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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Apports, Asports, and Ghostly Hi-jinks

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Issue date: Saturday, Sept. 16, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Dear Readers:

We had some great feedback on the topic of apports so I 
thought I'd devote another issue to this weird and some-
times wacky phenomenon. If you have a brief comment or 
question to share, please post it to our new forum at: 
Paranormal Insider Forum 

If you have a paranormal experience you'd like to send in 
for possible publication, please send it to me at 


Apports, Asports, and Ghostly Hi-jinks

In doing some additional research on apports, I've been 
rather surprised to find limited information or written 
theory on the nature of this phenomenon. Most paranormal 
researchers, however, seem to feel that apports, deports 
(or 'asports') and teleportation (or translocation) are 
related, and in my personal opinion, I would also in some 
cases link the apport experience to poltergeist activity.

I have seen poltergeist activity with my own eyes so I do 
believe that spirits can interact with us on the physical 
plane, although I am confounded as to how they do this. 

Apports gained infamy in the séances of the Spiritualist 
era, and were a mainstay of the Madame Blavatsky set and 
those of her ilk back in the heyday of the Spiritualist 
movement. Translocation of objects, however, has also been 
noted amongst Sufis and Eastern yogis, as well as being 
the subject of some modern day paranormal research. 

Some people believe that apports are ethereal in nature, 
meaning that they are only a temporal image created by an 
outburst of energy, but as you will read below in the many 
stories our readers have sent in, they can most certainly 
also be solid, touchable and altogether 3D objects which 
appear (and/or disappear) seemingly out of nowhere. 

It has been proposed that apports/deports would be better 
explained using the theories of Quantum Physics, and that 
the materializing/dematerializing of objects is actually 
quantum teleportation of the "Beam me up, Scotty" variety, 
but despite scientific research into this area, to date, 
physicists have not found a way to 'move' anything beyond 
extremely small particles of matter. People, animals, 
jewelry and other trinkets most definitely do not fall 
into this category so we are still stumped as to how such 
objects can appear or disappear from nowhere. 

Many people have experienced receiving unexplainable 
'gifts' that they believe have been brought to them by an 
angel or a spirit, such as a deceased loved one, and often 
the gift has a symbolic meaning for the person receiving 

I hope you enjoy our readers' stories and comments about 
apports and I hope that all your experiences with apports 
are good ones. I recently found an unusual little personal 
object I hadn't seen for many years in my bed and I am 
still puzzled as to how this item got there, although we 
had in fact been moving furniture that day so maybe, just 
maybe, there is a rational explanation that I just haven't 
been able to see. I'm still pondering whether there is a 
message hidden in the event. All I can say for certain at 
this point is that if someone REALLY wants to apport some-
thing to me, I wouldn't say no to a pile of gold coins:>) 
Perhaps I'll just have to ask! 

Carpe diem


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I am so glad to finally know a name for the strange stuff 
that has happened in our home since we bought it 12 years 
ago. A picture my mother-in-law painted and gave to my 
husband for his birthday refused to stay hung on the wall, 
no matter where we hung it. It would sound like a car wreck 
when it supposedly fell, but when we checked, it would look 
like it was gently placed in an upright position like it 
slid down the wall. 

One evening my husband and I were watching TV and the lamp 
shade on the end table between us spun around like someone 
had reared back and let it go like a Frisbee.  We always 
joke someone is trying to tell us something. 

Just recently his car keys showed up in my purse after 
being "gone" for about 6 weeks. 

My little dog has been entertained by our visitors and I 
have pictures of her enjoying their attention.  Some of 
the people I have them shared them with have freaked out. 



I have had my own apport experiences: mostly things like 
keys and coins disappearing for days, then reappearing 
elsewhere.  I've mostly blamed brownies and faeries for 
these tricks. 

My aunt, however, has had quite a few episodes.  They began 
after her granddaughter was killed in her home (by her own 
brother's hand, in an 'accident' with a handgun. We still 
have doubts about the accidental ruling, but that's another 
story altogether).  The little girl, who died at age 10, 
loved coins.  She would go around the house, checking in 
the sofa and chair cushions for money.  She always got to 
keep what she found, but would make little piles on the 
coffee table and end tables, to show off her trophies. 

