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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
A Real Holiday Spectacle for Sky Watchers

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Issue date: Saturday, July 1, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

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Dear Readers:

I've seen and experienced ghostly manifestations plenty of 
times, but I think I saw my first Shadow Person last night. 
It was a dark and stormy night ... really. I was just 
heading to my bedroom and as I turned the corner at the 
top of the stairs, taking care not to step on my cat Mystic 
who was weaving around my legs, I glimpsed a dark shadow 
right in front of me in the doorway. The lighting was dim 
with only the touch lamp in the bedroom glowing on the 
lowest setting. It had come on by itself due to a momentary 
power outage caused by the storm a half hour earlier. The 
dark shadow disappeared as I stepped forward, more or less 
right into it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to pick up any-
thing further, either in terms of changes in the atmosphere 
or any other sensations - it just happened too fast. 

My house seems to attract plenty of spirit activity, but 
it is sporadic and I don't feel any of it is 'attached' to 
the house, any objects in the house, or to me. Rather, I 
feel the layout and the location of the house play a big 
part in the paranormal activity that I have witnessed here.
When my front door is open, there is a clear sightline 
right through the main floor and out through a large back 
window, beyond which, in a field across the street, stands 
a large hydro tower. This set up actually makes me 
uncomfortable and a bit vulnerable when all the doors and 
windows are open. I am inclined to think that that somehow 
the electrical energy of that tower creates a highway for 
spirits to come through my front door and pass through the 
house. I have seen orbs come through, as well as large 
amorphous white shapes, and playful or mischievous entities 
have also left their mark in passing through. So far, none 
of the ghostly entitles have come back for a second visit 
that I know of, so it truly appears that they are just 
playing a bit as they travel through to something that is 
calling or attracting them, such as the electrical tower. 
Last night's thunderstorms may certainly have created some 
beckoning electrical energy as well and drawn the Shadow 
person through the house and out to the back field. 

Since it is surmised that ghosts are made up of some sort 
of energy, and theoretically, they draw on additional 
energy from the environment to manifest or materialize, 
it is entirely plausible that environments that provide 
electrical and/or magnetic energy are quite appealing
to ghosts, or can give any ghosts that are already in the 
atmosphere the energy to make themselves known. It is 
widely believed that when the atmosphere is more charged 
with electrical energy than usual, for instance during 
periods of intense solar flares, geomagnetic storms and 
even certain moon phases, paranormal activity increases. 
In any event, I am quite sure my home's 'energy highway' 
is like a red carpet treatment for my visitors! 

I'm making a mental note to have a camera ready to snap 
pictures of the atmosphere for the next dark and stormy 
night. What about you? 

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George "Lee" Lutz, a Las Vegas resident who was a former 
owner of the infamous Amityville haunted house, passed 
away in May at the age of 59. The Lutz family lived in 
the haunted Long Island, New York home, the subject of 
the classic "Amityville Horror", for only 28 days in 1975 
before being allegedly driven out by the ghosts of the 
DeFeo family. Six members of the DeFeo family had been 
murdered in the home about a year earlier by the eldest 
son, a fact that the Lutz family was well aware of when 
purchasing the house at 112 Ocean Avenue. 

The paranormal activity that was supposedly the result of 
the brutal killings apparently proved to be too much for 
the family to bear, however. The Lutz family reported 
poltergeist activity, noxious smells, auditory and 
temperature phenomena, amongst other effects such as 
personality and psychological changes and subsequently 
fled to another state. 

The truthfulness and accuracy of Lutz's accounts have 
been debated over the years, with some people debunking 
the stories as a fabrication intended to gain fame and 
money. Lutz continued to deny all such allegations up 
until his passing, and the hair-raising tales of his 
experiences live on in movies and books in one of the 
scariest stories ever told. 

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From Our Mailbag


After reading your column for Saturday, I wanted to share 
an experience that I had a few years ago and again recent-
ly. It was back in the fall of '92, and I was sleeping 
when my baby daughter started crying. After calming her 
and putting her back to sleep I went back to bed myself. 
I had not been in bed for very long when I had noticed 
someone or something standing in my doorway. At first I 
thought it was one of my sons, so I started to get up and 
I realized that I could not move. The dark figure started 
moving towards me but did not get any bigger or any 
clearer. When it was within two feet of my face it suddenly 
disappeared and I was able to move again. I told my wife 
about my experience that night and she said that I was 
probably just dreaming. I had not thought about it again 
until we moved into the house we currently live in. 

