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Holden Gives Up

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

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Here's what's going to happen next on AS THE WORLD TURNS:

Carly bristles. Holden gives up on Lily.

Here's what just happened on AS THE WORLD TURNS:

Emily suddenly realizes what she has done and is horrified
that she has shot Paul. She runs to him and cradles his
head in her hands but when he goes limp in her arms, she
pulls herself together and rolls his body over the side
of the bluff She then spots his cell phone which had fallen
out of his pocket and uses it to call herself to help es-
tablish an alibi.

After throwing the phone over the bluff as well, she sees
blood on her scarf and stuffs it into her pocket. Later,
she shows up at the hospital in tears and tells Susan that
Paul called her to say the wedding was off.

Meg begs Dusty to forgive her for what she did to Jennifer.
She tells him that everything she did was done to hold on
to him but, disgusted, Dusty sends her away. Meg drives
through the sleet with tears in her eyes and the car veers
out of control, crashing on the roadside. She comes to,
gets out of the car and hears a moan. Thinking she might
have hit someone, she wanders over to the bluff when
suddenly, a bloody and battered Paul appears from over
the side of the cliff!

Meg brings him to an abandoned cabin in the woods. She
wants to call the cops and get an ambulance but he refuses,
determined to keep his circumstances a secret. Jennifer
truly believes that she and Dusty are free to be together.
They finally make love and talk happily of their new family.

Keith shocks Lily by announcing that he's taken a job in
L.A., and he expects her to leave with him in the morning.



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Here's what's coming up next on GUIDING LIGHT:

Harley tries to avoid Mallet. Reva and Josh take another
step forward.

Here's what just happened on GUIDING LIGHT:

Dinah and Mallet are about to hit the sheets when Mallet
gets a call - Alan Spauldiag has been released, and Gus
is no longer in the cell Mallet locked him up in. Mallet
finds Harley and lets her know what's going on, just as
Dinah arrives, offering to be of help.

Buzz admits to Harley that he's afraid Gus might do some-
thing criminal to protect her, which leads Harley to ask
Mallet for a favor - if he finds out Gus broke the law,
would Mallet be willing to look the other way? Mallet
agrees, but on the understanding that he wouldn't do it
for Gus, he would do it for Harley.

Harley doesn't like his terms, but Mallet tells her it's
a take-it-or-leave-it kind of deal. Filling in for Harley
at Spaulding, Alan Michael is feeling on top of the world.
Still, it doesn't help him feel any better about his brush-
off of Marina on New Year's Eve, and he attempts to make
amends with a bouquet of flowers and a vow to make her we
that, he is truly sorry for hurting her.

Jonathan is forced to take an anger-management class as a
condition of his bail, and he grudgingly attends, though it
isn't long before his mind is filled with images of Tammy
and Sandy, taunting that Jonathan will hurt the woman he
loves the same way he's hurt everyone else in his life.

Reva and Josh forge a tentative connection when he guesses
that the reason for her passionate defense of Jonathan and
Tammy is because Reva sees herself and Josh in the young,
star-crossed couple.


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Here's what's coming up next on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL:

Darla keeps encouraging Hector to pursue Taylor. Stephanie
tells Brooke to keep her mouth shut about Taylor and Hector.

Here's what just happened on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL:

Brooke accuses Taylor of cheating on Ridge. Taylor claims
that Hector was just trying to be a friend. Meanwhile,
Hector confesses to Brooke that he loves Taylor. Brooke
becomes upset and storms off. Taylor makes Hector leave.

Later, Taylor asks Brooke not to tell Ridge, that she will
tell him herself. Brooke is extremely upset by the entire
situation. Brooke tries to confront Taylor about her re-
lationship with Hector, but Taylor defends that she has
been faithful to Ridge.

Felicia and Dante visit one another and share some champagne.
Felicia tells Dante that she led a good life and Dante tries
to probe her for more information about her life. Taylor
confides in Stephanie about Hector, and what happened on
New Year's Eve.

Stephanie is extremely shocked. Thorne, Darla, and Sally
are interviewing candidates to become the new receptionist
at Forrester. They interview three people, and none of them
are right for the job. Thorne then offers the job to Sally.

Brooke asks Nick what she should do about Taylor. Nick says
that he will support her decision, and she decides to tell
Ridge about Hector, if Taylor does not. Sally accepts the
job and thanks Thorne for offer. She is extremely grateful
for all of his help.



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Here's what's coming up next on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS:

Michael and Scott struggle with the idea of letting Lauren
go. Nick returns home to find Sharon wearing lingerie and
they make love.

Here's what just happened on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS:

Ashley insists that John not be told about Tom's death or
her arrest. Ashley asks Brad to help explain her situation
to Abby.

When John finally regains consciousness, he has no recoll-
ection of his car accident or what led up to it. Ashley is
moved when Victor offers his support.

Neil gives Devon a letter from Lily to give to Daniel,
breaking off their relationship, explaining that she
doesn't want to be Daniel's girlfriend any more.

Devon reluctantly agrees to give the letter to Daniel.
Yolanda tells Devon that she has a new job at Newman En-
terprises. Devon explains to Yolanda that he is caught
in between the Winters and Lily because he has been asked
to deliver two letters to Daniel: one from Lily breaking
up with him, and one explaining that her parents forced
her to write the other letter.

Victor tells Brad that he hopes he will continue to sup-
port Ashley even though he is engaged to Victoria. J.T.
returns home to the loft to find Mac and Kevin sleeping
in each other's arms on the couch. J.T. and Mac argue
about J.T. bailing out on Mac's special New Year's Eve

Later, Mac reveals to Kevin that it may have been a bad
idea for her to move in with J.T., raising Kevin's hopes
about the possibility of a relationship with Mac.


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