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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Are You an Alien Abductee?

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Issue date: Saturday, June 17, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

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Hello again, and welcome to this week's edition of 
The Paranormal Insider. Thank you to all who have 
written to me and made me feel at home. Please share 
your stories and experiences with me and our readers at 
zsuzsana@arcanamatrix.com, and please mention 'Paranormal' 
in the subject line of your email.

Wishing everyone who is fortunate enough to be able to 
celebrate the occasion a very happy Father's Day weekend! 
And now, on to the weird and wonderful world of the 

Are You an Alien Abductee? 

There are many people who are convinced that they have 
been the victims of alien abduction and who appear to 
have clear recall of the event(s). However, there are 
many more individuals I think, who only have a vague 
niggling sense or suspicion of having been abducted. 
Abduction episodes can be a one time only event or, as 
self-alleged and documented abductees often claim, they 
can be regular occurrences starting from early childhood 
and running through the individual's life at frighteningly 
irregular intervals. 

Alien abduction recall often arises through hypnosis or 
the dream state or is sometimes brought forth by some 
other trauma. Some people are willing and even anxious 
to explore the experiences but there are others who just 
wonder and live with the worrying and weird sense that 
something is wrong. Following is a list of indicators that 
are said to point to the very real possibility of abduction 

- Missing time (no recall of time passing for anywhere from 
  a few minutes to many hours).

- Seeing strange balls of light or glowing colors in or 
  around your home or other locations. Seeing unusual beams 
  of light coming in through a window.

- Having an extreme interest or an extreme aversion to the 
  topic of UFOs and aliens.

- Having seen UFOs one or more times. 


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- Having a very strong 'memory' of something hard to 
  explain, such as an alien's face or physique, weirdly-
  shaped creatures that aren't quite animal or human, a 
  scary physical examination, etc.

- Having a seemingly irrational fear of doctors, needles 
  and medical procedures.

- Waking up paralyzed in bed, perhaps feeling very fearful 
  or like you've just been startled by a presence or an 
  unremembered or fragmented nightmare. 

- Waking up in a place different from where you actually 
  went to sleep, i.e. in another room, or with your head 
  facing the foot of the bed, or even outside of your 

- Finding strange marks or scars on your body that don't 
  seem to have a rational explanation, especially in 
  unusual patterns or strange areas of the body. Waking 
  up with nosebleeds, and/or stains on your bedding that 
  don't seem to make any sense. Waking up with unexplained 
  soreness or bruises, especially around the genital area. 

- Remembering flying through the air or lifting up through 
  a light or haze, passing through a wall or window, or 
  the back of a closet. 

- Having ringing in your ears. Hearing strange hums or 
  buzzing noises which can't be explained. 

- For women, having a false pregnancy or the sense of a 
  miscarriage without aborting. 

- Having a strange fear of the night sky.

- Having an awareness of being 'different', not really 
  feeling at home and comfortable amongst others, having 
  issues with strangers and/or authority figures. 

- Feeling you have channeled extraterrestrials' messages 
 or have heard voices that you can't explain.

- Having a memory of a strange place, perhaps from as far 
  back as very early childhood, that you could not possibly 
  have visited, or a memory of a strange person you could 
  not have met. 

- Having electrical appliances and electronic components 
  malfunction when you are nearby, i.e. street lamps going 
  out when you pass by, repeated computer or television 
  malfunctions, and watches stopping or running backwards.

Obviously, having any one or more of these symptoms or 
experiences does not necessarily mean you are an abductee, 
but if one or many of the above items strikes a deep chord, 
it may point you in the direction of some further research 
or therapy. 

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The Star Child 

Some years ago when I had my metaphysical shop, one of my 
associates told me a story that gave me goosebumps and has 
stuck with me ever since. Tonie had a delightful little 
girl, extremely precocious and articulate for her age, 
which was about 2-1/2 or 3 at the time. The little girl 
had blond ringlets, huge blue eyes, and was a perfect 
example of what is called an Indigo child. One night when 
Tonie was home alone with her daughter, the little girl 
woke up and began to cry uncontrollably. Tonie ended up 
picking her daughter up out of bed and walking around the 
house with her, trying desperately to comfort her. The 
little girl eventually stopped crying and as they stood 
in the kitchen with the child in Tonie's arms, the mother 
asked what had been the problem. The little girl replied, 
"I want to go home." 

Puzzled, Tonie replied, "But we ARE home!" The child 
answered, "No, I mean HOME!" Tonie paused, and then asked, 
"And where is home?" The child wriggled around in her 
mother's arms and pointed out the kitchen window into the 
night sky. She peered out into the stars and said, "There, 

Whether the little girl is a Star Child and/or actually 
came from a planet other than ours, Tonie didn't know, 
but I do know that this little girl's words will stay in 
my mind forever. 


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The Green Glow

Here is another incident from my own experiences that I 
can't explain to this day, and one that I never want to 
see again. I had gone to bed one night and having said 
some prayers and done some of my nightly visualizations, 
I turned over in bed to pull my covers up and go to sleep. 
As I rolled over and glanced into my darkened room, I was 
terrified to see a green glowing miasma of light begin to 
envelop my room. I blinked a few times hoping it would 
go away, but it didn't. The green glow just hung there, 
getting larger and scarier, and I had the definite sense 
there was a presence in my room. Hoping I was hallucinat-
ing, I closed my eyes tight, pulling the covers even 
further up, and when I finally worked up the courage, 
peeked out again from under half-closed eyelids. The green 
was still there. I said some prayers of protection and 
turning my back to the room, I finally relaxed enough to 
be able to drift off to sleep, but to this day I wonder 
what had come into my room and why. 

Please share your thoughts and comments. 'Til next week, 

take care!


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