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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Animal Spirit Guides

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Issue date: Saturday, December 30, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Dear Readers:

I hope each and every one is enjoying a wonderful holiday 
season. I also hope you enjoy the potpourri of reader's 
submissions that I have selected for the last column of 
2006. Once again, my thanks for everyone who has written 
in with wonderful stories and comments. If you have asked 
a question that I have not been able to answer yet, please 
post it to our forum at: Paranormal Insider Forum

As we prepare to ring in the new year, let me share one of 
my favourite New Year greetings: Here's a toast to the 
future, a toast to the past, and a toast to our friends, 
far and near, May the future be pleasant, the past a bright 
dream ... May our friends remain faithful and dear. 

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For Discussion - Readers' Questions and Comments

(Note: I have responded briefly to these submissions, but 
your comments are welcome to any of these posts.) 

Silver Eyes

Dear Paranormal Insider,
I was really sick and depressed last week. I was emptying 
garbage cans around the house and I glanced up to see a 
pair of silver eyes floating in my bedroom. There was no 
body attached or even eyelashes or eyebrows, just 2 silver 
eyes about the height of a person floating in mid air. 
As soon as my eyes met theirs, they disappeared. I talked 
to a few friends about this and they say I am under a lot 
of stress. One friend told me it could be my guardian 
angel. I didn't feel scared or nervous just very curious 
like, "What the hell is that?"  What is your opinion on 
this?  Please let me know.
                             Curious & Confused---Donna

(Hi, Donna. We are usually more open to psychic and 
paranormal experiences when we are in an altered and/or 
weakened state. I wouldn't be at all surprised if these 
eyes were a spirit guide's.) 

Animal Spirit Guides

Hi. I have a question that has been stirring in my mind 
recently. Many years ago, I was very depressed. I had a 
lot of confusion about certain issues in my life, and would 
frequently go to the local state park/beach to get some 
comfort. (I am a Pisces, and I find the ocean extremely 
calming) One winter morning, I got in my car to go to work, 
but instead found myself going to the beach. I was standing 
crying on the deserted beach, when a man approached me. He 
said he saw I was upset, and wanted to take me out for a 
drink (it was about 8:30 am). I declined, but he didn't 
leave. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a large dog came and stood 
at my side. The man got frightened and started to walk 
away. The dog followed him until he got into his car, then 
came back to my side. After the man left, the dog ran off 
down the beach. I looked around for the owner, but the dog 
was gone, and the beach was still deserted. I never really 
thought too much about it, but lately it's come to mind a 
lot. I never doubted that it was a real dog, but could it 
have been sent to protect me from this man who might have 
tried to harm me? I was in a very vulnerable state of mind 
at the time. I have only recently started to delve into 
other forms of spirituality, and the more I think about 
that incident, the more I believe that the dog was sent 
to protect me. What is your take on this? 

(Hi, Laurie. I agree - it seems as if this dog was 
definitely sent to protect you. 'Dog' may be your animal 
spirit guide or totem, but it may also have been a one-
time appearance or manifestation sent by your spirit 
guides/angels to protect you in that particular instant. 
Either way, I am very happy to hear you were so protected.) 

Large Plants

Hi. I've never typed to you before, but read your columns 
all the time. I was wondering why you mentioned the large 
potted plants and ficus to the person that felt dizzy when 
he entered a room. I have a 17 year old that is giving us 
some major trouble, which I consider to be crossing the 
line of normal teenage problems. May this be the reason? 
He's asked for the plant not to be outside of his room and 
asked that the African violets I had in the bathroom be 
removed. Can you find an explanation for this please? 

Thanks and Blessings accompany this note.


(Hi, Laura. I mentioned the large potted plants because of 
a vision I had and it was specifically for the person who 
had written in. The only thing I know about African Violet 
is its metaphysical properties. This plant is used to 
create harmonious vibrations in love and friendship, and 
it promotes spirituality and protection. Perhaps some of 
our readers will have suggestions as to why your household 
plants have been troubling your son.) 