We had just moved in and started to get our things 
organized; my wife and kids went to bed early but I stayed 
up to watch some late night programs. I fell asleep on the 
living-room floor and was awakened by someone kicking me 
in the head, not hard enough to hurt but enough to be 
annoying. When I turned around and looked up I saw my son 
sitting on the sofa and I asked him what he wanted. Just 
when he started to speak I saw something coming out of one 
of the bedrooms and moving toward the bathroom. After I 
was able to focus my sight I realized that it was my son 
and I quickly turned around and looked at the sofa and the 
person that I thought was my son had vanished. I asked my 
son if he had just been in the living room, thinking that 
I had fallen back asleep and my son walked away. He said, 
"No, I just woke up to use the bathroom." I then asked him 
if his brother was still in bed; he looked in the bedroom 
and told me that he was asleep. 

Since that night, I have seen some strange things in our 
house. Sometimes when I'm up late at night, I see flashes 
of dark patterns zooming from room to room, or hovering in 
front of the living-room windows. My sons have both seem 
these things as well. 

Vernon Wallace


Hello, I am sending you my experiences with shadow
people that I have experienced over approximately the
last 30 years. When I was about 15 years old, I was on 
an outing with my church youth group. We were traveling 
to a nearby town for a "lock-in" with another church
youth group. As we traveled there via the church bus,
at night, we were all talking and laughing, acting like
most teenagers do. I was sitting directly behind the
bus driver, who was also the youth director, when I
saw a person walk across the road in front of the bus.
 I turned around to the person sitting behind me and
asked if they just saw what I saw. When they asked me
what I had seen, I turned to look out the back door of
the bus and could still see the ditch where the
"person" we supposedly hit should be laying. The light
from the taillights of the bus revealed no one was
there. I thought I was losing my mind.
 I turned back around to ask the driver if he saw it,
and of course he was a little shocked when I asked him
and he seemed to even slow the bus down a little. But
he stated that he hadn't seen anything either.
 I could even "see" that the "person" was an older
black man, wearing a cap that looks like the one that
Bill Cosby's "dad" wore on the Cosby show. He also
wore a tweed vest, a suit jacket, slacks and shoes.
 I don't know if this is of any significance, but he
was walking from the left to the right and never
looked in our direction the whole time. Thanks for
listening. I have never again seen anyone so clearly,
and I was just wondering why I did at this time?

from a reader

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A Real Holiday Spectacle for Sky Watchers

This year's 4th of July fireworks will be accompanied by 
some additional and even more spectacular effects in the 
night skies, says NASA. On the evening of the 4th, the two 
brightest bodies in the night sky, the moon and Jupiter, 
will appear side by side, so make sure to have your 
cameras and telescopes ready to catch this heavenly show. 
Serendipitously, the International Space Station is also 
passing over many American cities the first week of July,
making appearances on the 4th directly over Valley Forge, 
Philadelphia, New York City, and doing an especially grace-
ful dip between the moon and Jupiter over Boston. The 
remarkable timing of this flyby was not pre-planned, but 
will certainly underscore the Independence Day celebrations
in these historic sites. Check the NASA website for exact 
times for your area, which will be somewhere around 
9:40 pm. And let's see if anyone or anything else decides 
to drop in to our skies to catch some of the excitement! 
Perhaps we'll have some otherworldly visitors in the 
audience. I hope they buy their tickets! 

Best wishes for a very happy 4th of July, happy Canada 
Day, and a great weekend to everyone! Stay safe, have 
lots of fun, and see you next week! 

Please send your stories and comments to 
zsuzsana@arcanamatrix.com and make sure to include the 
words "Paranormal Insider" in your subject line. If you 
wish to see your story or comments in print, please use 
proper spelling and punctuation. Please make sure to 
include your name in your signature if you wish your 
name to be used in print. Submissions may be edited for 
readability. Keep those emails coming - I love to hear 
from you! 


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