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Publication: ABC Soaps
Terrorizing the Hostages

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               AS THE DIAL TURNS - ABC Soaps
                   Monday, February 5, 2007

Here's what's coming up next on ALL MY CHILDREN: 

Babe is abducted, only to learn that her captor is Josh. 
Kendall and Zach reenact the night Amelia died. 

Here's what just happened on ALL MY CHILDREN: 

Kendall is left rattled when she sees the painting of her 
as Amelia with a dart sticking out of her neck. She goes 
to the Cambias warehouse with Zach, who flashes back to 
his mother saying she was going to take him and Michael 
with her when she left their father. 

After absorbing that, Zach is horrified to think that he 
might be the cause of his mother's death after all. After 
being questioned by Derek and Jack, Zoe offers to aid in 
their investigation in any way she can. Jack isn't too 
thrilled that Bianca is involved with Zoe, who assures 
him that he only wants to be there for Bianca. 

Zoe decides to move out of the mansion and accept Josh's 
invitation to move in with him for the time being. 

Aidan's determination to find a clue to the killer's iden-
tity pays off when he and Jamie find a hidden "bug" at 
Fusion. Aware that the killer is listening to their every 
word, Zach and Kendall set a trap by "announcing" that 
they're going to throw a fundraiser for the Amelia Cambias 

After deciding to move out with Emma, Annie shares a kiss 
with Ryan. While Adam thinks Zoe is connected to the 
Fusion murders, Tad thinks the killer is, actually, send-
ing some kind of a message to Zach. Ryan realizes that 
Zach isn't such a bad guy after all when he learns that 
he and Kendall are going to flush out the killer with a 

Later at the funeral home, Ryan finds a cryptic note from 
the killer, telling him not to trust or forgive Zach.


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Here's what's coming up next on GENERAL HOSPITAL: 

Maxie gets her captor to talk about the heist. Mr. Craig 
terrorizes the hostages. 

Here's what just happened on GENERAL HOSPITAL: 

Carly toys with Sonny by pretending to be taken in by to 
charms. When he tries to kiss her, she turns ice cold and 
lets him know she knows he lied about needing to marry 

While she is with Jason, demanding Carly he take her out 
of the country for a quickie divorce, Sonny is busy tell-
ing Diane to prevent a divorce from happening. 

Sam's devastated by the news that she can never get preg-
nant. She covers with Jason but is left feeling even worse 
when he admits he's excited about her being pregnant with 
his child. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Craig tells his men they'll steal the the 
contents of the briefcase, but there could be many lives 
lost in the process. Carly fills in Jason about Sonny 
lying about his need to marry her. Jason learns Carly al-
ready confronted Sonny with the truth and isn't surprised 
when she's unable to have Milo get her passport or have 
Bernie make her a fake one. 

After Jason convinces her to file for divorce right there 
in Port Charles, Carly checks into Metro Court and bans 
Sonny from the premises.

Liz gets fed up with everyone trying to push her to take 
Lucky back and vents to Emily, who warns her that Jason 
is "taken." Ric and Lucky arrives at Sonny's with a warr-
ant to search for pot, but Sonny realizes Ric's just try-
ing to stir up some trouble and doesn't take his bait. 

Alexis tells Ric that he's won, but Ric's still shooting 
for full custody. Sam's too emotional to discuss fertility 
options with Kelly and later confronts Liz about not appre-
ciating her pregnancy. 



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Here's what's coming up next on ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 

Bo rejects John's request to work on Spencer's murder 
case. Blair breaks Todd's heart.

Here's what just happened on ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 

Bo and Antonio think the worst when they walk into 
Blair's room and find a shaken Rex holding a pair 
of bloodied scissors over Spencer's lifeless body. 

While Paige checks on Blair, who has regained cons-
ciousness, Bo tells Rex not to say a peep for fear 
he could incriminate himself. 

Michael, meanwhile, is set on edge when he discovers 
an unconscious John in the hospital's sunroom. Rex is 
looking as guilty as can be and regrets that he can't 
tell Bo the whole truth. Bo is certain that Rex didn't 
kill Spencer but knows he's in very deep trouble that 
may be difficult to get out of. 

Blair tells Antonio that she didn't see who killed 
Spencer but is convinced that whoever did, did so to 
protect her. Adriana reaches out to Rex, who swears he 
doesn't know anything more than what he has already said. 

As Talia questions Blair, she starts to freak as she 
realizes she has no idea what Spencer did to her. She, 
along with Starr and Viki, think there's a good chance 
that Todd killed Spencer. 

John's answer to what he was doing at the hospital when 
Spencer was murdered leaves Natalie wondering just how 
truthful he's being. She lets it slip that she overheard 
his conversation with Marty, which irks him to no end. 
She explains that she'd do anything to help him, but 
they part ways on a sour note.


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