Hey Zsuzsana,

Perhaps you and/or your readers can help a friend of mine. 
We've noticed that she has been developing a lot of 
negative energy within and around her over the years...this 
past year it is to the point that it is scaring her a bit. 
We've also noticed that some of our friends avoid being 
around her.  She is a lot of fun to be around, but you can 
almost see the dark clouds or shadows  hovering around her. 
No, we can't actually see them, but we can feel it.  She 
laughs about it, but you can tell she's very uneasy about 

Do you or anybody out there have any suggestions on what 
we can do to bring back the positive energy that she used 
to have?   We thought about going to a psychic in our 
neighborhood for a cleansing, but would like to get others 
thoughts on that.  Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions 
we can use. 


(Hi, L.W. Definitely I would recommend that your friend 
consider a cleansing, either with a reputable psychic or 
Reiki practitioner, or something along that line. Please 
bear in mind, though, that the holistic approach should 
be used in conjunction with professional advice or 
treatment, and not as a replacement for qualified medical 
or therapeutic care.) 


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Dreams of My Mother

I wanted to comment on the person who saw her mother after 
she had passed in dreams. I was 18 when my mother passed 
away. She was 38 years old. I was homeless for awhile after 
she passed and just after the funeral, I was asked to be a 
live-in nanny for someone I knew. They knew I was a good 
person and wanted to help me out and had no place to go 
and I could help them out as well. 

Anyhow, the first night I was there, I woke to see my mom 
in the room with me. This wasn't a dream. She scared me 
so bad that I asked her to leave even though my world was 
crushed at her death and passing. She knew I was gifted. 
I have been gifted since child birth, however, I never
liked seeing the spirits. Feeling them I can deal with but 
seeing them always scared me. She had told me that she had 
to tell me a few things and she would go...she said she 
loved me and to tell my brothers she loves them and to 
especially watch and take care of my older brother. He 
was going to have problems. He does to this day. She died 
in 1992. My older brother is a drug addict now and a lot 
is blamed on my mom's passing. Then she was gone. 

Since then, I have dreams of my mom. Her face to is blurry 
or unclear. She never looks at me or speaks to me. It's 
almost as if I am not there. I always hate this because I 
can't communicate with her and the one chance I had, I 
told her to leave. I have vivid dreams, always have, some 
repetitive, some warnings, others just dreams from the 
subconscious mind. Most of my dreams are nightmarish, not 
pleasant. I partially know why. 

I have read several dream books but all are bogus to me. I 
would like to hear what others have to say as well. I have 
been a member of The Paranormal Insider for years and have 
written many times. Welcome, Zsuzsana!!!! Can I ask what 
happened to Gus? Peace to all! 

Peace, Love, and Light - G

(Hi, G. Thank you to you and all our readers who have made 
me feel so welcome here! I am sorry, I have no idea what 
happened to Gus but I am grateful that he paved the way 
for me so expertly here at The Paranormal Insider. Dream 
interpretation, in my opinion, needs to be specific to 
what is going on in your life, your past experiences, your 
emotions, your subconscious, etc., so while dream 
dictionaries and guides are helpful, they certainly cannot 
answer all our questions. I am planning a future issue on 
dreams and dream interpretation, but as you can imagine, 
it is a huge topic!  I hope one of our readers will give 
you some comments and insights in the meantime.) 


Is there any meaning to crows who seem to gather in groups, 
stare and caw at a particular house? We have a neighbor who 
is rather shady and appears to be involved in some kind of 
illegal activity. This neighbor's house is subject to crows 
landing on power lines and watching their house. If someone 
comes out they start to caw loudly.  Sometimes it's one to 
three crows, but there have been as many as twelve at a 
time.  Just curious if this has some kind of paranormal 

(Hello, Charlie. The crow is a symbol of conflict, war and 
death and destruction. Its skill is wisdom with trickery. 
It is also a protector of sacred records. The crow comes to 
help you to learn from the past, and it also comes to help 
you when you need a bit of cunning and trickery. The crow's 
shape-shifting quality is: cunning, watchful of others and 
noisy when there is a threat to its territory. These crows 
could be there as spirit messengers for you, or your 
neighbours, but I suspect they are there for your benefit.) 

