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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Astonishing Near-Death Experience

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Issue date: Saturday, April 1, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R  

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Thanks for subscribing to the Paranormal Insider. My name 
is Gus and I'm a veteran journalist whose beat is ghosts, 
ESP, UFOs and other mysteries of life. This newsletter is 
where I share my notebook of investigations, rumors and 
breaking stories with you. Now, this week's spine-tingling 

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Astonishing Near-Death Experience #1

Katherine was an anxiety-ridden Midwestern woman who became
despondent when her husband divorced her. She took a bottle
of pills and lost all vital signs. When she "died," 
Katherine was thrust into a garden of incredible beauty, 
where tropical plants grew high and lush. A handsome, 
cloaked man approached—and Katherine knew instantly that 
this was her guardian angel. The angel told Katherine that 
she was going to be sent back to Earth. The next thing 
Katherine knew, she was in a hospital. From that day on, 
she lived fully—dealing with her anxiety disorder, gaining 
self-confidence and ending the destructive self-talk that 
had prevented her from enjoying life.

Astonishing Near-Death Experience #2

Another Near-Death Experience (NDE) case involved a Scottish
woman I shall call Maureen, who suffered a deadly reaction 
to medications in a Bermuda hotel lobby. Maureen felt her-
self swept away from this world onto a lovely shoreline 
that was not of this Earth. Two figures approached her—and 
Maureen recognized her beloved grandparents, who'd died 
many years before. They greeted Maureen excitedly. Her 
grandmother wanted Maureen to stay and help her finish a
massive quilt she was sewing with unspecified friends. But 
Maureen's irascible grandfather insisted that Maureen's day
had not yet come. And shooed her away! Suddenly, Maureen 
was back in the hotel lobby, surrounded by EMS technicians 
and curious onlookers. After being treated in a local 
clinic, Maureen recovered, secure in the knowledge that 
she would one day be reunited with her colorful 

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Astonishing Near-Death Experience #3

In a rare negative NDE, a math professor named Howard, an 
agnostic who scoffed at the idea of God, became severely 
ill in his campus office and abruptly stopped breathing. 
Howard could feel his spirit leave his body and enter 
foggy terrain. Suddenly, infected, claw-like hands began 
ripping at his flesh. He was surrounded by a dozen 
gangrenous beings, tearing at him with hands and teeth. 
For the first time in his entire life, Howard began to 
pray. In a true miracle, the entities howled and recoiled, 
then slowly slunk away. The next thing Howard knew, he was
back on the floor of his office, with the math school dean 
working frantically to save him. Despite his previous anti-
religious beliefs, Howard now knew that someone was watch-
ing over him.

It's Raining Flesh and Blood.
You've undoubtedly heard weird stories of frogs, blocks of 
ice and green slime falling from a blue, cloudless sky. But
flesh and blood? Amazingly, two such cases were recorded in
North Carolina during the 19th century. The first took 
place in 1850, when the North Carolinian newspaper told of 
a 250-yard-long shower of "flesh, liver, brains and blood" 
raining down on a farm belonging to one Thomas Clarkson. 
The source of the bizarre mess was never determined. Then, 
in 1884, Mrs. Kit Lasater was standing near a barn when a 
cascade of blood fell in a wide swath around her from a 
cloudless sky. A scientist brought to the scene could not 
explain the event.

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Of Orbs and Evil Eyes.

Hi Gus:
"First I would like to comment on the person in last week's
issue who felt that a man gave her the Evil Eye. What she 
encountered was a guy who had evil thoughts and a lot of 
negative energy. When he gazed at her, he drained her of 
all positive energy, leaving her drained and disoriented. 
I've had this happen to me and have learned how to shield 
myself from people like this.

"Also in last week's issue, a woman wondered about 
the glowing orbs she was seeing in all of her family 
photographs. She should know that orbs are a form of very 
positive energy from the Other Side. They are the spirits 
of deceased family members and loved ones who have come to
protect and comfort her. I have tons of photos around my 
home of beautiful orbs and of cloud-like formations 
invisible to the naked eye. Both only show themselves in 
my digital camera. Some have the vague appearance of faces 
and some look similar to my dog and horse that recently 
Crossed Over.

"In short, orbs are spirits of the deceased, returning to 
let us know they love us and are still with us."

Of Orbs and Evil Eyes, Part 2.

Hello Gus:
"The orbs are spirit manifestations of either Guardian 
Angels or deceased family members that are protecting and 
looking after this woman's family. They are nothing to be 
worried about..."

Dear Gus:
"My daughter was about eighteen when she gave me the 
Evil Eye. She got very angry at me and her eyes turned 
completely black. Normally she has lovely blue eyes, so 
I took this as a sign to back off and gave her some space.
This was the only time she gave me the Evil Eye, but once 
was enough. BTW: Neither of us mess with the Dark Side—my 
daughter doesn't even like scary movies."

Hello Gus:
"I live on a ranch and have taken numerous photos of orbs 
with my digital camera—even in the calving barn! The orbs 
are fascinating. If I magnify them on my computer, I some-
times see forms or faces; always with smiles.

"I’ve not seen any faces I recognize—I think the orbs are 
Angels watching over me. And the cows on the ranch! We've 
had three calves born that should have died. One was back-
ward, yet the cow was able to give birth on her own, with-
out our assistance. The photo I took of the birth had
several orbs in it. So don't be afraid of orbs. They’re 
good to have around!"

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