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Publication: ABC Soaps
Colleen Gets Arrested

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           AS THE DIAL TURNS - ABC Soaps
                   Monday, January 22, 2007
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Here's what's coming up next on ALL MY CHILDREN: 

Ryan "attacks" Kendall to illustrate that she's not safe. 
Adam and Dixie walk in on JR snooping through Krystal's 

Here's what just happened on ALL MY CHILDREN: 

Zach shares the latest message he received from the 
killer with a shocked Ryan and Tad. While Zach is 
certain that Zarf is somehow involved with the chaos, 
Tad's not so sure. Zach has a flashback of himself as 
a boy saying "I didn't do it!" when his mother fell 
to her death. 

Although Babe assures Zoe that everything will work out 
okay, Zoe is terrified that she'll be labeled as a freak 
when the vials in her room are analyzed. 

When Kendall realizes that JR is spying on Josh, she 
confronts him and he confesses that he's trying to get 
proof of Babe's affair so he can get custody of their son. 

Amanda is unnerved to discover photos of Simone, Danielle, 
Erin, Babe and Kendall in the wallet of a customer at 
ConFusion. Jack walks in on a rather romantic dinner bet-
ween Jeff and Erica on the terrace at the Valley Inn. 
Jack confesses that he was going to ask her to call off 
the divorce, but seeing her with another man, obviously, 
changed that plan. 

After a disheartened Jack leaves, Jeff is there for Erica, 
who is devastated that her marriage is really over. 

Everyone in earshot other than Babe are speechless when 
Zoe reveals that she was once a man. She tells her journey 
of going from man to woman, including cutting photos from 
magazine that illustrate what kind of woman she wanted to 

Derek arrests Zoe for the murders and Jack is assigned as 
a special prosecutor. JR hopes to use the info that Babe 
aided and abetted Zoe in the tunnels as proof that she's 
an unfit mother. 

After the entire staff resigns from Fusion, Ryan tells 
Kendall and Bianca that he's shutting down the business 
out of fear for everyone's lives. When Danielle awaken 
and is unable to identify who attacked her, Livia volun-
teers herself as bait for the killer.


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Here's what's coming up next on GENERAL HOSPITAL: 

A defensive Lucky assures Rodriguez he's not tempted to 
steal the pills from their drug bust. Dillon and Lulu 
summon Monica to the attic. 

Here's what just happened on GENERAL HOSPITAL: 

Sonny makes it clear to Diane that Carly and Jason are 
not to know that he no longer needs to marry Carly to 
be safe from Ric's prosecution. Sonny and Jason meet 
Carly at City Hall, and the brief ceremony begins. 
Sonny says his "I do," but at the last minute, Carly 
says she can't do it. 

Colleen shows up at Nikolas and Emily's motel and fights 
with Emily, who gets the upper hand and is about to shoot 
Colleen when Nikolas arrives, talks Emily down and has 
Colleen arrested. 

Carly can't go through with the wedding and bolts. Jason 
finds her and is finally able to convince her to go 
through with it by offering his word he'll get her a 
divorce as soon as Sonny's safe. 

Later, after she and Sonny exchange vows, Carly has Max 
create a distraction for Sonny and takes off with the 
kids, explaining to Michael she's setting boundaries. 

Sam bluffs Tracy that she doesn't know what she's talking 
about when she mentioned Angela Monroe, but Tracy trumps 
Sam by producing a shocking photo. Sam quits her job at 
ELQ and lies to Edward that it's about Jason. 

Lucky's shocked when Maxie admits she faked her pregnancy 
and miscarriage to try to make him see how great they 
could be together but he rejects her. Ric subpoenas Sonny 
to testify at the Molly custody hearing, after which he 
warns Ric to compromise with Alexis. Sonny visits a weak 
Alexis and advises her to compromise with Ric, but Alexis 
vows to beat him. Ric later arrives at Alexis' and sees 
through the window that she's smoking a joint. 

After Sam takes the home pregnancy test and sees that she 
is not pregnant, she interviews with the Metro Court 
manager, who's impressed with her, but must run a back-
ground check.



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Here's what's coming up next on ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 

As Todd proposes to Blair, Spencer daydreams that he's 
the one asking Blair to marry him. Blair later gives 
Todd and answer to his all-important question.
Here's what just happened on ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 

Spencer causes quite a stir when he shoots himself in 
the chest, which Michael thinks he did to avoid being 
shipped off to Wingdale. 

John hears about the shooting while watching television 
with Natalie and rushes to the hospital to make sure 
Marty is okay. Dr. Cushing tells Blair's loved ones that 
she's slipping away and that they all should say their 
goodbyes to her. 

Nash starts his job running Capricorn, leaving Jessica 
not too thrilled. Sensing her disapproval, he does every-
thing in his power to irk her, which results in her 
throwing a glass at him. When she cuts her hand in the 
process, they're instantly drawn to each other as he 
helps her tend to it. 

Todd is heartbroken over an unconscious Blair's prognosis 
and prays that his love will be what she needs to pull 
her through. Starr urges her dad to tell Blair how much 
he loves her just in case she doesn't survive. 

Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Rex tells Adriana that Blair 
wouldn't be fighting for her life if he had told Todd 
the truth about his missing baby son. Nash assures 
Antonio that he and Jessica did nothing but argue when 
they were trapped together in the cave and realized the 
only thing they have in common is Bree.

Vincent asks Natalie for his help, pointing out that they 
once were building a really nice friendship. Later, he 
is shocked to learn that another one of his buildings went 
up in smoke. 

Blair's family breaths a sigh of relief when Michael tells 
them that Blair made it okay through the night. Her eyes 
finally open, she speaks and Todd pleads with her to fight 
for her life. 

Certain that Cristian is the arsonist who torched his 
buildings, Aaron accuses the police department of avoiding 
investigating him. 


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