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Publication: Coffee Break
Baby girl born at subway station

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Thursday, June 26, 2008             

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U.S. Sen. Barack Obama has asked key contributors to help 
retire the debt of his former Democratic U.S. presidential 
nomination rival Sen. Hillary Clinton.

During the primary campaign, Clinton, D-N.Y., amassed a 
$10 million vendor debt. She suspended her campaign days 
after Obama clinched the nomination June 3.

Obama, D-Ill., used a conference call Tuesday to ask
members of his national finance team to contribute to help 
retire Clinton's debt "if they had the means to do so," a 
campaign aide told The Washington Post.

Clinton has a campaign debt of about $22 million but about
$12 million of the total is money she loaned to the 
campaign from her funds, CNN reported.
Clinton and Obama have a joint campaign appearance Friday
in Unity, N.H.
Obama, said he spoke with Clinton by phone Tuesday and 
Sunday.  "We had a good conversation," he said. "We're
looking forward to seeing each other ... and campaigning
on Friday."

What are your thoughts on Obama asking supporters to help
Clinton repay debt?

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             Baby girl born at subway station
A New York couple say their baby daughter was born in a 
city subway station with the help of compassionate
commuters.  Francine and Max Alfontent, both 27, said they
were taking the F train to Bellevue Hospital after Francine
started feeling the baby coming, the New York Daily News
reported Tuesday.  "My wife started feeling funny on the 
train so I told the conductor and he called ahead to the 
station," Alfontent said. "When we pulled in I put her 
down on the platform and her water broke. I was happy the
baby was coming, but I have to admit I was a little bit 
scared."  Alfontant said he and his wife were assisted by 
a nurse on her way to work at the hospital and got off the 
train with them. He said one rail rider surrendered his
briefcase for his wife to use as a pillow while another 
went up to the street to guide paramedics.  "At last four
trains came into the station and it seemed like people
from every one of them stopped to help," said social worker
Wendy Brown, who assisted with the delivery.  Paramedics
arrived and helped Francine complete the delivery. The 
baby girl, named Soleil, was born healthy and weighed in
at 6 pounds, 7 ounces.


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           Man on mission of mercy blocks canal
A driver trying to help a trapped pigeon on a bridge ended
up blocking a major shipping route in the Netherlands when
his car rolled into a canal.  The North Holland Canal,
which connects Amsterdam to the naval port, Den Helder, 
was closed to shipping for several hours, Expatica 
reported.  The man's troubles began as he crossed the canal
near Schoorldam, a village about 30 miles north of 
Amsterdam, when he spotted a pigeon that had become caught 
in a bridge railing. He stopped, left his car and attempted 
to free the bird.  While he was on his mission of mercy, 
his car rolled away and into the canal. Several hours 
later, it was hauled out.


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              Man charged with nude jogging
A Colorado man has been arrested on suspicion of nude
jogging, police say.  David Orloff, 55, of Boulder was 
arrested Saturday morning, The Boulder Daily Camera
reported. Police said they had received a call about an
unclothed runner with a long beard and long hair.  Police
said they talked to one neighbor who said Orloff was "naked
as a jaybird" and he would have been upset if his wife or
any children had seen him. Orloff himself told police he 
did not believe his nudity bothered anyone.  Callers
complained Tuesday, Thursday and Friday last week about
seeing a naked man walking or running in the area.  Orloff
could face serious consequences if convicted of indecent 
exposure -- possible jail time and fines, as well as being
required to register as a sex offender.  On June 12, a
Catholic priest was convicted of running nude around a 
high school track in Frederick, Colo., about 20 miles
northeast of Boulder. He is to be sentenced in August.


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