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Publication: Today's Consumer
Apple Announces Recall of Batteries

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            TODAY'S CONSUMER - Friday, September 1, 2006
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              Apple Announces Recall of Batteries
        Used in Previous iBook and PowerBook Computers
                      Due To Fire Hazard

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Com-
mission announces the following recall in voluntary 
cooperation with the firm below. Consumers should stop 
using recalled products immediately unless otherwise 

Name of Product: Rechargeable, lithium-ion batteries with 
cells manufactured by Sony for certain previous iBook G4 
and PowerBook G4 notebook computers only.

Units: About 1.1 million battery packs (an additional 
700,000 battery packs were sold outside the U.S.)

Battery Cell Manufacturer: Sony Energy Devices Corp., of 

Computer Manufacturer: Apple Computer Inc., of Cupertino, 

Hazard: These lithium-ion batteries can overheat, posing a 
fire hazard to consumers.

Incidents/Injuries: Apple has received nine reports of 
batteries overheating, including two reports of minor 
burns from handling overheated computers and other reports 
of minor property damage. No serious injuries were reported.

Description: The recalled lithium-ion batteries were used 
with the following computers: 12-inch iBook G4, 12-inch 
PowerBook G4 and 15-inch PowerBook G4. Consumers should 
remove the battery from the computer to view the model and 
serial numbers labeled on the bottom of the unit.

Computer model name Battery model number Battery serial 

12-inch iBook G4 A1061 ZZ338 through ZZ427
3K429 through 3K611
6C519 through 6C552 
12-inch PowerBook G4 A1079 ZZ411 through ZZ427
3K428 through 3K611 
15-inch PowerBook G4 A1078 and A1148 3K425 through 3K601
6N530 through 6N551

No other Apple notebook computers are involved in this 
recall. Sold Through: Apple’s online store, Apple retail 
stores nationwide, and Apple Authorized Resellers from 
October 2003 through August 2006 for between $900 and 
$2300. The batteries also were sold separately for about 

Assembled in: Japan, Taiwan and China 

Remedy: Consumers should stop using the recalled batteries 
immediately and contact Apple to arrange for a replacement 
battery, free of charge. After removing the recalled battery 
from their iBook or PowerBook, consumers should plug in the 
AC adapter to power the computer until a replacement battery 

Consumer Contact: Contact Apple at (800) 275-2273 between 8 a.m. 
and 8 p.m. CT Monday through Sunday or log on to Apple’s Web site 
at http://support.apple.com/batteryprogram to check the battery’s 
serial number and request a replacement battery.

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                 Syratech Corporation
   Recalls Elements® Decorative Lawn Sprinklers

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Com-
mission announces the following recall in voluntary 
cooperation with the firm below. Consumers should stop 
using recalled products immediately unless otherwise 

Name of Products: Frog, Fish or Duck Lawn Sprinkler

Importer: Syratech Corporation, of East Boston, Mass. 

Hazard: The plastic body of the lawn sprinkler can crack 
when placed under intense water pressure and pieces of it 
can break off and be projected 5 to 10 feet in the air. 
This could pose a risk of injury to consumers and 

Incidents/Injuries: Syratech has received two reports of 
the lawn sprinkler cracking and projecting pieces of the 
decorative covering in the air. The company has no reports 
of injuries.

Description: The recalled products are Elements® lawn 
sprinklers with a plastic decorative body mounted on 
wheels in the shape of a green frog, blue fish or yellow 
duck sold under model numbers:

Model No. 4005059 (Duck)
Model No. 4005060 (Frog)
Model No. 4005061 (Fish)

The model numbers are located on the side of the packaging.

Sold at: Discount retailers nationwide from March 2006 
through August 2006 for between $15 and $30.

Manufactured In: China 

Remedy: Consumers should stop using these sprinklers 
immediately and return them to Syratech Corp. for a full 

Consumer Contact: For additional information, consumers 
can contact Syratech. at (800) 471-3986 between 8 a.m. 
and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or by e-mail at 

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            Teen suicide may be spreading online

TAMPA, Fla., -- Researchers at the University of South 
Florida want to investigate whether online memorials and 
forums that talk about death encourage teen suicide. Ilene 
Berson, an associate professor at the university's Florida 
Mental Health Institute, said the Internet does not have 
the kind of censoring newspapers and broadcasters do, 
where news stories about suicides are sometimes played 
down for fear of inspiring copycats. "People say other kids 
are going to hear about this and they're going to relate 
with that young person, particularly if everyone is saying 
all these wonderful things," Berson told the St. Petersburg 
Times. Two recent young people left messages on MySpace.com 
before taking their own lives. Jonathan Link changed his 
screen name to "Goodbye" while Dylan Meyer, an Army private, 
wrote a message reminding his friends "not to be sad." Berson 
hopes to determine whether MySpace members who kill them-
selves have been linked to others who do so or express 
suicidal thoughts. She and her colleagues also want to 
examine MyDeathSpace, which archives the MySpace pages of 
the dead.


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