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Publication: Diet Buddy
A Few Heads Are Better Than One!

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         Diet Buddy - Monday, August 7, 2006

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Hello there Buddies:

You know the old saying "two heads are better than one",
well today I'd like to do something different, and instead 
of foucsing on just one topic.....I thought we'd get some 
diet advice from people around the country that seem to 
have a handle on what works for them.

It's always a bit encouraging to realize that we're not 
alone is this weight loss battle and that thousands of 
people are experiencing the same types of emotional ups and 
downs that we all experience when trying to make a life 
style change.  By sharing experiences with one another we 
not only lift our burden somewhat, but may also be helping 
someone else feel not so alone on their weight loss journey.
We all have struggles to overcome in our daily lives and 
you just never know who you've left an impression on with 
your own personal experience and advice. 

So let's take a look at what people have to say, 
compliments of "How to lose 9,000 lbs (or less)." 

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Smart Thinking:

Don't be desperate to change yourself overnight.  After I 
had to buy clothes a size larger than I always had been, I 
was determined to grduate from college weighing close to 
what I was when I started college. This would mean losing 
about 15 pounds over the course of a few months. I achieved 
that goal, and then continued with eating better, eating 
less, and exercising a little more. - KH, Norman, Oklahoma -
lost 45 lbs

Don't give yourself short-term goals (for instance, looking 
hot for a party in three weeks) but focus on long term 
goals.  Otherwise you will diet like crazy until the event 
date and then let it all go. - FV, New York, New York - 
lost 15 lbs

It's the little things that add up to weight loss. Think 
of it as a series of small battles:  Walk, don't ride; 
take the stairs, not the elevator; single cheeseburger 
instead of double; one shot of whiskey instead of two. 
- SJ, Zelienople, Pennsylvania - lost 24 lbs 

The key to dieting seems to be the key to all things in 
life:  moderation.  This means cutting down the size of 
all meals and snacks.  In the first phases of it, I also 
cut out all sweets.  For about six months, I wouldn't eat 
any candy, cookies, cake, ice cream, anything of that 
nature. Unfortunately I inherited a major sweet tooth 
from my father, so this was a difficult process.  Now 
almost three years since I dropped the weight, I still 
eat in moderation, but I eat whatever I want. - MK, New 
York, New York - lost 60 lbs

Being successful in losing weight is similar to being 
succesful in kicking a smoking habit.  I was a smoker for 
many years and even though I knew the habit was bad for me 
I did not, and could not, quit until I made up my mind 
that I wanted to quit - that I wanted to be healthy. - 
WFRM, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - lost 60 lbs 

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Get Motivated:

Full-lenth mirrors are excellent motivators. So is the TV. 
Media images provide constant pressure to get fit, lose 
weight, and develop 12-pack abs. For guys, there's pressure 
to look like Brad Pitt; for girls, there's pressure to look 
like Mary Kate Olsen. Ironically, the same medium that 
feeds us these images also assaults us with McDonald's ads, 
so it's a confusing scenario. JA, Iowa City, Iowa - lost 15 

Next summer we are going to Greece, where my mother's 
family is from. The airline tickets have been bought and 
the hotel reservations have been made, but I told my mom 
I'm not going unless I lose 15 pounds. I don't want my 
long-lost relatives first impression of me to be that I 
am just another overweight American. My mom is holding 
the ticket and I have made her promise me that she will 
not allow me to go unless I lose the weight. - BS, Basetta, 
Ohio - lost 10 lbs

I went to the bank and got $100 in nickels: that weighs 
about 25 pounds. I put them in a backpack and took it 
everywhere I went. This helped me realize just how much 
extra weight I was carrying around every day and how much 
it was weighing me down.  hen I would lose a pound, I'd 
remove the equivalent weight in nickels. - JN, 
Kintnersville, Pennsylvania - lost 40 lbs 

My 20 year reunion crept up on me and before I knew it I 
had less than six months to lose all the weight my class-
mates had never seen on my skinny little frame. I didn't 
lose as much as I had hoped, but without the reunion I 
probably would not have bothered dieting at all. - M, 
East Palestine, Ohio - lost 8 lbs 

I had a pair of jeans that I hardly got to wear at all 
before I grew out of them. I made getting them back on 
the focus of the diet. I even hung them in my bedroom 
where I could see them everytime I was there. - JP, 
Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania - lost 15 lbs 

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Which Diet?

