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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
A Skeptic's Question

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Issue date: Saturday, September 30, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Hi Everyone:

Today's issue of The Paranormal Insider will be another 
Q & A because I have so many fascinating letters and 
questions on hand that I think you will all enjoy reading. 
Before we get to that, though, I thought I'd update you 
on my basement in the aftermath of the recent channeling 
session held there and the strange occurrence of the lights 
going out. We had out of town company staying overnight 
this past weekend, and as we have a guest suite in the 
basement, our friends settled in for the night as they 
always do on their visits. The next day, my girlfriend, 
who knew nothing about the strange activity with the lights 
and the channeling session and who has slept over many 
many times peacefully, reported that she felt eyes on her 
all night. Yesterday, I investigated the basement and the 
guest suite with some of the friends who had participated 
in the channeling session, and sure enough, we found 
unusual cold spots, indicating spirit activity. We feel 
it might be a ghost who followed one of the girls over 
here and somehow got 'detached' from her during the 
channeling. It feels like an older male energy and harmless 
enough, so I think I'll just leave things be for a while 
and see what develops. Will keep you posted! 

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A Skeptic's Question

I subscribed to Paranormal Insider as a skeptic interested 
in paranormal stuff and I enjoy reading it. I am still 
skeptical but I have a question. I was at a friend's house 
that looked to be built at least 40 years old. I seemed 
like a normal old house but during the tour of the house 
we went up stairs and I instantly got disoriented. At first 
I thought I had just walked up the stairs too fast but 
after sitting down in a chair the feeling just got worse. 
The room was about 50 feet long and 20 feet wide with low 
arched ceilings like an attic. It was decorated like an 
average child's play room but it didn't have the feeling 
of a place a child played. So my question is: would the 
architecture of the room be the reason for my 
disorientation or could it have any paranormal explanation. 


Hi Alex:

The sensations you describe could be due to a number of 
things. One possible explanation is that this was a deja 
vu experience, (meaning you had been there or in a very 
similar place in a past life). It is also possible that 
not so much the architecture, but inherent magnetic or 
energy lines, or ley lines, contributed to the disoriented 
feeling. Dowsing or observing a compass in the room would 
help verify whether there are strange or unusual electro-
magnetic energy patterns in that room or building. Thirdly, 
and most probably, I feel, the place is haunted by either 
a residual energy or spirit activity. Some years ago, I 
was being given a tour of a woman's newly-opened new age 
store. It was in a very old building and when she showed 
us into the back room which was used for private psychic 
readings, I could barely bring myself to step across the 
threshold. It was like walking through an invisible wall 
of something and it was very unpleasant. When I did 
finally enter the room I felt dizzy and disoriented. I 
am pretty sure that either there had been a very traumatic 
or 'dark' reading done in there or some other unpleasant 
event had occurred, leaving a residual energy, or that 
there was an actual spirit entity inhabiting and/or haunt-
ing the room. By the way, was there anything of a darkish 
green colour in the play room? Like walls or furniture? 
Also, was there a large potted plant like a palm or large 
ficus anywhere? Was the house in North America or in 
Europe? Just wondering:>) 


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An Overnight Deport

Hi Zsuzsana,

The story that got to me this week was the lady who woke 
with her sister's ring on her finger. In my case, I had 
jewelry removed. 

I had been traveling in Arizona and New Mexico when I came 
across a roadside stand with Native American jewelry among 
other items for sale.  I found a bracelet that just 
screamed for me to buy it, though it was more extravagance 
than I typically afford myself.  Still, I bought it. It was 
unique and I really never saw it again in any of the other 
trading places I visited - and those were many. I loved 
the bracelet, tightened it onto my wrist so that it never 
came off. Twist or turn at night as I might, the bracelet 
would jam on the thicker part of my arm (leaving temporary 
discoloration) rather than come off. 

One night, however, I slept fitfully. Something was 
bothering me and woke me from my slumber. I couldn't figure 
it for anything, until I noticed that my wrist was feeling 
sore. I looked down and found my bracelet gone. Thinking it 
must have worked its way off - despite the good grip on me 
that I had given it - I looked through the bedsheets, then 
on the floor, under the bed, in the pillow, around the 
bed....everywhere. It just wasn't there. It was as if 
something came in the night and took it from me. I was 
struck by the feeling that I had struggled against whatever 
it was in my sleep, and that was probably why I had woken 
up. I never found the bracelet anywhere. Though I looked 
tirelessly for it. 

Eventually I moved from the apartment, clearing out all my 
belongings I thought that if it was still in the place I 
would find it. No such luck. The loss of the bracelet still 
haunts me with a feeling that some spirit did not feel I 
should have the bracelet and took it in the night. Is that 
something you have ever heard of before? 


