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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Angle Investigated For Steroids

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                 Wednesday, March 7, 2007

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Huge News: Kurt Angle Being Investigated For Steroids
Story By: Ryan Gray
source: PWInsider

SportsIllustrated.com has added a detailed story today 
concerning the recent allegation of steroid/HGH sales at 
Florida's Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center. Last week the 
story broke when a number of professional athletes were 
listed as customers. In today's article Sports Illustrated 
lists TNA star Kurt Angle to the list of people being 
investigated. They write: 

"Kurt Angle, a 1996 Olympic gold-medal-winning freestyle 
wrestler and now a star professional wrestler, received 
two prescriptions for trenbolone and one for nandrolone 
between October 2004 and February '05. (Angle did not 
return messages left with his spokesman.)" 

Both of these drugs are steroids and were filled during 
the time he was in WWE. 

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         Random News From The Wrestling World

News On Ashley Massaro, Jeff Hardy, Mick Foley & More
Story By: Andy Steven
Source: PWInsider

- Mick Foley's new book is scheduled to be released in the 
United Kingdom on April 2nd, 2007. 

- The Sun in the UK recently did an audio interview with 
former Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy 
speaks on drugs, leaving WWE, the Matt Hardy & Edge 
incident, ECW, backstage politics and more. 

- Ashley Massaro s new theme music is performed by Nuts 
in a Blender lead vocalist Bryan Seeley.


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Next Week On WWE RAW: Trump/McMahon, Cena/HBK
Story By: Andy Steven
The following is from WWE.com:

On Monday night, Raw will roll into the Verizon Center in 
Washington, D.C. and will bear witness to what is sure to 
be a historic Battle of the Billionaires contract signing. 

Last week on Raw, Stone Cold Steve Austin was announced 
as the special guest referee for the Battle of the 
Billionaires at WrestleMania 23. This week, Donald Trump 
and Mr. McMahon will once again share the same ring during 
the official contract signing. Will their representatives, 
ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley and Intercontinental 
Champion Umaga, be in attendance? Will Mr. McMahon give 
Trump the billionaire b***h slap he is so found of 

Shawn Michaels stayed true to his word and had WWE Champion 
John Cena's back, but it seemed to take HBK a little longer 
than it should have to save his partner from a triple team. 
Will Michaels live up to his reputation for turning on his 
partners as we continue on the road to WrestleMania? 

After acting as special guest ring announcer in a Falls 
Count Anywhere Match between Women's Champion Melina and 
Mickie James, soon-to-be Playboy cover girl Ashley shoved 
the mouthy Women's Champion down on her butt. Will the two 
Divas meet up once again in the nation's capitol? 

Also on Raw, Carlito and Ric Flair's competition for the 
final slot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at 
WrestleMania was interrupted by the Great Khali. Will Flair 
or Carlito get another opportunity to head to WrestleMania? 
What will become of coveted final slot? 

Find out live Monday night at 9/8 CT on the USA Network. 


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                      Reader's Forum




I was watching a game show the other night that had a huge
wrestling fan on it. The Show was called Deal Or No Deal.
Some of the WWE superstars were on there too to watch the
show. After watching the show and listening to the fan of
WWE talk it made me wonder if he will some how end up
working for the WWE or something. He has already been in
one of their magazines. They called him " The Crazy Sign
Guy," or something like that. He makes up all of these
goofy signs every time he goes to one of their shows around

- Bubba

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