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Publication: Weekend GetAways
A Is For Australia

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       WEEKEND GETAWAYS - Friday, February 29, 2008
    Make The Most Of Your Vacation - From Coast to Coast!

Greetings Getaway Lover,

This trip will have to be a little longer than just a 
weekend. It will be a dream vacation.....A vacation of 
a lifetime.

Happy Trails,


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--DESTINATION: Australia

Australia produces 95 per cent of the world's precious 
opals and 99 per cent of black opals. 

Wide open spaces... 
Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. It's 
about the same size as the 48 mainland states of the USA 
and 50 per cent larger than Europe, but has the lowest
population density in the world - only two people per 
square kilometre. 
Beaches galore 
Australia boasts over 10,000 beaches - more than any 
other nation.  
Opal capital  
Coober Pedy in South Australia is known as the opal 
capital of the world. Its population is made up of 
more than 40 nationalities and, with year-round 
extremes in temperature, more than 50 per cent of 
the population live in below-ground 'dugouts'.  
Golden city  
Kalgoorlie in Western Australia is not only Australia's 
largest producer of gold, but has the world's largest 
political electorate - covering a mammoth 2.2 million 
square kilometres.  
Aussie icon  
The kangaroo is unique to Australia and one of our most 
easily recognised mammals. There are more kangaroos in 
Australia now than when Australia was first settled. 
Estimates suggest around 40 million.  
Merinos en masse  
Australia's 101 million sheep (mostly merinos), found 
on around 53,000 properties, produce more than 70 per 
cent of the world's wool.  
Beef exports  
With 27 million head of cattle, Australia is the world's 
largest exporter of beef.  
Flourishing flora  
Australia supports at least 25,000 species of plants, 
while Europe only supports 17,500.  
Long haul  
The longest stretch of straight railway track in the 
world crosses the Nullarbor Plain. From Nurina in 
Western Australia to near Watson in South Australia, 
the track is dead straight for 478 kilometres.  
Long drive  
The Eyre Highway at Caiguna in Western Australia has 
the longest stretch of straight road in Australia - 
148 kilometres. Crossing the southern edge of the 
Nullarbor Plain, it is the only sealed road from Perth 
to Adelaide, a 2700 kilometre drive.  
Long fence  
The world's longest continuous fence known as the 
'dingo fence', runs through central Queensland for 
5,531 kilometres. It is 1.8 metres high and is 
designed to keep sheep safe from Australia's native 

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Backpacking in Australia   
If the universe ever needs a backpackers’ heaven, 
Australia is well qualified for the title. In the eyes 
of young independent travellers (and a lot of other 
people as well), the country has a lot in its favour.
Australia on a budget  
A visit to Australia need not break the bank. In addition 
to bargain accommodation options, a favourable exchange 
rate and good value package tours, many of the country’s 
attractions are free or can be enjoyed at minimal cost.  
Swim among the largest sharks in existence. Sail the 
challenging seas off Tasmania’s rugged coast. Abseil 
down a cliff and descend into awesome rainforest.  
If you are after adventure, your choices are limitless. 
Authentic Australia  
Away from Australia’s eastern seaboard lies a treasure-
trove of superb beaches, natural features, authentic 
outback experiences, ancient Aboriginal cultures, rare 
fauna, and, of course, the welcoming people who have 
made this part of Australia the unforgettable place it 
off the beaten track  
If you want to get away from it all – really get away – 
Australia is your sort of place. Many of the country’s 
lesser-known natural wonders are well off the beaten 
track, yet just as amazing as the better-known ones.  
working around Australia  
Working means you’ll meet more of the locals, have fun 
with fellow travellers, and get to see parts of Australia 
that you might not normally visit.  From mustering on an 
Outback cattle station to crewing a yacht down the 
Queensland coast, the possibilities are endless.  
after dark  
Clubs, pubs, music and dancing – or just sharing a bottle 
of wine or two with some mates on the beach.  When it 
comes to Aussie nightlife, the variety is impressive. 
study & explore  
Australia provides an opportunity to combine studies with 
travel, enabling students to benefit from the culture of 
contemporary Australia as well as from its acclaimed 
education system. 

