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Publication: CBS Soaps
Jade Takes Picture of Gwen

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              AS THE DIAL TURNS - CBS Soaps               
                  Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Here's what's going to happen next on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

Barbara wants to take legal action against Iris. Jade 
secretly takes a picture of Gwen.

Here's what just happened on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

Vienna asks Henry to marry him and he ultimately agrees. 
Henry asks Katie to be his best man and they pick out 
Vienna's engagement ring together. 

Later, Brad says Vienna and Henry will never get married 
and tells Katie he can prove it. When Katie goes off with 
Henry, Brad shows up to see Vienna and tells her he wants 
Vienna back. 

Meg finds Faith throwing up outside, but she asks Meg not 
to tell Lily. Craig asks Lily to stay on at WorldWide, but 
Lily refuses. Later, Meg tells Lily that Faith was being 
sick, and Meg learns of Faith's bulimia and that Craig 
destroyed her family. 

Meg blast Craig for playing everyone, but Craig confesses 
Meg got under his skin and he tried to be the man he 
thought she wanted. When he saw her with Paul he realized 
his true path. 

Emily barrels her way in to see Lance, a porn producer, 
and informs him that she's there to talk to the girl in 
the poster - Alison. 

Lance assures Emily that the girl is not her sister. When 
Emily gets tough, Lance threatens to have her thrown out.
Emily leaves even though she is certain that the girl in 
the poster is Alison. Alison appears, grateful Lance has 
kept her secret as he reminds him they're in this together. 

Margo walks in on Maddie and Casey making love.


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Here's what's coming up next on GUIDING LIGHT:

Harley fears that she's going to lose Daisy unless she 
does something drastic. Cassie says that Alan deserved 
to be shot.

Here's what just happened on GUIDING LIGHT: 

When Marina says she is concerned that Remy is not doing 
anything with his life, he gives her the cold shoulder. 

Later, Marina is shocked to find Remy and Cyrus drinking 
together and warns him to stay away from Cyrus. Cyrus's 
ways seem to finally cause a crack in Marina's tough de-
meanor and she agrees to stay at the bar. 

The next day, Frank and Buzz give Marina a hard time for 
not having more of a love life when Cyrus shows up. Alan-
Michael makes a convincing argument that Ava should stay 
at Spaulding. 

Later, Ava introduces herself to Doris, saying she wants 
to join in the fight against Alan-Michael. Ava offers 
Doris Alan-Michael's briefcase as proof that she really 
wants to work for her, but once Doris is out of sight, 
we realize she's still working for Alan-Michael. 

Jeffrey tries to plan a little family time, but Ava and 
Olivia end up arguing. Ava asks her parents to help her 
keep Doris from taking control of Spaulding. Jeffrey 
thinks Alan-Michael is a bigger threat to Ava than Doris 
is and refuses to help her. 

Later, Olivia and Ava bond as Olivia agrees to help Ava 
with Spaulding. Josh makes up a new rule for Cassie-they 
don't speak Alan's name, or waste another second on him. 
Josh collapses after thinking Cassie has left, but she 
sees this and rushes back to him.



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Here's what's coming up next on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Ashley is jealous when she sees Rick and Phoebe kissing. 
Taylor receives an early pregnancy test from the pharmacy. 

Here's what just happened on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Jackie tells Taylor that she approves of her relationship 
with Nick. Taylor tells Jackie that she will have a wedd-
ing with Nick but there is no rush on it. Nick is sur-
prised that Brooke broke things off with Ridge. She 
tells him that she wants to get back together with him, 
but he tells her that things between them are over; he's 
in love with Taylor. 

Stephanie tells Ridge that Brooke went straight to Nick's 
house after arriving at the airport. Ridge feels alone. 
Stephanie is happy that Brooke is finally out of Ridge's 

Later, Taylor tells Nick that she thinks Brooke is out 
of control with her antics. Taylor is confident with her 
relationship with Nick, but needs assurance from Nick. 

Ridge tells Felicia that the wedding is off but she tells 
him to hunt Brooke down. Ridge confronts Brooke about see-
ing Nick right after calling off their wedding. 

Stephanie tells Brooke that she wants her out of the 
Forrester business. Stephanie tells Felicia that Taylor 
and Nick are planning on having a baby together. Nick 
tells Jackie that even though Brooke and Ridge are over, 
he is done with Brooke. 

Rick pleads with Brooke to go to Nick before he marries 
Taylor because he's convinced that Nick is still in love 
with Brooke.



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Here's what's coming up next on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

Nick and Noah run into Lauren at the coffeehouse. Phyllis 
pretends to be Sharon's sister so they can find out how 
she is doing.

Here's what just happened on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

At work, Nikki tells Victor and Jack that she's called a 
press conference for this afternoon to officially announce 
her candidacy against Jack for the senate seat.
Sharon reluctantly tells Brad that she caught Colleen and 
Adrian making out yesterday. Jack meets with Colleen and 
agrees to loan her money so that she can finish the sem-
ester and she promises to pay his loan back later. 

At the cliff-side photo shoot, Phyllis tells the photo-
grapher that they will no longer be using the white dress 
for Sharon's shots. When Sharon arrives she is furious 
with Phyllis for changing the outfit. 

Dru starts rearranging all of the items on the serving 
cart set up by Phyllis, then she and Phyllis start to 
argue. When Daniel and Lily arrive at the photo shoot, 
Phyllis and Sharon begin to fight by the side of the 
cliff. Phyllis threatens to call Jack and tell him about 
Brad and Sharon's affair. 

As Sharon tries to grab the cell phone from Phyllis, she 
loses her footing and falls over the cliff. Dru tries to 
grab her but also falls over the cliff. Sharon screams 
for help, as Daniel and Phyllis attempt to pull her up 
from the side of the cliff. Sharon cannot hold on to 
Phyllis any longer and she falls down into the darkness. 

Daniel tells him that Sharon and Dru have just fallen 
off the cliff. Jack tells Neil and Victoria, who contact 
the police. They all rush to the cliff together. 


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