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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Animals Behaving Badly

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Issue date: Saturday, July 8, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

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Dear Readers:

It's been an oddly quiet week around here. I imagine many 
people are having an extended holiday after the 4th of July 
and Canada Day weekend, and many others are still recovering
from the festivities. Then, of course, lots of people have 
been glued to their TV sets following The World Cup in 
soccer, and fun summertime activities are getting into full 
swing. I had a chance to take a nature walk this past 
weekend at a local conservation area, where we handfed 
chipmunks, bunnies and birds, and almost tripped over a few 
of the little critters as they scrambled back and forth 
over our feet as we walked the pretty paths through the 
woods. We are still laughing about an incident when a pair 
of geese swam (no -- torpedoed) across a large pond as we 
walked by and marched right up onto the path hissing at my 
partner who was a few steps ahead and trying to scare him 
away. He got the message right quickly and we vacated the 
area as quickly as we could without actually running. It's 
likely the birds had a nest close to where we passed, and 
even though we were several steps from the pond's edge, 
they raced from the other side of the water to tell us we 
weren't welcome there. This is perfectly logical and 
explainable, but in this week's issue, I will share an 
animal story that is a bit more bizarre. 

I have heard recently that alligator attacks are on the 
rise in Florida, migratory birds are flocking to unusual 
places in large numbers, and in India, monkeys and even 
elephants are attacking people and each other. And even 
more bizarre, there have been reports of unusually large 
hares on the attack in both the UK and Norway. For those 
of you who know the cult classic, Monty Python's The Holy 
Grail, this story may call to mind the scenes featuring 
the fluffy bunny whose alter-ego was a killer rabbit. 

It was reported to the Norwegian newspaper "Nordlys" that 
a dogsled driver and her team of huskies was traveling 
through a peaceful forest area early this year, when a 
large hare ran out of the woods and jumped right into the 
middle of the team. 

The aggression and bizarre actions of the hare startled 
not only the driver, but caused the lead dog to turn 
around, leaving the hare surrounded by the rest of the 
dogs. Moments later, another dogsled team pulled up, and 
now the hare was facing 13 dogs in a staredown. The driver 
reports that the hare eventually thought better of its 
odds and with a huge leap, bounded out of the circle, even 
as it hit a few of the dogs on the nose with its paws on 
the way. One can imagine that if dogs could shake their 
heads in disbelief, these dogs probably would. 

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Duck the Witch! 

Since we have already had one "Holy Grail" reference today, 
I was especially pleased to find another tie-in story to 
share with you, this one about a witch ducking. Even more 
interesting is the fact that 2 days from now, July 10, will 
be the 300th anniversary of the infamous Virginia Beach 
witch trial of Grace Sherwood, a healer and midwife living 
in Virginia in 1706. Sherwood was found guilty of being a 
witch by being ducked into the waters of the Lynnhaven 
River, at a site now known as Witchduck Point. 

Neighbors accused the 46 year old widow of being a witch 
who ruined crops, killed livestock and conjured storms and 
today, another Virginia Beach local, Belinda Nash, is try-
ing to clear Sherwood's name and has petitioned the 
governor to exonerate her. Sherwood is Virginia's only 
witch convicted after being tied by water. Those accused 
of witchcraft would be dropped into water, or "ducked" at 
a trial under the premise that water, as the purest 
elements, would reject anything of an evil nature. If the 
accused sank, she was innocent (albeit most likely she'd 
be dead) but if she floated until she could free herself, 
her body was rejecting 'baptismal water' and therefore she 
must be associated with the black arts. 

Records show that Sherwood was in and out of court many 
times fighting various charges pertaining to witchcraft. 
She was said to be tall and attractive, strong-willed, and 
a non-conformist by nature, even wearing pants at times. 
Neighbors appeared resentful and, after eight years of 
constant slander and bickering directed at her, she was 
formally charged with suspicions of witchcraft. The final 
charge was that she caused a woman to miscarry, and during 
the trial, the courts subjected Sherwood to an examination 
of her body, whereupon they found 2 strange moles, 
supposedly marks of the devil. Protesting her innocence, 
Sherwood agreed to be tried by water, with her final words 
to the crowds before the ducking reported to be, "All 
right, all of you po' white trash, you've worn out your 
shoes traipsin' here to see me ducked, but before you'll 
get back home again you are goin' to get the duckin' of 
your life." Under clear skies, Sherwood was cross-bound, 
her right thumb to her left big toe and her left thumb to 
her right big toe, and tossed into the river. She managed 
to untie herself and as she was pulled out of the water, a 
horrific downpour started, sending the terrified crowds 