Dream names

I wrote to you and you published my story of Penny telling 
my mom when we'd be home. I am a firm believer. My niece 
reads Tarot and so did my sister. I have seen deceased 
people, as my relatives have, also. But now I have a 
question--why do I dream names? I do not recognize them and
have no idea why it happens. One of the first names was 
Connie MacViolet. Then there was Fideladoon, and a dog 
named Normie and the list grows. I went to Google with some 
of the names, but they came up blank, so there is no 
connection. It does not bother me, but I am curious as to 
why I dream these names and if there is any significance. 
Any ideas?  El  

(Hi, El. This happens to me frequently as well, and like 
you, I usually go to Google and type in the names to see if 
anything comes up that might ring a bell of recognition or 
lead me to a message. I remember a few years ago I dreamed 
of some strange sounding names at the time the police were 
looking for the snipers in Virginia and when I researched 
the words, they were actually street names right in the 
neighbourhood where some of the shootings had occurred. As 
for the names that I can't connect to anything, I just put 
them down to happenings or people in places that I am 
probably never going to know about - but that doesn't mean 
that they aren't relevant, just that waking life isn't 
going to afford me the opportunity to find the 

Hi Zsuzsana,
I have a question that may be related to an animal guide. 
All my life I have felt close to wolves. I have many 
statues and representations of them in my home. I feel the 
closest connection to the arctic wolf itself but feel a 
connection with all wolves. Now I grew up and spent all 
my life in the city. I enjoy camping on a regular basis 
and have noticed that I sleep better and feel more content 
in the woods. In fact when I am at home I usually have a CD 
of recorded forest sounds including wolf howls playing when 
I sleep. I would like to get your opinion and your readers' 
opinions of what this could mean. I eagerly await your 


(Hi, Justin. It certainly sounds like wolf is a major guide 
for you, and/or than you have wolf medicine. Wolf people 
are friendly, social, and highly intelligent, great 
teachers and often very psychic. Just type 'wolf animal 
guides' or wolf medicine' into your search engine and you 
will find tons of info.) 

Dear Zsuzsana,

I've been reading Paranormal Insider for several months and 
it's my favorite e-mail to open, every time. 

I'd like your take on something that happened to me a few 
weeks ago.  Whether it's the paranormal or something else, 
it haunts me terribly. 

My only sibling, my brother Steven, took his life a few 
years ago, which has made a terrible impact on my own.  
One night, I don't think I was sleeping yet, but in what 
I thought was a dream, Steven came to me.  He told me I 
could ask him anything I liked, and as I tried to think 
of what I most wanted to ask, he cautioned me that he 
hadn't much time.  I asked him if this was a dream and 
he assured me it wasn't, and pressed my hand so hard he 
convinced me, as well.  So I blurted, 

"Are you happy?  I mean, are you glad you did it?"  And 
to my horror, he replied, 

"No.  I wish I hadn't; this is terrible."

This has been on my mind so much since it happened. I 
cannot seem to shake the feeling that it wasn't a dream 
at all, and my brother is in a state of  discontent. 

I hope you can shed some light here; I'd appreciate it 
more than you could know.
T. Goddard Moon

(Hi. I'm so very sorry to hear about your brother, and 
your distress about what appears to be a unhappy 'visit' 
from him. In this type of situation, many people would 
consider having a session with a psychic medium who could 
attempt to contact Steve's spirit. I hope any of our 
readers who have had similar experiences will write in 
and share their advice.) 

For the Woman Who Saw Her Mother in a Dream 3 Times 


This woman is very fortunate.  Yes, her mother was trying 
to tell her something, but because most of us don't pay 
attention to our dreams as we get more "tech savvy", we 
pass it off. Anyway, this is what I can tell from that 
short letter.  The woman does miss her mother, and if 
you don't miss a parent when that person dies, you are 
not normal in my book. 

