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Publication: Coffee Break
Bakery may lose kosher approval

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Tuesday, June 3, 2008             

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             Bakery may lose kosher approval
A Swampscott, Mass., bakery owner says the state's primary 
Jewish organization has threatened to take away his kosher 
designation unless he closes on Saturdays.  Bernard Newman 
said his family has always used kosher ingredients at 
Newman's Bakery, which they have owned for 43 years, and 
the Rabbinical Council of Massachusetts gave it permission
decades ago to open on the Jewish Sabbath, the Boston Globe
reported.  However, Newman said the council has told him he
must close the business on Saturdays or the bakery will
lose its kosher approval.  "God said you should keep the 
Sabbath, you know, and we felt that with the store being
open on Shabbos, we just didn't want to continue on," said
Rabbi Abraham Halbfinger, director of the council.  Newman
said he will continue to keep his bakery open on Saturdays
whether or not the council approves.  "It's hypocrisy," he 
said. "How can we be kosher one day and not kosher the next


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             Chaos ushers in Tube drinking ban
Six London Underground stations had to be shut down after 
thousands of rowdy drinkers caused chaos before an official 
alcohol ban took effect on London trains.  Four train
operators, three other workers and two police officers
said they were assaulted as drinkers partied at train 
stations Saturday before the ban took effect at midnight,
the BBC reported.  The rowdiness led to 17 arrests and 
left numerous trains damaged.  The new law prohibits
people from drinking or carrying open containers of 
alcohol on the Tube, London buses, Docklands Light Railway
and trams.  "We are encouraging our passengers to show a 
bit more respect and to be more considerate and involve 
other people's views and other passengers views as they
make their journeys," said Jeroen Weimar, Transport for
London's director of transport policing and enforcement.


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           Woman, 95, marries someone her own age
A California minister who performed a wedding ceremony in 
which the bride and groom were both 95-years-old called it
a once in a life time experience.  The newlyweds -- Bernice
Jenkins and Wallis "Rich" Richard -- made it legal Saturday
before more than 200 guests at a Baptist church in 
Camarillo, Calif., the Los Angles Times reported.  "I
think we'd be staggered to be here with one 95-year-old.
But two 95-year-olds is something I don't think we will
ever see again," the Rev. Paul Phillipps told the 
congregation.  Both the bride and groom had been married 
to their previous spouses for more than 60 years and both 
lost their spouses within the past 10 years, the newspaper 
said.  The couple said their marriage proves it is possible 
to find love late in life.  One of Jenkins' two sons said 
Richard proposed to her on their first date, 18 months 
ago, but that only frightened her. Jenkins says she changed 
her mind in February.  "He spoils me something awful," she 
said. "And he's got a cute sense of humor."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reader Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
What are your thoughts on women becoming priest?

"Female priests? Why not? Anyone who is still a Catholic
after all the rottenness in the priesthood is mentally
deficient or a pedophile.The nuns are just as evil what 
with all the documented(i.e. baby corpses in the walls 
of the nunnery) pregnancies. All the Vatican wants is
money & more money,no interest in anyone's soul,just your

"If you don't agree with the rules, don't join the club. 
There are many Christian denominations with women clergy.  
Join one!" 

"One more branch of the left wing liberals heard from.
Let them start their own religion. We must need more."

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