There are no records to show exactly what happened next, 
but Virginia governments are not known to have put anyone 
to death over witchcraft charges and it appears that 
Sherwood may have spent the next several years in jail for 
her 'crimes'. There are documents to show that she was 
eventually released and regained her home, living there 
quietly until her passing at the age of 80. Nash's crusade 
to clear Sherwood's reputation has spanned more than 20 
years since she moved from Canada to Virginia Beach, and 
began researching the story behind the name of Witchduck 
Road, near her home. Nash herself, who has been nicknamed 
Samantha the Witch, has something of a reputation in the 
magical arts as it seems that her wishes often come true. 
If she has her way this time too, then by Monday, the 
local government will agree to this highly unusual request 
and not only clear Sherwood's name of charges of witch-
craft, but allow a statue of her to be erected in the town 
near to where the old courthouse stood those many years 

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Spirit Visitations in Dreams

Sharing a letter from a reader: 

"Hi Zsuzsana,

I wanted to tell you that I don't think seeing people who 
have passed on when you are sleeping is all that abnormal. 
When my grandfather died, I wanted to see him again. But 
here's the thing. When we are awake, the world around us 
is too busy and we can explain away a visitation by saying, 
"Oh, it was just someone who looked like him,"  and yada, 
yada, yada. But I prayed to see my grandfather again 
because he died before I could say goodbye to him. He had 
been sick in the hospital and died there. I had visited 
him that day but he died that night. In my dream, he came 
to me whole and was fading off but was solid at first. He 
told me that he was doing well. I begged him to stay and I 
woke up crying. I was telling him that I wanted to talk to 
him. It's making me fill even talking about it. I kept 
asking God to tell him I loved him. I used to tell him 
that every day. It hurt not to be able to tell him anymore. 

I also felt guilty because I had moved out the previous 
year and he kept wanting me to come home. I wanted my 
freedom. I was 21 and wanted to be out of the house. Not 
for being wild, just because I wanted to. I was going to 
a different church and I wanted to be with my friends. Now 
I have discovered that church is very cultish and finances 
were being abused. I now have the guilt of knowing I 
ditched him for something that was so corrupt but I didn't 
know and I wonder, would he have hung on longer if I stayed 
home. Did I break his heart? I know that he loved me but I
wanted freedom. It's the normal chain of life. I know but 
I loved him. 

I hope this helps.



* Thank you for sharing your story, Heidi. I am sure your 
grandfather understands that we have to live our own lives 
as we see best. Love surely transcends mundane issues like 
that. I am glad you got to experience his visit to you! 

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A Reader's Question About Walk-Ins

"Hi Zsuzsana,

On the subject of walk-ins: I know of two NDE cases quite 
personally wherein the "new" person was less than an 
improvement - to put it gently.  Before the NDE's, each of 
the young men was brilliant, talented, compassionate and 
had lives seemingly full of promise and success. However, 
bad choices and substance abuse (one drugs, the other 
alcohol), led to circumstances that showed them both 
death's door. 

One of them, who is now in a mental facility, shuns life 
and fears nearly everyone.  He is a far different person 
from the former self who spent his early 20's being a true 
musical innovator, performing on stage and making records 
with a band who has since gone on without him, though 
mourns his absence. When he first "came back", there was 
an attempt to carry on, but his behaviour grew increasingly 
weird, sometimes downright scary, and he gradually withdrew 
from life. As we speak, his body is still here, but "he" is 
long gone. 

As for the other, he's gone in both body and spirit. He 
continued an increasingly dismal downward spiral, literally 
destroying everything and nearly everyone in his path. The 
person he'd become in the last decade of his life wasn't 
"him".  It seemed as though the "good" guy had gone and 
some truly evil person had stepped in.  Prior, he had been 
one of the most-loved people on the planet. As the years 
passed, he'd alienated nearly everyone, doing things that 
others just couldn't forgive or ignore any longer. A little 
more than a year ago, he went to sleep one night in a 
drunken stupor and just never woke up, ironically, as he'd 
tried (unsuccessfully) to take his own life many times 

As far as I'm concerned, those near-deaths were very real 
deaths for the people I once knew. Whoever was revived 
wasn't either of them.  I've always had a nagging feeling 
that the drugs and alcohol may have somehow made it 
possible for a mentally vacant and a truly "bad" lost soul, 
respectively, find a new home, so to speak.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated."

* If any readers have experienced similar situations 
or have advice to share, please write to 
zsuzsana@arcanamatrix.com so I can post your stories 
for this reader. Thanks. 

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