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Publication: Coffee Break
Activists place masks on Rome statues

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Monday, June 9, 2008             

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Admiring celebrities can help improve self-esteem in those 
with low self-esteem, researchers at the University of
Buffalo said.

Jaye L. Derrick and Shira Gabriel of the University at 
Buffalo, State University of New York, said that
"connections" to celebrities -- or parasocial 
relationships -- can allow people with low-self esteem to 
view themselves more positively.

The researchers conducted three studies using approximately 
100 undergraduate students each, to examine the relationship 
between self-esteem, parasocial relationship closeness and 

Participants identified their favorite celebrity and 
described that celebrity in an open-ended essay. The 
researchers used the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale to assess

The study, published in Personal Relationships, found 
parasocial relationships can have self-enhancing benefits
for low self-esteem people that they do not receive in real

These parasocial relationships, which have very low risk 
of rejection, offer low self-esteem people an opportunity 
to reduce their self-discrepancies and feel closer to their 
ideal selves, the researchers said.

What are your thoughts on admiring celebrties?

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          Activists place masks on Rome statues
An environmental activist group has claimed responsibility
for placing anti-pollution masks over the mouths of about
150 statues in Rome under cover of night.  Activists with 
environmental group Terra! said the masks -- which were 
found Thursday morning on statues including the likenesses
of Roman emperors near the Colosseum and magistrates 
surrounding Rome's Palace of Justice -- were "protesting
together with activists" to raise awareness of carbon
dioxide emissions from automobiles, ANSA reported.  Terra!
has called for new European Commission regulations aimed
at reducing emissions.


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        Mysterious substance in fudge not pot
A 13-year-old girl told police at Indiana University that 
a green leafy substance found in fudge she distributed was
lavender, not marijuana.  Police said the girl told them
she had made the lavender fudge for a school project and
asked her mother, an employee of the university, if she 
could pass out the leftovers at the college's Eigenmann
Hall, the Bloomington (Ind.) Herald-Times reported.  
Indiana University Police Department Capt. Jerry Minger 
said the leafy substance made some of the mother's 
co-workers suspicious, and one took a sample to police. 
Minger said the substance tested positive for traces of
marijuana.  However, the girl came forward after the case
was publicized and brought police a sample of the lavender, 
which registered a "weak reaction" on the marijuana test. 
Minger said the case is considered closed.



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              Jesus statue stolen from church
Officials at Detroit's Church of the Messiah said they were 
on the lookout for an 8-foot statue of Jesus after it went 
missing from outside of the building.  A member of the
congregation notified church workers Tuesday the statue was 
gone from the 107-year-old Episcopal church, the Detroit 
Free Press reported.  The Rev. Barry Randolph said a
fragment of the sculpture's hand was found in a nearby
alley.  "We would love to have that back. It's a symbol of 
hope and peace," he said.  Church employees said a sign 
reading "Coming soon, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ,"
will be placed outside the church until either the statue 
is returned or a replica is made.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reader Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
What should Bloomberg do next?

"Easy answer – change the law re. number of terms, so
Bloomberg can stay if he wants to run again. Chicago is
as such, and several have died at their desk as Mayor: 
Da Mayor” Richard J. Daley did, as did Harold Washington. 
Some have been wise enough to not run too many times, such
as Michael Bilandic, Kane Byrne, and Eugene Sawyer. But 
the present Richard M. Daley (the first’s eldest son) has
already eclipsed his father record which was the longest 
serving mayor for Chicago. In his early 50’s he has no 
plans on retiring and possibly will follow his father’s
“morbid” legacy.  Fact is, people assume all elected
offices are two terms max – many senators stay in office 
term after term after term. (Think Ted Kennedy or Robert
Byrd). It was only after Franklin Roosevelt’s illness 
ultimately did him in as he started yet another term,
that the laws were changed – as Harry Truman went from 
Senator to Vice president, then 30 plus days later – 
president; after that two terms was the max for a 
president. But there are no such limits on Congress, the
senate, and many state governorships or regional mayoral 
Jim, Bartlett, IL

"M. Bloomberg should have stuck his nose into the DEM 
Presidental race as a prominate participant and participator
to be a stand out figure in politics. Not just sit back and
hope for an open Senator seat from Hilliary Clinton.His
lack of participation hurt his Political stature both 
locally and Nationaly.His expertise in the business sector
could have led to great things Nationaly for all; same as
B.Gates lack of taste for Political life and much needed 
reform in our leadership for America."

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