Other Places of Interest: Rainforest & Mountains   
Stand in Australia’s rainforests and feel the antiquity 
of almost 60 million years. Click on the map and explore 
wonders of the natural world preserved in many national 
parks and World Heritage areas.   
Blue Mountains  
The Blue Mountains – so called because of the blue haze 
created by the eucalyptus oil in the air above the gum 
forests – are only 104 kilometres west of  Sydney, 
capital of New South Wales, and remain largely untamed. 
Tropical North Queensland  
Tropical North Queensland – with the city of Cairns as 
its major gateway – is a vast region encompassing beach 
and coastal wetlands, mountains, tablelands, forests 
and Gulf savanna grassland, plus a tremendous amount of 
things to do and see.  
Lord Howe Island  
Lord Howe Island – the lone survivor of an extinct 
volcano chain and the world's southernmost coral reef – 
is part of New South Wales and at the same time a 
biological ark some 450 kilometres off mainland Australia. 
Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair  
Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, a World 
Heritage area, is a vast alpine region of wild and 
stunning beauty, with ancient forests and heaths, about 
155 kilometres west of Tasmania’s northern city of 
Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves  
The World Heritage-listed Central Eastern Rainforest 
Reserves of Australia contain approximately 50 separate 
reserves stretching for more than 500 kilometres from 
New South Wales into Queensland.
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Accommodation in Australia is divided into categories 
based on facilities and location. The following star 
ratings are a guide to prices only and are subject to 
change.To search for accommodation click here.  
5 stars

International-style establishments of superior standard 
with an extensive range of first-class guest services 
(one to two persons $A350-$A450, suites $A600-$A3500). 
Establishments offer a choice of dining facilities, 24 
hour room service, housekeeping and valet parking. 
Porterage and concierge services are available as well 
as a dedicated business centre and conference facilities 

4 - 4½ stars

Exceptionally well-appointed establishments with high-
quality furnishings and a high degree of comfort (one 
to two persons $A190-$A300). 

3 - 3½ stars

Well-appointed establishments with comfortable, clean 
rooms and quality furnishings (one to two persons $A135-

Less than 3 stars

A range of establishments offering a basic, well-
maintained standard (one to two persons $A70-$A95; 
hostel accommodation $A17-$A25 per person). 

Serviced apartments

Fully equipped apartments, 1-3 bedrooms with living area, 
complete with kitchen, laundry and separate bathroom. 

bed & breakfast:   
For the feel of a family home and a warm and friendly 
place for the night, bed-and-breakfast accommodation is 
the answer. It's a great way to experience the local way
of life, and a substantial home-cooked meal will get you 
on your way in the morning.  

Bed-and-breakfast accommodation can be found almost every-
where, from historic houses to miners' cottages, country
homesteads and inner-city townhouses. Comfortable rooms 
are available at reasonable prices. Owners are a good 
source of information on their areas, so don't be afraid 
to ask. Bed-and-breakfast establishments are usually 
small family affairs, and it pays to book in advance. A 
one-night stay (including breakfast) costs about $A130 to 
$A200 for a couple. Many places don't have credit-card 

food & wine  
Fine wines and dining are now as characteristically 
Australian as warm sun and booming surf. Australian 
sights and sounds of marvellous landscapes will live 
on in your senses, just as its food and wine will 
resonate through your taste buds. The rich diversity 
of produce, restaurants, cafes, vineyards and  markets 
are a feast for the senses.   
wonderful wine   
Australia is ranked as the world’s seventh-largest wine 
producer, and the finest Australian wines are among the 
best in the world - a judgment that is consistently 
reinforced at international wine shows.  
local flavours  
Visitors to Australia are often dazzled by the sheer 
quality and variety of Australia's food. "Australians 
have one of the most extraordinary assortments of basic 
ingredients of high quality anywhere in the world", 
according to leading US food writer Barbara Kafka. The 
local food markets in every major city are a great 
place to sample the harvest.  
Australian cuisine  
Australia's growing reputation as a haven for foodies 
is due to a mix of Indigenous and multicultural 
influences. In any restaurant, the label 'Modern 
Australian Cuisine' is a promise that you'll be tan-
talised, delighted and surprised. 
Aboriginal plant lore  
Native plants were the staple diet of Australia's 
Aboriginal people, and over the years they developed 
an enormous reservoir of botanical knowledge, which 
visitors can share on various bush tucker tours.  
fresh food markets  
The fresh-food markets that are found in every capital 
city are great places to sample the rich diversity of 
Australian produce – in a convivial atmosphere.  Along 
with local produce there is an array of local art and 
culture to experience whilst tasting and experiencing 
the markets. 


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