Do not subscribe to the myth that eating fat-free or sugar-
free foods, counting points, or drinking shakes will solve 
an issue that took a couple of decades to do a number on 
you. Design a plan for yourself based on realistic goals 
and the time and resources you have to commit to the huge 
change you want to make. The slower you lose the weight, 
the longer you will keep it off. If you combine healthy 
eating, exercise, and strength-training, you will see and 
feel more of the benefits of your hard work. - JMD, 
Weehawken, New Jersey - lost 20 lbs

The diet that I've found works best for me is simple: Cut 
the sugar. I was eating so much sugar on a daily basis 
without really realizing it. Making little changes - like 
not using syrup on my pancakes and not eating desserts but 
a handful of nuts instead - has made a huge difference! - 
Anonymous, New York, New York - lost 20 lbs 

I let myself eat what I want on weekends. I work out a 
couple of times a week, and during the week I eat mostly 
healthy food. I never keep junk food in my apartment. If 
I have a sweet tooth, I eat yogurt or I go to the store 
and buy a single serving of the junk food I'm craving. 
Whenever I want to eat something that's especially high 
in carbs, like pasta, I put a protein with it to make it 
more balanced. - JH, Glendale Heights, Illinois - 
lost 20 lbs 

Modify diets to suit yourself. My husband suggested I try 
the Atkins diet. I thought it would be a good fit for me, 
except I didn't want to eat all that high-fat food, such 
as eggs, sausage, and bacon. So I realized that you can 
follow the spirit of the diet but adjust it to avoid those 
high-fat foods. I ate more chicken and fish, but I still 
complied with the overall Atkins diet. It worked for me! - 
PTM, Smithtown, New York - lost 35 lbs

For me it's all about portion sizees. I counted calories, 
read lables, and use online tools to figure out how many 
calories were in the foods I ate. In the beginning, I 
stayed under 1,600 calories a day, then lowered it to 
1,500. If you make smart choices, that's a lot of food. 
AV, Scottsdale, Arizona - lost 40 lbs

Simple Everyday Tips:

*  Back away from the buffet! All-you-can-eat buffets are 
   the bane of all diets. I avoid them as much as 
   possible. I've found that I eat far too much there, 
   partly out of a need to feel like I've gotten my money's 
   worth and partly out of a desire to try some of 
   everything. - Anonymous, Hellertown, Pennsylvania - lost 
   13 lbs  

*  Drink lots of water; it takes up valuable real estate in 
   your stomach. - SM, San Francisco, California - lost 10 

*  Buy the foods you love and measure them into healthy 
   portions.  For example, I buy a big chocolate bar, break 
   it apart into servings, and place each one in a sandwich 
   bag.  That way, I can just get one bag from the cabinet, 
   enjoy that amount, and stop eating. - JR, Waterville, 
   Ohio - lost 37 lbs
*  Chew lots of gum.  You still get the taste and your jaws 
   are still working so part of your brain is confused into 
   thinking that you're eating.  I went through pack after 
   pack of Juicy Fruit. - JS, East Palestine, Ohio - lost 
   25 lbs  

*  Allow yourself one bad meal per week.  Otherwise, you 
   will go crazy and quit the diet. For me that bad meal 
   meant a breakfast at Burger King. It got me through all 
   that bran cereal I ate for breakfast the rest of the 
   week. - RC, South Bend, Indiana - lost 110 lbs

Did You Know ???

That "if you burn 100 extra calories a day, you'll lose 
about 10 pounds in a year."

Hopefully all these helpful suggestions from people around 
the country will give us some food for thought. As you can 
see everyone has different views and opinions. Sharing 
them with others can spark your thinking as how best to 
incorporate some of these ideas into your own weight loss 

Next week we'll have more of "A Few Heads Are Better Than 

Have a great week everyone !!!

Don't forget to visit our blog, or e-mail us with your own 
experiences and advice.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.

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