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Publication: Gizmorama
Acidified ocean water close to shore

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Gizmorama - Acidified ocean water close to shore
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Cougars moving eastward, researcher says

Cougar sightings could become more common in U.S. urban areas
as mountain lions rebound and expand their living space, a
researcher said Thursday. Cougars have been migrating eastward
for years from the Black Hills and Western states, bumping up
the likelihood of more roaming urban neighborhoods such as
Chicago's north side, where police shot and killed a cougar
in April, said Lorraine Corriveau of the Purdue University
School of Veterinary Medicine in West Lafayette, Ind.
Wildlife authorities track cougar migration so they can
alert people in the areas, Corriveau said. She said people
seeing a cougar, also called a puma or mountain lion, should
contact state wildlife agencies because gauging the size of
the cats helps authorities, she said. Corriveau, a pet wellness
clinician, said authorities receive hundreds of reports of cougar
sightings and attacks on animals annually. While there have only
been 13 confirmed cougar attacks in California since 1890, nine
of those attacks have occurred since 1992. Attacks also have
been reported in recent years in Michigan, she said.

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Seattle falcon fans keeping eye on raptors

Scientists tracking the migration of peregrine falcons said
two of three peregrine falcon chicks have hatched in a nest
box atop a tower in Seattle. The raptors on the Washington
Mutual Tower are under the watchful lens of a video camera,
while a different group of peregrines is being tracked by
transmitters as they migrate from the tip of southern Chile
to the Arctic, the Seattle Times said Thursday. Bud Anderson,
director of the Falcon Research Group, said the migrating birds
were trapped in South America and outfitted with tiny
transmitters that contain GPS chips accurate to about 60 feet.
The bird's location is plotted on Google Earth maps that can
pinpoint the lake or hillside where the falcon roosted.
Peregrines are the world's fastest birds, reaching speeds up to
200 mph, the newspaper said.

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Acidified ocean water close to shore

A team of North American scientists said corrosive, acidified
water has been discovered within 20 miles of the shoreline of
the U.S. West Coast. The report, published in Science Express,
said the discovery raises concern for marine ecosystems from
Canada to Mexico, Oregon State University said Thursday.
Researchers said the acidified water, which is coming up from
the deeper ocean, is probably 50 years old. "When the upwelled
water was last at the surface, it was exposed to an atmosphere
with much lower CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels than today's," co-
author Burke Hales, an associate professor in the College of
Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences at OSU, said in statement.
"The water that will upwell off the coast in future years
already is making its undersea trek toward us, with ever-
increasing levels of carbon dioxide and acidity." When that
CO2 mixes into the ocean water, it forms carbonic acid that
has a corrosive effect on aragonite, which is the calcium
carbonate mineral that forms the shells of many marine creatures.
The study included researchers from the United States, Canada
and Mexico.


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