I would recommend that if this woman ever sees her mother 
in a dream again, to just ask her mother to speak to her. 
Nothing grand, I admit, but it will be soothing to her 
nerves.  Before our technology became so advanced, some 
people got their news via dreams (trust me, I'm no loon. 
I have read this somewhere).  As for the pet ghosts, we 
all have a favorite pet that we miss. Maybe they miss us 

Good luck,

MR. Shannon D. Freeman (Emphasis on the Mister, I get 
mistaken for a woman every time.  Who knows, maybe I was 
a woman in a past life, if such a thing exists), 
Benton, KY

(Thank you, Shannon. I agree that dream messages are very 
important and a great method of communication with both 
our subconscious as well as the world of spirit. I also 
think that speaking to spirits out loud gives us a better 


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Live Hauntings

The first few months of 2005, I kept on having dreams about 
the house I grew up in, in El Paso. I knew it was my house 
but sometimes things had been changed about it. In some I 
was sort of floating, as if I was a ghost. Sometimes I was 
a real person and the house had been moved, once I felt I 
was in upper New York state, which I've never even visited.

In one dream the house had been moved to where I now live, 
over 700 miles away, and I was living in the house with my 
husband, son and one of my coworkers and her kids. And 
several of my other coworkers were living in the house 
next door. 

In another dream, the front door had been moved to where 
the large picture window is. When I went to float thru the 
door I felt like I hit the window and bounced off. I then 
saw a woman inside and I had scared her really bad, I could 
even feel her fear. 

Another time I was floating in the corner of the master 
bedroom but it had been redecorated. I still wonder if the 
new owner had painted the walls mauve and I was in the 
room as it is now. 

In another dream I tried to go through one of the many 
French doors and got through but made a loud bang in the 
process. I felt someone's fear and woke up. 

Another time I was floating in the upper corner of the 
kitchen and there was a woman with curly black hair fixing 
something. She turned around and looked up at me. I don't 
think she really saw me but she saw something and it scared 
her. Again, I could feel her fear and again, I woke up. 

I had these dreams every night, sometimes several times a 
night, for 3-4 months and it happened to be while I was 
going through chemo. I got so tired of these dreams because 
they weren't comforting at all. I had them so often, I felt 
I was obsessing about the house and wanted to stop. I even 
jokingly remarked to my mother that I wouldn't be surprised 
if I was haunting our old house. 

What really was strange is that a few months later my 
friend, who still lives in El Paso, asked if my old house 
was haunted. She heard that the new owner had called the 
police because she kept on hearing noises and was thinking 
the house was haunted. She started having encounters about 
the same time I started having the dreams. 

Can a live person haunt a house?

(Hi. Yes, many people believe that you can 'astral project' 
and your spirit can wander both the earth and other planes. 
You may want to research astral projection and OBEs as a 
start, and I hope to be discussing these topics in an 
upcoming issue.) 

Bed Position

A friend once told me that if you place your bed with the 
feet facing the doorway to the bedroom, it opens a doorway 
into the spiritual realm and you will experience more 
"ghostly" appearances. In all of the places that I have 
lived, I have found that I have had more ghost visits when 
the foot of my bed faced the doorway. Have you heard about 

(Hi, Dore. Yes, the placement and directional orientation 
of your bed is said to have some pretty profound meta-
physical effects, but I am not familiar with whether the 
bed direction would produce more 'ghost visits'. Hopefully 
some of our readers will comment.) 

Dear Zsuzsana,
Your detailed description of how spirits make themselves 
known in the wee hours of the morning was more simply put 
by my spirit guide. She tells me that they're able to make 
themselves known much easier because of the coolness of the 
night air. It facilitates their energy and, as you said, 
especially on the night of a full moon. I thought you might 
like to hear what spirit had to say about the subject. 
Thanks for going into detail for us!
(Thanks, Paula.)

Light Beings

From the time I was quite young until I was well into my 
early twenties I was visited by people I dubbed early on 
as "Light Beings". 

These beings were opaque, very white and glowed. They would 
sit on my bed at night talking to me. I can not recall what 
they told me, however, all my life I have felt an urgent 
need to tell people something I consider very important. 
That is to accept others as a fellow human being not a 
label, such as a specific religion, no religion or 
political party. We are people above all and should be 
respected as such. 

(Thank you for sharing this.)

Happy New Year to Everyone! Look forward to seeing you in 

Carpe diem,


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