The week after she died, one morning my aunt found a stack 
of pennies, and another of dimes, on the table next to her 
chair.  Now, she never has change in her pocket to lose, 
and no one but my aunt ever sits in that chair, so there 
was no reason for there to be a stack.  But we figure her 
granddaughter left it, as a reminder that she was still 

Since then, whenever there is a trying time, my aunt will 
find a little reminder, five or six dimes or pennies in a 
pile, right beside her chair. 


Hi, Zsuzsana!

I'm replying to the question about personal apport 
experiences. My best friend and I live across town from 
one another, and randomly things from our rooms will 
disappear for a month or so and reappear in the middle 
of the other's bedroom floor. I don't know if this 
classifies as an apport, but it's really cool. 

Thanks for reading! 



I don't know if this would be considered an apport 
experience or not.  It happened to me many years ago as I 
sat with friends in a quaint basement tavern in Mystic, 
Connecticut, at the Daniel Packard Inn.  The building, 
which belonged originally to a sea captain, was converted 
into a lovely restaurant and tavern.  There were artifacts 
commemorating the seafaring life all around the building.  
I happened in conversation to be describing to my friends 
a stairway I had seen leading up to a man's apartment 
that I had previously visited.  It had all kinds of 
antiques piled everywhere, including a large wooden 
figurehead on a landing.  We were all laughing at the 
thought of the conglomeration.  All of a sudden I felt a 
sharp tap in my lap, as if a piece of plaster or something 
of weight had dropped on my lap.  Startled, I looked down 
to find my very lightweight earring sitting on my lap.  It 
was a hook style earring that loops through the pierced 
hole and hangs down.  The wire hook was long and never 
accidentally slipped out of my ear before.  Also, the tap 
on my lap was too strong to have been created by a small 
earring.  I felt that a spirit must have whipped the 
earring from my ear and tapped my lap to alert me that 
she was offended at me making fun of a ship's figurehead.  
The waitress later said that a female spirit inhabited the 
inn and often did mischievous things.  Some think it is 
the deceased wife of the sea captain, Daniel Packard. 


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Hi, Diane. I had my keys moved from one pocket to the 
other while sitting at a bar and discussing a resident 
ghost with the proprietor of an inn. Not long afterward, 
again discussing this same ghost at the same establishment, 
my signficant other had a roll of bathroom tissue thrown 
at him when he went to use the men's room. It was quite 
the excitment!:>) Thanks for sharing. Zsuzsana 


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Hi! I love your web column!  I've definitely had an apport 
experience. I always felt that there was *something* in my 
parents house. I mean it's an old house, there's bound to 
be something in there. One day I came home from high 
school, and sat in my kitchen to watch some TV. No one was 
home and my cat wasn't around -- must have been sleeping 
upstairs or outside. Anyway, I went to take out a bottle 
of Pepsi and sat back down at the table. The way my kitchen 
is set up, the head of the table is the best view of the 
TV. I took off the cap, poured a glass, and put the cap 
down more towards the back of the table, where the bottle 
was, by the cup shelf. My back was turned to the table as 
I watched TV. About 5 minutes later, the bottle cap falls 
into my lap from the ceiling. I instantly get up, look 
around, say "Hello!" and no one was there, so I just sat 
back down again and continued watching. I didn't knock 
anything over and the cap was on the opposite side of the 
table. It was very weird. I'm pretty sure I almost saw it 
take form late one night, as I woke my cat up when I saw a 
fuzzy looking "bust" (one of those statues of the chest up 
from the 1700s) kind of hovering in my doorway. Well, the 
cat looked right up, ears went back and he ran out of the 
room, and I freaked out and spent the night heavily breath-
ing under the covers. 

Hope you enjoyed my stories!




