richmond bank
out of $450,000 has drawn an unusual weekend prison 
sentence, court records show.  Charles O'Brien, a former
loan officer for SunTrust Bank, was sentenced to an initial
one day in jail followed by 52 weekends in jail and three
years of home detention -- and was ordered to surrender 
his golf clubs.  "I've never seen a case like this," U.S.
District Judge Robert E. Payne told O'Brien, whose health
problems dictated the special situation. "A fair sentence 
would include 41 months" in prison.  But, the judge said 
he had to consider O'Brien's unusual needs caused by a 
combination of a brain injury, bipolar disorder and other
problems even if O'Brien's May 2004 brain injury was caused 
when "he got drunk and fell down the stairs."  Some of the
problems, the judge said, the U.S. Bureau of Prisons either
cannot or will not address adequately, the Richmond 
Times-Dispatch reported.


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           Verizon bill addressed to family dog
A Sacramento couple said they were shocked and confused
when their dog received a $142.34 bill from Verizon Online.
Steve Fanelli and Shawn Donovan said their Lhasa Apso, 
named Andy Fanelli, received a notice in the mail from 
AFNI collections informing the canine he owes $142.34 for
Verizon service, KCRA-TV, Sacramento, reported Thursday.
"The point is that Andy has never had a Verizon account.
We were just curious why this showed up," Steve Fanelli
said.  Verizon said the bill was meant for a man named 
Andy Fanelli who lives on the other side of the country.
"Just because there's an Andy Fanelli back east doesn't 
mean you send a letter to an Andy Fanelli in California,"
Donovan said. "There has to be something else to connect
it."  AFNI said the confusion may have resulted from the
fact that the canine Andy Fanelli has his own American 
Express card, which Donovan obtained when it was offered 
for "family members."  "It's an active card. From time to 
time I take my girlfriend's to lunch on Andy," Donovan 
said.  Verizon Online said it canceled the debt.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reader Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
What are your thoughts on McCain's business tax rate
cut to stimulate the U.S. economy?

"I consider myself a Republican, and I find myself appalled
at John McCain's remarks.  This county is going to hell in
a handbasket because of all the "minorities" that have
infiltrated our borders - legal or otherwise.  NAFTA has
screwed the American economy out of billions of dollars
and cost thousands of hard working people their jobs...
simply for the sake of "cheaper" goods.  Americans need to 
stand up for America and get this country back on the right
track.  Let the rest of the world fend for themselves...they 
don't appreciate our help anyway!"
"Blah, blah, blah……" 

"I don't think cutting business tax will stimulate the US
economy.  Maybe try doing something about the gas prices."
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