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Publication: Cat Nips
Anxiety And Your Cat

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             CAT NIPS - Friday, March 7, 2008
  "Stories, Facts & Tips on the World's Most Popular Pet"

Dear Fellow Ailurophile!  

Good Afternoon! From inside it looks like the Purr-fect 
Spring Day outside. But don't let it fool you, you still 
need your winter coat. It's not Spring yet....Have a 
Great Weekend!

Cassie Cattails  

^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  
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                    The Sense Of Smell

The feline sense of smell is often referred to as smell 
tasting. It is technically called flehman. Cats use their 
Jacobson's Organ, a "sense organ in their gums that can be 
activated by chemical stimuli and store up scents." When 
taking in a new scent, the cat opens his mouth and slightly 
pulls back his uper lip. This allows the cat's sense of 
smell to take a picture of each new scent. 

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                 Anxiety and Your Cat

Not call cats lie contented across the back of an over-
stuffed sofa, selectively oblivious to housemates and 
visitors. Cats can be afflicted with worry and anxiety, 
just as humans can. Although cats are unable to describe 
these emotions, they are very expressive through their 
behavior. With some observation and attention to body 
language, you should be able to identify the situations 
that cause anxiety in your pet cat. 

The anxious cat, regardless of the reason, will usually 
show physical signs of distress and conflicted emotions. 
She may hide much of the time, especially when faced with 
visitors, loud noise, or other uncomfortable stimuli. 
Cats may also show indirect signs of anxiety, such as 
urinating and defecating outside the litter box, or urine-
spraying (a marking behavior); they also may lick them-
selves to the point of causing bald spots or even broken 
skin. An anxious cat's pupils may be dramatically dilated, 
and she may lash her tail back and forth—such behaviors 
usually signal agitation or fear. 

What kinds of situations are likely to make your cat so 
nervous? Most common is anxiety due to social conflicts 
with other cats. Social anxiety may be spurred when second, 
territorially aggressive cat joins the household, for 
example. Territorial behavior includes stalking, staring 
at and pouncing on the victim, who usually chooses to hide 
rather than be continually bothered. 
I'm Walking Here....

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Make Walking Fun with The Walking Stick


When a cat sits with both feet tucked inward and studies 
you with the same admiration you would direct toward a 
Rembrandt, you know you have been adopted. 


Be Back With You On Tuesday --- Stay Safe - Cassie Cattails  

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