I just call them 'gifts' and there have been way too many 
to count! It's usually feathers, which I like. One appeared 
on my hymn book in the middle of a song in church just a 
couple of Sundays ago! But two of the neatest, most 
memorable ones were not feathers. 

The first one was when a friend came over and was examining 
my extensive crystal collection. I keep it on a mirror 
tray, on top of a mirrored dressing table, in my bedroom. 
She picked up a large crystal clump, and suddenly sat it 
on the bed. In a shocked voice, she asked, "OK, where the 
heck did THAT come from?" I looked, and there was a silver 
chain, with an amethyst moon and sun on it, hanging from 
one of the crystals on the clump! I told her it was a gift 
for her...but she wouldn't touch it. I still have it, 
hanging on the clump. 

The second was really odd. I'd purchased a Black Hills 
gold necklace and earring set for my granddaughter who was 
turning 13, but didn't have the money for the ring that 
matched them. She came to visit the next day, and was 
sitting on my bed chattering away about all her gifts and 
she was wearing the necklace and earrings. I was dusting 
the crystals on the mirror tray. She got up to help me, 
picked up that rather large crystal clump and said, "Oh. 
Did you forget to give me the ring that goes with my 
necklace and earrings?" 

I answered, "No, I couldn't afford the ring too." 

She said, "Well, look here! This ring matches perfectly!" 
It did. It does. And that was her gift... 

And, by the way, quite often one or another of my crystals 
will just disappear. There is nothing left other than a 
small clear spot in the dust on the mirror tray. (It seems 
to collect dust like a magnet!) They always reappear a 
few days later...in the same exact spot. 

Hugs and blessings, Jan in Montana 


I know I just wrote you with a psychic cat story and I 
hate to write again so soon, but you keep hitting on 
topics I can relate to! 

When I was 17, my sister and I were in the house alone and 
I was rushing around to get ready to take her to a party. 
I went for my car keys that I always kept on the hall table 
but they were not there. My sister and I searched every-
where but just could not find those keys! As I was making 
one last round through the dining room, something caught 
my attention out of the corner of my eye. In the china 
cabinet, on the top shelf, in a crystal goblet were my 
keys! We were alone in the house and I know my sister 
didn't do it since she was not tall enough and she was 
very upset that we were late for her party. That same 
summer while washing my face, I lathered up my face and, 
with eyes clamped shut, dropped the soap in the sink.  
After rinsing my face I opened my eyes and the soap was 
gone. I checked everywhere in the bathroom and I never did 
find it. You had mentioned that apports were common with 
poltergeist activity and these experiences were just two 
of many "poltergeisty" things that happened that summer. 


Yes! I didn't know there was a name for it! I have an 
antique amethyst colored, gold and enamel decorated small 
glass box. It very often disappears for months at a time 
and then suddenly appears again, not necessarily in the 
same place. We always have "blamed" it on my mom, because 
her little Buddha figurine that I had on my hutch 
continually turned around the other way from where it 
was put. That, too, has disappeared but hasn't returned. 
But so has she -- she no longer visits any of us, so we 
presume she is finally "home". I enjoy your page ... El 


Your description on apports made me think about some 
experiences I have had with my cats. I always was very 
close to my cats. I'd rather have them around than people, 
sometimes. (Actually, usually). 

When my Juju passed, years ago, I was with her at the 
vet's for euthanasia. Juju seemed to express that she had 
happy life. She also seemed to thank me. As I gazed into 
her eyes, I asked her intently in my mind that if there 
were an afterlife, to let me know this, somehow. Then she 
was gone. 

I work at a video store. Juju had never been there. 
Imagine my surprise to go to work the next day only to 
find a red, felt ladybug, Juju's favorite kind of toy, 
sitting on top of the cash register, where I could not 
fail to see it! 

And quite recently, my 12 year old cat Spar-kle died. She 
had a brother named Spike who had died unexpectedly. I had 
hoped he'd "be there" for Spar-kle, so she wouldn't be all 
alone. A couple of days ago, one of Spike's favorite toys 
somehow ended up in what was formerly Spar-kle's bed. They 
didn't get along well in their life. The only time I ever 
saw them sleep together was one time in that very bed. I 
have no explanation how it got there, either. 



