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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Are There Immortals Among Us?

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Issue date: Saturday, Feb. 25, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R  

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Much has been written in this publication about the Other 
Side, that special place we go to when we pass away. Some 
see it as Heaven. Others call it Summerland. The list goes 
on and on. In short, there are perhaps as many theories 
about what we encounter on the Other Side as there are
human beings. Because no matter what your religion or 
philosophy, if you dig deep, you'll find that your belief 
has a personal twist. A slightly customized interpretation 
of the dogma that fills troubling gaps and sets your mind 
at ease. But what if you didn't have to die? What if you
were immortal, rendering issues of the Afterlife moot? 
That's the question a fellow reader asks in this issue's 
first shattering story.

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Are There Immortals Among Us?

Hi Gus:
"Something I experienced recently caused me to seriously 
consider immortality as a very real possibility. When I 
was working at a pizza place twenty years ago, there was 
a waitress named 'Emily' whose boyfriend picked her up 
after the night shift.

"At that time I would have guessed his age at about 
eighteen. I have recently moved back to town and have 
now seen this same guy a couple of times. Astonishingly, 
he has NOT AGED A SINGLE DAY! I know that some people still
look good a couple of decades later, but I swear this guy
hasn’t changed AT ALL in twenty years. It is really quite 
creepy. I wonder if any other Paranormal Insider subscribers
have encountered people who literally never age..."

Increase Port Security with Patriotic Psychics.

Hello Gus:
"With all the recent controversy about a foreign country 
getting the contract to protect our ports, I'm wondering 
why no one has decided to tap our nation's 'remote viewing'
capabilities. As you know, remote viewing is the ability to 
watch events from afar using ESP. This is a precious 
natural resource just as much as coal or oil, and I'm 
concerned that our leaders are afraid to tap it. There are 
thousands of American citizen-psychics with remote viewing 
abilities who could surveil port facilities from a distant 
'war room' where data could be compiled and acted upon. A 
further advantage of this approach would be that anyone 
involved in suspicious activities would not be aware that 
they were being watched—because there'd be no guards or 
security cameras in view.

"IMHO we are missing a bet by not putting patriotic psychics
to work in this capacity. At the same time, I'm not 
surprised that mainstream authorities would rather rely on 
foreigners than admit that paranormal powers are real."

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Ghost Ducks.

Hi Gus:
"I don't often see ghosts, but I am sensitive to spirits a 
bit and one time when I went to clean a house, I encountered
a ghost duck! Yes, a lovely female mallard spirit followed 
me all over the house. I couldn't quite see her except in 
my mind. She was extremely friendly. I got the impression 
that she was delighted to find someone who could tell she 
was there, so she stuck with me pretty much the whole time! 
Even funnier—when I had to clean the same house a few months
later, sure enough, the ghost duck was still there. It was 
a strange but nice experience. At least I had some 'company'
while I worked."

The Come Back Cat.

Dear Gus:
"I had a cat that disappeared one day. About a week later, 
I was watching TV in my family room and the ghost of my cat 
came walking towards me through a solid door. He turned a 
little as he approached me and then disappeared. I think 
that was his way of telling me that he was no longer alive."

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Forming a Paranormal Bond with Cats.

Hi Gus:
"I would like to address the woman from last week's issue 
who asked why cats seemed especially attracted to her: 
'Friend, when I read you words my heart filled with joy. 
There is a reason why you have such a strong bond with cats
and they keep coming to you for assistance. In this life 
cycle, you have been given an amazing gift—that of being a 
keeper of cats. The cats know this. You can communicate 
with them. Listen even more carefully!

"'When my mate and I moved to our new home, we were 
presented with the gift of being able to nurture and tame 
several feral cats that had been dumped in the area. I would
talk to them, silently communicate with them, and, in time, 
found them all homes (a total of 70+ cats and kittens over 
four years). Thanks to my heaven-sent gift, life as 
unwanted, unloved pets was no longer their destiny. Honor 
your own gift and continue to give freely of your heart. It 
isn't a coincidence that cats just appear on your doorstep. 
They know when a keeper is close.

"'Now, as far as the cat ghosts that you see. I believe 
these are cat spirits, not ghosts. Once an animal passes 
away, their spirit form is free to return to our material 
world at any time. And many feline spirits come back to 
play with our LIVING cats. Such is the case in my own home. 
It is a joy to watch our living kitties romp with the 
visiting cat spirits. One sure sign that this is happening 
is when your cat is standing stock still, then jumps just 
like it has been tickled in the ribs. Your cat isn't crazy.
It has just been attacked by a playful cat spirit.

"'In closing, I wish you joy in your continued journey with 
the cats that come into your life for nurturing or help 
Crossing Over. While their passing is a sad event, know in 
your heart that they are eternally grateful for your loving 

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