Hi Annette: 

Yes, the experience you have described is not at all 
unlikely. It is also not out of the question that one 
day this bracelet will mysteriously return to you. Have 
you specifically 'asked' for it to be returned? Perhaps 
if you request or even demand for it to be brought back, 
you will get a response. Did the bracelet have any 
stones/gemstones in it? Crystals and stones seem to have 
a life and even a will of their own. I have experienced 
crystals that didn't want to be with me and ended up 
mysteriously 'relocating' themselves in my environment. 
In either case, whether your experience was a spirit 
deport or an item that just wanted to be elsewhere, I 
do hope your bracelet comes back one day. 

best wishes, Zsuzsana 

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Animal Visits

Hi Zsuzsana,

I know it is me the prolific e-mailer, but I have some 
comments for you. 

First regarding Ouija boards, it really annoys me that 
they are sold as a child's game. In my opinion it should 
not be sold for children or teens as poltergeist activity 
can result. Also as a teen I had a rather odd experience 
with one. When we moved into our new house it came with a 
Ouija Board. The box was damaged and my Mom decided to 
throw it out along with the other garbage that was left 
behind by the previous owners. It didn't want to leave. 
Every time it went out to the curb with the rest of the 
garbage it would re-appear on the coffee table in the 
living room after the garbage had been picked up. After 
three tries my Mom actually stood in the front yard with 
it in her hand until they came to collect the garbage when 
they did she personally put it into the garbage truck and 
watched it get crushed. Imagine how shocked she was when 
she went back into the house and found it back on the 
coffee table. I was finally able to get rid of it that 
weekend when I was burning paper garbage in our back yard 
incinerator. I decided to do a thorough job of it and broke 
the planchette as well as the board  and burned them. It 
worked. My feeling with them is that they are neither good 
nor evil but a conduit to the other side and unless you 
know exactly what you are doing it is like throwing open 
your front door in the middle of down town and putting up 
an everyone welcome sign. You do not know what or who you 
are going to communicate with. I won't use them anymore, 
but not because I am afraid of them, because in order to 
really test if you are getting accurate information you 
must have everyone involved be blindfolded. When this 
happens 99.9% of the time the information you receive is 
garbled nonsense. Most of the time when the Ouija is used 
one or more people in the circle are sub-consciously moving 
the planchette themselves without being aware of it. 

Thank you for the information on the numbers it is quite 

I have a question for either you or your readers. I would 
like to explain first then ask the question. I have a 
friend who has gone through a lot of physical challenges 
in her life and recently has realized that she has some 
psychic and healing abilities. She is working on developing 
them now. Last week she was sitting in her living room and 
was looking out of her sliding door at the flowers on her 
balcony. This was in the middle of the day. To her surprise 
and pleasure a peregrine falcon landed on her balcony 
railing right in the middle of the window she happened to 
be looking through. It looked in at her, tilted its head, 
stayed for about a minute and then flew away. She has 
lived in the same apartment for many years and has never 
seen a peregrine falcon before, even though we have a 
nesting area in the city for them. I have seen them 3 
times (in my entire life of 36 years) but only in the 
early morning, never during the day. My question is this 
what is the significance of seeing one? She has asked me 
what it means and I haven't been able to answer her as 

Kahlest Tiger Eye

Hi Kahlest:

All animals, from the lowliest slug to the brides, bees 
and butterflies, primates, cats and dogs, etc. can be 
animal spirit guides or messengers. An animal that shows 
up in unexpected or remarkable circumstances, like this 
falcon, was more than likely bringing your friend a message.
Falcons in general represent soul healing, accompanying 
the soul back to the soul world, lessons in swiftness, 
controlling speed and movement, understanding magick, 
astral travel, and general healing. The peregrine falcon's 
appearance can signify a need to guard your health against 
environmental pollutants, as it its species is presently on 
the endangered species list, partly due to the buildup of 
chlorinated hydrocarbons in its food supply. All falcons 
are opportunists and act upon opportunity at the correct 
moment. They know when to act and how to commit to their 
actions for a successful outcome. Timing is important to 
the peregrine and patience is one of its virtues. Those 
with this totem will continually find themselves in 
situations where both of these skills are tested. 

Peregrines stimulate a quick, graceful and agile mind using 
its mental faculties effectively and patiently to capture 
what it wants and desires the most. They are daylight 
hunters with bullet shaped bodies and long pointed wings 
that facilitate high diving speed. Strong and fast they 
fly high and dive with tremendous swiftness striking with 
clenched talons and killing by impact. 

The peregrine falcon is incredibly focused and have strong 
concentration skills. Those with this totem would do well 
in any work pertaining to the mind. Meditation and 
disciplined spiritual studies would also be of benefit. 

In the Native American traditions the peregrine falcon is 
associated with past life recall and can show us how to 
dive into ourselves without fear. It holds the medicine 
of precision, timing, grace, patience and acute mental 
perception. It teaches those with this medicine how to use 
their mental capabilities to the fullest, move in harmony 
with their own rhythm and strike with force when necessary. 

(sources for some of the above info are: 
and http://www.sayahda.com/cycle.htm ).

All the best!

Zsuzsana Summer

Thanks for reading, everyone! Feel free to add your 
comments to any of the above topics either by emailing 
me at: paranormal@zsuzsana.com or posting to our forum at: 

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