There is a theory of the sudden appearance and disappear-
ance of objects that basically goes like this. Since the 
'big bang', time itself was shredded into long thin lines 
that swirl and drift all over outer space, occasionally 
coming into contact with people, places and things here 
and in different worlds, some civilized. This explains 
the shimmering of documented UFOs as well as a number of 
unexplained phenomena, such as items and people from the 
past and presumably the future appearing or disappearing. 
The belief is that they get caught up in a limbo-like wave 
to glimpse the centuries and worlds never dreamed of as a 
total act of chance. Some say this even explains why some 
people may wake up speaking a different language than 
they could speak when they went to bed. 


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Hi Zsuzsana,

Your apport email reminded me of what happened years ago 
when I was teenager.  My mother found an old spoon in the 
hall of our home in a little alcove where the phone was 
kept. After several inquiries there was no explanation of 
how that old spoon got there.  Later on, she was on an 
errand and when she got back, on the front seat of the car 
was another old spoon. She was always very careful to lock 
the car so how did that spoon get into a locked car? 

One time I had lost an earring on a Thursday afternoon 
in my home ... I could not find it anywhere. Then on a 
Saturday morning, my husband got up to make coffee and 
then he came to wake me up and tapped me on the shoulder 
and told me to look at what was next to me ... my earring! 
How could it have appeared like that? 

Another time my husband had bought a belt for our roto-
tiller. He knew it was on his work bench and when he went 
to use it, it was gone! He looked everywhere for it. 
Several days passed and when he went into garage there it 
was plain as day sitting in the middle of his work bench! 

Were these incidents of apports appearing?  Maybe so. Then 
we will have explanations for their existence, but the 
question is what do spoons have to with anything? Are they 
symbolic of something. They did appear after my grandmother 
passed away and I always wondered if she had anything to do 
with them appearing. 


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hi Penny! Yes, it seems as if they were a personal symbol. 
Spoons also can symbolize the giving/receiving of nourish-
ment, childhood memories, or being given special treat-
ment... perhaps there is a message in these meanings 



I've never had anything show up that didn't belong to
us, but I have lived in a house that used to have
stuff disappear regularly! My husband, four kids, and
I lived in house with my mother-in-law and her other
son. We were in the process of renovating this house
and there was always lumber, sheetrock, etc., laying
around along with our possessions.

Things were always disappearing, sometimes you would
find them later and sometimes they never came back. We
joked about having a "black hole" that stuff fell
into. The strangest, and biggest, thing to disappear
was six foot long two-by-four board! My husband was
building bunk beds for our kids and had cut the board
to use for them. He was working on the beds when he
reached for the board, and couldn't find it. It
totally disappeared and we never did find it, even
when we moved and cleared everything out of the house!

That house never did feel right to me. I don't know if
it was the stress of us and the kids being crammed
into two rooms or living with a cranky mother-in-law,
or something that was already there. I was always
uncomfortable being alone in the house. My oldest
daughter told me later that being in the front hall
scared her and she wouldn't go up there alone at night

Ruth in WA



The house I lived in before my present one was haunted, 
in an unpleasant manner. I could rattle on a whole page 
long, but I'll stick to the apport appearing. One evening, 
my husband, children and myself were sitting in the living 
room watching TV when out of the blue I felt something land 
on my head.  It was not a hard hit. I reached up to feel 
that spot on my head and felt something small on it.  Mind 
you, my house was clean, let me make that clear. The object 
that fell on my head was a small white worm! I almost 
passed out!  I have an extreme aversion to them. I looked 
up, and even stood up on the sofa, to inspect the ceiling. 
There was no possible explanation for it falling from the 
ceiling.  The apport was a one time thing. I had never, 
before or after, seen any of those little worms in the 
house again. As I said there were quite a number of happen-
ings at this house the whole nine years we lived there, 
otherwise I wouldn't have been quite as positive it was a 
paranormal experience. 

