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Publication: ABC Soaps
Zarf is Guilty

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               AS THE DIAL TURNS - ABC Soaps
                   Monday, February 12, 2007

Here's what's coming up next on ALL MY CHILDREN: 

Zarf is already guilty in Zach's mind and is out to prove 
it for himself. Jonathan tells Annie that he's worried 
his anger is out of control.

Here's what just happened on ALL MY CHILDREN: 

Kendall admits to Zach that Emma is Ryan's daughter but 
isn't crazy about the idea that she plans on keeping the 
truth from Ryan. 

JR makes a quickie call to his lawyer the minute he finds 
out that Babe and Josh kissed. Jack insists that Sean 
learn a lesson or two by sitting it out in jail, a form of 
tough love that Krystal wishes Adam would use on Colby. 

Derek shows a puzzled Zach a photo of his mother that he 
found in Zarf's London penthouse. Zach tells Derek that 
he's certain that the gardenias and ribbons are the killer's 
personal message to him. 

Danielle collapses after someone hiding in the wings poi-
sons her. Zarf puts on a brave but duplicitous face by 
lying and telling Bianca that he dressed up like a woman 
for the "artistic experience." He adds that he wasn't 
lying about his feelings for her, which are real, only 
for her to demand that he stay away from both her and Babe. 

While Derek points a gun at Zarf and accuses him of murder-
ing Danielle, Di and Aidan search Zarf's room and find a 
syringe and a vial of drugs. JR is certain that Babe is 
still sleeping with Josh and tells Jamie so. 

JR then prepares Adam for the cold, hard fact that he's 
filing for divorce and going after soul custody of his son. 
Until he gets enough dirt on Babe to prove she's an unfit 
mother, JR plans to keep her totally in the dark about his 


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Here's what's coming up next on GENERAL HOSPITAL: 

Sonny gets Ric to back off Carly by forcing him to expose 
his entire recording. Skye bluffs Mr. Craig. 

Here's what just happened on GENERAL HOSPITAL: 

Lorenzo is hit in the head by Sonny's bullet and falls 
to the floor. Cops arrive, and Carly blurts that she saw 
the whole thing, that it was self-defense. Sonny and 
Jason come to the same conclusion, that Carly will need 
to marry Sonny so she's not forced to testify against him. 

Patrick operates on Lorenzo to remove the bullet fragments 
and avoids a near-disaster as an impressed Noah and Robin 
look on. The mystery man injects Lorenzo's IV, and Lorenzo
goes into cardiac arrest. 

Jason argues with Carly, who refuses to marry Sonny to 
prevent having to testify. Sonny's lawyer, Diane, arrives 
with a subpoena for Carly's statement, explains she has 
until next Wednesday to marry Sonny or she'll have to 
testify. Jason is in an awkward position when Sonny makes 
it clear he's not interested in just a marriage of conv-
enience with Carly, that he has much more in mind. 

After Tracy laughs in Sam's face when she asks about a 
job at ELQ, Edward takes Sam aside and promises her that 
if she has Jason's baby, he'll make it his sole heir. 

Spinelli tells Carly that Lorenzo and Ric worked together 
and later impresses Sonny and Jason by revealing he's 
wired Jason's penthouse with security cameras. Carly 
learns about Ric and Lorenzo's connection and learns from 
Skye that Lorenzo had something on Ric. 


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Here's what's coming up next on ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 

Rex confides in Bo, saying that he's aware that Todd 
kidnapped and tortured Todd walks in on Spencer holding 
Marty at gunpoint.

Here's what just happened on ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 

Nash opens up to Layla about the close quarters he shared 
with Jessica while trapped in the cave together. He tells 
her of their harrowing experience and how it was touch and 
go there for a while, but he doesn't reveal how they got 
naked for the sake of creating a little body heat. 

Layla can see right through him, though, and accuses him 
for falling for Jessica, which he denies. Todd is devastat-
ed to learn that there's a chance Blair could die and de-
cides to ask her to marry him once she's feeling a little 

Paige remains firm and doesn't back down when Spencer 
applies the pressure to check out Blair's medical chart 
or examine her. 

Todd puts the weight of Blair's tragedy on his shoulders 
and tells Viki that Blair wouldn't be on death's doorstep 
if he hadn't been so driven to get revenge on Spencer. 
When a taunting Starr tells Spencer that Todd is going to 
propose to Blair, Spencer vows to himself to never allow 
Blair to marry Todd again. Spencer toys with Todd by say-
ing that he, and only he, can save Blair's life. Todd 
later tries to rehire Rex to find his son, but Rex de-
clines and simply says that his son is "gone." 

Antonio isn't quite sure what to make out of Jessica's 
insistence that Nash not run Capricorn. Spencer pushes 
Todd's buttons by saying Blair is better off dead than 
alive, which pushes Todd to threaten to kill him with a 
scalpel, just as Dorian arrives.


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