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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
A Puzzling P.B.E.

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Issue date: Saturday, July 15, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

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Hi, Paranormal Enthusiasts! Hope everyone is doing great 
and enjoying the best life has to offer as we get into the 
lazy, hazy and sometimes crazy days of mid-summer in the 
northern hemisphere. 

This sultry period of summer, generally stretching from 
July 3 until mid to late August, is known as the '"dog 
days". The dog days take their name from the ancient 
Egyptian and also Roman observation of the constellations 
and the relation of the stars' placements to weather 
patterns. It was observed that in late July, Sirius (the 
"dog star") rose and set with the sun. As the brightest 
star in the sky, Sirius (whose name also means "scorching" 
in Greek), was thought to add its heat to that already 
generated by the sun, thus causing the especially hot 
season which stretched from about 20 days before to 20 
days after the conjunction of the two heavenly bodies. 

Both the ancient Romans and Egyptians looked at the bright 
Dog Star as a second sun and in ancient Rome, perhaps 
because the heat of the season naturally gave opportunity 
for disease and pestilence to increase in the heat, the 
"dog days" or "dies caniculares" in Latin, became 
associated with warnings of madness, disease, and all 
manner of superstitions. These include the proverb that 
if it rains on the first day of dog days, it will rain all 
forty days. According to ancient authors, when Sirius rose 
with the sun, the seas would boil, wine turned sour, dogs 
went mad and people would get bilious, febrile, hysterical 
and crazy, while animals grew languid. Snakes were more 
venomous and more apt bite then. 

In Welsh tradition, July is considered an uncertain month 
for weddings. Marry in July, you'll live to sigh. In July 
the cuckoo "prepares to fly." The dog days are unlucky for 
new undertakings. If there is rain on July 1, it will be a 
rainy month. If it rains on St. Swithin's Day (July 15) it 
will rain for forty days. 

St. Swithin was an early Saxon Bishop of Winchester. On 
his death bed, he asked to be buried among the poor in the 
common churchyard, but later, after many miracles at his 
gravesite, the monks moved his body inside to a splendid 
shrine, whereupon the saint wept in protest, causing a 
continuous downpour for forty days. Thus he came to be 
associated with weather charms like this: "St Swithin's 
Day, if it does rain Full forty days, it will remain St 
Swithin's Day, if it be fair For forty days, twill rain 
no more" 

Rain on St. Swithin's Day blesses the apples which should 
not be picked or eaten before his feast. All apples growing 
at this time will ripen. 

The Dog Star is called Loki's Brand in Norse tradition. 
Loki is the Norse god of strife, discord and evil. He also 
presides over tricks and practical jokes. In Wiccan 
tradition, July 15 is also the feast day of Rowana (Rauni, 
Goddess of the Sacred Rowan Tree). It is the feast day of 
Ti-Tsang (Chinese God of the Underworld) and marks Chung 
Yuan, festival of the dead, or the Taoist Ghost Day in 

There are plenty of superstitions and proverbs that 
accompany this period, and as is often the case, any 
collection of such folklore contain both similarities as 
well as contradictions due to the time, place and community 
in which it originated. And the fears and warnings about 
the dog days have continued into even fairly modern times. 
Consider this: 

"In these Dog Days it is forbidden by Astronomy to all 
Manner of People to be let Blood or take Physic. Yea, it 
is good to abstain all this time from Women. For why, all 
that time reigneth a Star that is called Canicula Canis, a 
Hound in English, and the kind of the Star is broiling and 
burning as Fire. All this time the Heat of the Sun is so 
fervent and violent that Men's bodies at Midnight sweat as 
at Midday: and if they be hurt, they be more sick than at 
any other time, yea very near Dead. In these days all 
venomous serpents creep, fly and gender, so that many are 
annoyed thereby; in these times a Fire is good night and 
day, and wholesome, seeth well your meals and take heed of 
feeding violently." 
-The Husbandman's Practice 1729 

Well, they say that if you can't stand the heat, you should 
get out of the kitchen. In my personal opinion, the perfect 
antidote to dangers of the dog days is to spend as many 
hours as possible sitting on a shady patio with a tall, 
cold drink in hand, and okay, if we really need to take 
precautions, we can always put out a "No Trespassing" sign 
for venomous snakes and mad dogs. With the 15th falling on 
a Saturday this year, maybe we can all do likewise. Well, 
that's my visualization and I'm sticking to it. If you have 
any weird "dog day" experiences to share, please let us 
know. Now, on to this week's stories. 

Carpe Diem! 

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A Puzzling P.B.E.

Many years ago, as a young teenager, I had traveled alone 
to visit relatives in Europe. It was my first trip there, 
and the culmination of many years of wanting to meet my 
relatives and see the "old country" my parents spoke about 
so often. 