Thanks for reading,



Hi Zsuzsana,

We have had objects disappear; however, they have never 

When I was about 8 years old, I was playing jacks in the 
kitchen with a bigger-than-usual red ball. I threw the 
ball up as far as I could without it hitting the 7-foot-
high ceiling. It came down, hit me on the head and 
disappeared. We searched everywhere. None of the doors 
were open, so it couldn't have rolled outside. Since then, 
we remodeled the entire house and moved away many years 

A few months ago, my mom was watching TV and fell asleep 
with the remote in her lap. When she woke up, it was gone 
and the TV was off. My dad said he hadn't turned it off. 
Again, they searched everywhere, and I looked for it when 
I visited them. 

And, yes, I verbally asked whoever or whatever took the 
remote to please give it back. Neither the red ball nor 
the remote have ever been found. 

Rosie Walsh


Oh, man, I have a lot of weird things that have happened 
to me since I was of a very young age. I moved around
a lot when I was a young girl and didn't finally
settle until I was about 6 years old. The house we
moved into was quite large with 6 bedrooms. I have a
few stories about things disappearing and reappearing
all the time around my house. While growing up, my
mother always tried to blame my brother and me for the
things that disappeared even though we were nowhere
around at the time. I remember once my mother had
written out the check for the house payment and left
it sitting right on the counter by her purse while she
walked away for a mere 5 seconds. When she returned
the check was gone. She looked high and low and never
found it. Months had actually gone by when she found
it laying in the same exact spot where she had laid
it. It just always seemed that when something
important was laying around, that's the time when it
disappeared, then when we least expected it, it would
show up in the same exact spot as where we had left
it. I found out a few years later when I was just
entering my teens how old my house really was and what
really happened there. I can also relate to the weird
coins and jewelry that you had mentioned. At times we
would find the strangest looking small pieces of
jewelry like one oddball earring or some old looking
coins popping up once in awhile around the house.
Funny thing is no one in the house at the time had
their ears pierced. 

From Kera in PA



I've had lots of experiences with things moving around. 
The things that have appeared on our living room floor 
are 2 skeleton keys and 3 plain black magnets.  What the 
keys go to we still have no idea.  And things are 
constantly moving around on us.  The spirits in the house 
love to drive us crazy by hiding things on us.  They 
didn't like my mother so they often made her tear the 
house apart in the morning looking for her keys.  The 
funny part was that they would always be found in a place 
that she had already looked a dozen times.  My boyfriend 
also had an interesting experience.  He had his mp3 
player out one day and set it down in the living room to 
go to the bathroom.  When he got to the bathroom it was 
sitting on the sink.  He took it out to the dining room 
table and went into the kitchen and then found it on the 

There's also something else that's kind of funny, and 
handy at the same time.  If we ever can't find something 
we ask the spirits to find it for us and leave it in a 
place we can find it.  It doesn't always happen right 
away, but we usually find what we're looking for by the 
next day in a place we already looked.  Just two days ago 
we had to format my boyfriend's computer. He was looking 
for the disks to a game to reinstall it and couldn't find 
them anywhere.  We asked for help and the next morning 
they were sitting on top of his computer. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Note from Zsuzsana: All of the items you mention have a 
common denominator, which is that they are metaphysically/
symbolically and literally 'keepers of information'. I 
hope that correlation 'speaks' to you:>) 


Hi. My name is Jim. I live on a small farm near Wichita, 
Ks. This is really strange to me because I have never 
heard of apport before. But I know it is real. Our farm 
has been haunted for years off and on again. We have a 
small hay barn for the horses. Long story short, one 
morning I went out and there was hay all over the floor. 
There was no hay in the barn before because the horses 
were on the pasture. Many strange things went on in our 
workshop that connects to the barn. We have a small 
business that we work out of from home. Some friends and 
even family won't go in our shop, barn or even our house. 
They have seen and heard for themselves some of the things 
that have taken place out here. I enjoy your website and 
letters. Keep up the good work. 


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