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Publication: ABC Soaps
Tad's Fighting for Custody

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               AS THE DIAL TURNS - ABC Soaps
                   Monday, March 26, 2007

Here's what's coming up next on ALL MY CHILDREN: 

Jonathan sees Lily working at Cambias. Adam takes drastic
action to keep Babe, Krystal and JR out of the Chandler 

Here's what just happened on ALL MY CHILDREN: 

The devastating truth is out - the baby Krystal is carrying 
was fathered by Tad. Adam is shattered by the news that his 
wife betrayed him and torches everything in the mansion that 
he was planning on giving his baby girl. 

On top of that, he disowns JR for choosing Babe and Krystal 
over his own father. Krystal begs Adam listen to her side 
of the story and insists they can work out their problems, 
but Adam's ears remain closed. His cruel and harsh words 
tear her to shreds as he demands she give up her child.

Tad is hurt by Krystal's duplicity and, after opening up 
to Julia, decides to fight Krystal for custody of his child.
Adam "arranges" for Babe and Krystal to be arrested for 
conspiracy to defraud the insurance company. 

At the same time, Erica tries to make Josh understand why 
she told JR that Babe was alive, which, unfortunately, ruined 
his own plans to runaway with Babe. 

Ama gives Erica the thumbs up to go after Krystal and Babe, 
urging her to tell Derek that she witnessed their alleged 
crime. Instead of following Adam's urging that she get 
revenge on Krystal and Babe, Erica instead decides to 
focus her energy on repairing her relationship with her son. 

Tad's announcement that he's fighting for custody of their 
child rocks Krystal, who vows there's no way she's going 
to allow someone to take her child away from her. 

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Here's what's coming up next on GENERAL HOSPITAL: 

Sonny goes off on Coop, saying he should kill him. 
Spinelli preempts Lulu from blurting the truth.  

Here's what just happened on GENERAL HOSPITAL: 

Sam accepts the package for Angela Monroe - a news 
clipping with a photo of her with an unknown man - 
which she promptly burns. 

Mr. Craig lets Nikolas experience the pain of what happens 
if he doesn't get the antidote, then lists his demands for 
creating a new identity. 

Later, Liz visits Nikolas as Mr. Craig hides in the shadows 
with his gun poised. 

Jason confesses to Lulu he thinks about his baby all the 
time but has concluded that Liz is doing what she feels is 
right for the baby, therefore he won't interfere. 

Sam meets with Amelia and clarifies that she has no inter-
est in becoming more famous. Later, while Sam is
telling Jason that she wants to move forward with their 
life sans children, Amelia has her people investigate 
Sam's past. Liz feels guilty when Luke sees her as a saint 
for taking Lucky back. 

Lulu later spills all to an unresponsive Laura, then later 
admits to Spinelli she's considering letting the whole 
world know the truth. Scott visits Laura to confess to 
her that he killed Rick Webber, adding that he's sorry for 
what he did and that he'll always love her. 

At the wedding, Spinelli arrives to try and stop Lulu from 
blurting that Jason is the father of Liz's baby. When Liz 
asks Lulu to be her maid of honor in Emily's absence, Lulu 
angrily calls her a hypocrite, saying she thinks Liz is 
scared of Lucky knowing the truth. 

When the wedding gets underway, Lulu steps forward when the 
minister asks if anyone objects.


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Here's what's coming up next on ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 

Talia returns to the crime scene at Nora's and get a 
terrifying surprise.  John is caught in an awkward moment 
when Natalie accepts his proposal that he didn't even make. 

Here's what just happened on ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 

Layla doesn't let the fact that Cristian and Blair slept 
together bother her. Evangeline is glad that Todd didn't 
pressure her to have sex but does get perturbed when she 
finds out that he paid Tate to leave them alone together. 

However, when she later sees her sister with Cristian, 
she immediately thinks the worst of them both.  With 
engagement ring weigh down his pocket, John wonders if 
he should take the plunge and propose to Natalie. She 
grows curious about what he's up to when he asks her 
out to dinner, saying he knows how he can make things 
right with her. Their moment of connection is put on hold
when they get word that Michael, Marcie, Roxy and Dorian 
were caught in the middle of an armed robbery at the salon.
John has a heart to heart talk with Michael about Natalie, 
saying that although he loves her, he can't always trust 
her. Michael warns him that marrying Natalie won't make 
his relationship problems go away. 

Meanwhile, Natalie won't believe that Vincent has anything 
to do with the forces and forces Talia to stop interrogat-
ing him. The same thugs that robbed Foxy Roxy's head to 
The Palace, where Natalie and John are just about to con-
firm that they're committed to making their relationship 
work. The goons rob John and Natalie, at which time she 
sees that he was carrying an engagement ring. 

Nearby, Miles wants to impress Marty, so he makes a daring 
move and is followed by John. 



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