One summer afternoon while staying at my maternal grand-
father's house in a beautiful ancient city, I decided to 
take a walk around the neighborhood and do a bit of explor-
ing on my own. I set out for my stroll around the charming 
area and was enjoying the chance to quietly absorb the 
sights and sounds of the elegant quarter. After only a few 
minutes of walking, I had an experience that I remember 
clearly to this day. I suddenly felt I had walked into an 
invisible wall and the energy drained out of me so abruptly 
I had to stop, and uncaring of what it looked like, I sat 
down on the edge of the sidewalk to avoid collapsing 
altogether. I had an unmistakable feeling of having been 
here before, on this very street, when in actual fact, that
was impossible. The feeling was very similar to a 'deja vu' 
experience, but my rational mind kept telling me it was 
something more. Although I couldn't explain what had 
happened, I quickly pulled myself together, got back on my 
feet and got on with my day. 

Many weeks later when I finally returned home, I was tell-
ing my parents about my experiences and of course I shared 
this story with them too. We were all amazed when my mom 
was able to shed light on the mystery. She told me that 
when she was still pregnant with me, she had paid a brief 
visit to her father's home and had spent time strolling on 
the very street I mentioned, that being one of her favorite 
routes. There is no way I could have guessed this and I 
certainly hadn't heard the information before. 

I can't find any way to explain this other than calling it 
a P.B.E. or Pre-Birth Experience. A P.B.E. differs from a 
past life memory in that the spirit is not in a different 
body, but either already in this body about to be born, or 
in spirit form but waiting to assume the body they will 
born into in their current lifetime. Many people believe 
that P.B.E.s and N.D.E.s (near-death experiences) are 
closely related. 

Studies have shown about half of all P.B.E.s to occur 
prior to conception, and half to occur after conception 
but before birth. I suppose in my case, it could have been 
either one as I would imagine my mom had also walked those 
streets in earlier times, prior to becoming pregnant with 
me. On a strictly physical level, I suppose it is even 
possible that I absorbed the sensation of walking along 
those streets through the womb, but I doubt if that alone 
would account for the oddly mystical and spiritual feeling 
of my "memory". 

Early Christianity taught of a pre-earthly life up until 
the 6th century A.D. Orthodox Jewish and Greek writings 
prior to the 6th century also discuss a premortal 
existence, and life before physical birth is spoken of in 
the legends of Africa, in Native American belief, and in 
the legends of many other cultures. 

There have been studies looking at accounts of children 
who come to their future parents or siblings to announce 
their upcoming arrival into this world. The same studies 
say that sometimes these unborn children can protect or 
enlighten us from the other side of the veil. Often, 
children and adults who remember their pre-birth 
experience describe a spiritual existence very similar 
to those described in N.D.E.s. Some also remember choosing 
their parents and the type of challenges they will face 
here on earth, and some even choose their names. There are 
reports from those who have had a Near Death Experience 
that they have seen groups of souls assembled on the other 
side, waiting to be born here on earth. These would be the 
same souls who are believed to announce their forthcoming 
arrival from the other side, and possibly the 'observer' 
souls who can recount their pre-birth experiences of both 
the spiritual and the physical worlds. 

If you have any stories about P.B.E. experiences, please 
write to me at zsuzsana@arcanamatrix.com and I will be 
happy to share them in an upcoming column. 

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Some Letters from Our Readers


I have recently had an experience with a walk in. Well, 
not me personally but my best friend who is like a second 
mother to me. Her daughter's mother-in-law was recently 
rushed to hospital with what at first appeared to be a 
stroke. After several tests and CT scans it was discovered 
that she had a large brain tumor. Most of it was removed 
and it was found to be stage 3 cancer. Before the surgery 
she could not walk, talk or communicate in any way other 
than by blinking. After surgery she was able to walk and 
talk again. This past Canada Day long weekend, she attended 
a family barbecue. Normally when she attended family events 
she was a very shy person and usually just sat back and 
listened to the conversations around her. At the barbecue 
she was the center of attention and the life of the party. 
She was engaging everyone in conversations and my friend 
has said that every time they talk it is like she is a 
completely different person. Her personality has changed 
and she is much more outgoing and no longer shy. I do not 
believe that all walk ins are evil or dark; this one seems 
to be a very gentle spirit who needed to come to this plane 
for some purpose even if it is only for a short time. She 
has been given no more than 9 months with treatment, as 
they were not able to remove all of the cancer. 

Thanks for letting me share my story. 
Kahlest Tiger Eye 

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I recently read Ruth Montgomery's book "Strangers
Among Us" and I found it very interesting. However,
since it is now more than 6 years past the time that
Mrs. Montgomery's spirit guides indicated the shift of
the earth's axis would take place, I am wondering if
you believe the book is merely a work of fiction. I
have looked on the internet for a discussion group on
the subject but since the book was written so long ago
I have found none. I know the author had somewhat
revised the date by a year or so after 2000 came and
went and that she herself soon passed on so I cannot
try to direct my questions to her directly. I would
love to hear your opinion on this as I don't know
anyone else who has read the book.

Thanks so much,
Cynthea Z.

Reply: Hi Cynthea. I personally can't recall exactly what 
Ruth Montgomery said about the planet's shift so I don't 
want to comment specifically on that, but the dates 
predicted for the axis shift are many and varied. As I 
understand it, the magnetic poles flip much more often 
than we think. If anyone has information for Cynthea, 
please send it along to zsuzsana@arcanamatrix.com. Thanks! 
See you all next week! 

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