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Publication: CBS Soaps
Does Buzz still have feelings?

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              AS THE DIAL TURNS - CBS Soaps               
                  Tuesday, April 18, 2006

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Here's what's going to happen next on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

Barbara asks Lisa to give Gwen a job picking music for 
her new club with. Casey and Gwen figure out that they 
will be able to work together just fine. 

Here's what just happened on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

Nancy, Lisa, Lucinda, Kim, Susan, Emma and Barbara all 
board a bus heading for a ceremony honoring Nancy's 50 
years of devoted community service. 

On the way home, Barbara bugs the driver into taking a 
shortcut. The detour ends with the bus in a ditch. The 
driver takes off to get help. Susan is hungry and blames 
Barbara for the accident. 

Lucinda goes foraging in the bus for food and comes up 
with some cheap whiskey. The women (except for Susan) 
drink and reminisce about the many men in their lives. 
Barbara says she is getting them out of here and goes to 
start the bus herself. 

Lucinda tells her she's doing it wrong and tries to take 
the wheel. The bus tips over, pinning Lucinda, and forc-
ing the remaining six divas to work together to free her 
before the bus explodes. 

Jennifer demands Paul tell her where Dusty is being held,
but he swears he has no idea. Emily arrives and feigns 
shock that Dusty is still alive. Jen begs her father to 
let Paul go so he can lead them to Dusty. As Paul is re-
leased, Meg asks him how he plans to avoid going home with 
Emily. Paul says he's going to stall his bride while Meg 
goes searching for evidence that Emily is holding Dusty. 

Later, Dusty frees his hands, rips the chains out of the 
wall and makes a break for it. Nick thanks Jack for 
straightening out the mess with Anatoly and getting Nick 


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Here's what's coming up next on GUIDING LIGHT:

Reva doesn't want to hear what Josh has to say. . Olivia 
asks if Buzz still has feelings for her. 

Here's what just happened on GUIDING LIGHT: 

Jeffrey breaks the news to Blake -- Ross' plane crashed. 
Blake's state of mind isn't helped when Dinah - projecting 
her own issues about Harley and Mallet -- guesses that the 
woman traveling with Ross, Nikki, his assistant, was also 
his mistress. 

Blake slaps her stepdaughter. Later, Blake announces that 
she plans to run for Ross' mayoral seat, then goes home... 
and starts investigating Ross. Jeffrey tries to convince 
her the rumors are unsubstantiated, then mentions that her 
opponent in the mayoral race will be... him. 

Marina interrupts the Spaulding board meeting to accuse 
Alan-Michael of not just forging Gus's note, but sabotaging 
Harley, as well. Alan-Michael admits all and says he did it 
to protect Spaulding. Marina slaps him. 

Mallet tells Harley that Dinah knows they slept together. 
Harley asks for Dinah's forgiveness but Dinah can't quite 
give it. Harley tells Dinah, in light of Ross's death, to 
take some time off. Dinah is furious, feeling betrayed by 
her "friend" yet again. But when Dinah insists that her 
job was all she had to hold on to, Mallet reminds her that 
she's got him. Dinah realizes he's right and they make love. 

Coop assures Ava he's over Lizzie, but just then he gets a 
frantic call from none other than Ms. Spaulding herself, 
claiming Joey is stalking her. Reva overhears Josh telling 
Cassie that this latest Reva crises devastated him to the 
point where Josh never wanted to see her again.


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Here's what's coming up next on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

A mysterious figure enters the Jackie M Boutique. Felicia 
eases Bridget's nerves and tells Bridget that Dino will 
always be a part of her life. 

Here's what just happened on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Nick tells Brooke that nothing will get between the two 
of them. Jackie then calls to tell Nick that she has been 
arrested. Nick goes to Massimo for help, but he refuses 
to listen. 

Ridge is furious when he sees pictures of Brooke and Nick 
with the kids on the island, but Massimo tells Ridge that 
he has everything under control. Ridge, Thorne, Darla and 
Kristen have been called by Stephanie and Eric to what 
they feel is a family meeting. They all feel they are there 
to help Stephanie deal with Felicia's death; help her 
through this rough time. Stephanie tells them they don't 
understand; that's not why she wanted to gather them all 
together. Then, Christian wheels Felicia in to a shocked 
crowd. Everyone rejoices at the sight of Felicia. 

Nick tells Brooke he thinks Massimo is behind Jackie's 
arrest and that Massimo will only help Nick if he ends 
his relationship with Brooke. Brooke and Nick vow to find 
a way to get Jackie out of jail which won't result in them 
breaking up. Jackie's hearing begins and she is denied 
bail. The prosecutor asks Massimo some questions that lead 
to Massimo divulging Jackie's affair with Deacon. The 
prosecutor makes the case that Jackie broke a promise to 
Massimo and that makes her a flight risk. Jackie makes a 
final plea to post bail. 

Bridget tells Dante she doesn't want to lose Dino. 



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Here's what's coming up next on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

Neil confronts Dru for not talking to him about Lily 
working at the boutique. Victor asks Phyllis where her 
things should be sent. 

Here's what just happened on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

At the Genoa City Hotel Bar, Nick and Phyllis lament 
about Nick's situation at home, unaware Sharon is watching. 
Just as Phyllis rises to leave, Sharon makes her presence 
known and tells Phyllis to stay out of her business at 
the office. 

Later at home, Sharon is shocked when she finds Nick at 
the door. Nick vows to do whatever it takes to keep their 
marriage intact. She suggests he begin by firing Phyllis 
from her job at Newman. 

At the GCAC Dining room, Ashley is very distracted. She 
and Paul finish up dinner and she's feeling responsible 
for the tainted Jabot cream, which may have lead to the 
death of Emma Gibson. 

Will Bardwell enters and Paul approaches him to inquire 
about the status of Jabot's legal investigation. Will 
states he has reservations in regards to Ashley's past 
because of her history of obstructing justice. 

Colleen tells J.T. that she wants to spend more time with 
him and kisses him. Kevin surprises Jack and Ashley by 
moving back in. Gloria is nearby listening as Jack and 
Ashley discuss their plans to get Will Bardwell thrown 
off the case. Both Kevin and Gloria are panicked about 
Will coming over to the house. 

Daniel and Lily discuss their first day of work at both 
of their new jobs. Neil comes by to thank Lauren for 
hiring Lily, unaware that Dru was responsible for it. 
Victor reprimands Nick for having an affair with Phyllis 
and doesn't want to hear any of Nick's excuses.


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