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Publication: By The Numbers
If Your Address Is 99 Your Home Is Honorable And....

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              +----- BY THE NUMBERS -----+
            "A Daily Numerological Forecast"
                Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Hi 5 to All My Readers,
Thanks for all your mail, and now everyone is curious 
about what your address means.  If your address is ninety 
nine your home is steadfast, honorable, and reflects a 
holy environment.

Have A Lucky Day,

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                ++---- Numbers Talk ----++  
What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive               
             +---- THE LUCKY NUMBERS FOR TODAY ----+

                        3  214  0076

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                 Here's the forecast.....
The important numbers are in the average range. This 
means that today you would have an even balance working 
individually or with others to achieve your goals. 
The forecast for today influences your alternatives and 
judgment and creates the tone, motivation, and communication
of the day. The 3 important numbers are:
1.  day: 1
2.  day + month 4 (3 + 1)
3.  day + month + year: 12 (3 + 1 + 2006)
1 illustrates new and fresh start: create a more up to 
date plan.
4 represents structure and systemization: put all your ducks 
in a row.
12 symbolizes an extreme point of view: review other opinions 
even if they seem far fetched.

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     +-------------- TIME AFTER TIME --------------+

“I like to do all the talking myself. It saves time, and 
prevents arguments.”  Oscar Wilde

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Question of the Week
Your Author is Anne. Born to be a numerologist my birthday 
2/22 reflects triple 2's which  signifies power, intuition, 
and analytical expertise. Preparing charts, analyzing data, 
leading workshops, teaching numerology, writing articles and 
advice columns, and television and radio spots keep all the 
numbers on my calendar filled. Looking forward to sharing my 
knowledge and research with all of my readers.
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