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Publication: Coffee Break
8 hospitalized after eating pot brow

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Thursday, July 10, 2008             

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U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., responding to charges of 
flip-flopping on the matter, Tuesday restated his
commitment to ending the war in Iraq.

During a town hall meeting in Powder Springs, Ga., Obama 
said, "Don't be confused: I will bring the Iraq war to a 
close when I'm president of the United States of America," 
The Hill reported.

Obama said some of those who argue that he has changed 
his position or moved closer to a more centrist stance 
on U.S. combat troops in Iraq and other issues "apparently
haven't been listening to me."

"Everybody has become so cynical about politics that the 
assumption is you must be doing everything for political
reasons," he said. "And the message I want to send to 
everybody is: You're not going to agree with me on 100 
percent of what I think, but don't assume that, if I don't
agree with you on something, that it must be because I'm 
doing that politically. I may just disagree with you."

What are your thoughts on Obama stating he will end
the war in Iraq when president?

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         8 hospitalized after eating pot brownies
Police in Ocean Beach, N.Y., said eight people were 
hospitalized after ingesting what they believed to be
marijuana-laced brownies.  A man at the home in Fire Island
phoned authorities Friday night to seek assistance for
respiratory problems and seven others in the house
complained of similar symptoms when medical responders
arrived at the scene, Newsday reported Tuesday.  Ocean
Beach Deputy Chief of Police George Hess said the eight
people, who told responders they had eaten brownies laced 
with marijuana, were transported by helicopter and boat to
Brookhaven Memorial Hospital in East Patchogue and Southside 
Hospital in Bay Shore. He said all of the victims were 
treated for non-life-threatening conditions and released.
One of the four co-owners of the house said the victims 
had rented the residence for a vacation and no owners were
present at the time of the incident.  Police did not
release the names of the victims and did not specify
whether they were tested for marijuana ingestion.


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              Family sues over lost piccolo
The family of a Wickliffe, Ohio, high school student has
filed a lawsuit after the student's piccolo went missing 
during a school band trip to Orlando, Fla.  Sandy Rolf
said her daughter, Stephanie, went on the bus trip with
about 58 other members of the Wickliffe Blue Devil Swing
Band to march at Disney World and compete in band contests
in 2007, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Tuesday.  The
students' instruments were locked in the luggage bins of 
the charter bus overnight while the students stayed in a
hotel and the next morning, it was discovered that a bag
containing two piccolos -- including the one belonging to
Stephanie -- was missing.  Rolf said school officials and
the driver of the bus failed to report the incident to
police and officers later refused to file a report when
Rolf and her family traveled to the area.  The family's 
lawsuit, which seeks compensation for the $700 piccolo as 
well as $4,300 for the time Stephanie has been without the
instrument, names former school Superintendent Robert
Smith, who the family claims denied the district was 
responsible for the missing instrument, as well as the 
charter bus company, Highway Coach Ltd., and travel agency
Kollander World Travel Inc.


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             Huge rats move into neighborhood
Residents of a Casselberry, Fla., neighborhood said their 
homes are being invaded by rats the size of softballs.
The residents said the rats, which they believe are coming
from a nearby abandoned home with an overgrown backyard,
have been chewing through the walls and screen doors of 
their houses, WKMG-TV, Orlando, Fla., reported Tuesday.
"Now, they are in my house and eating through screens and
biting through walls," neighbor Bob Huck said. "We've never
had a rat problem and we've been here six years. I'm sure
if we quit mowing our grass, someone would be on our butts
to make it clean."  Huck and at least one other resident,
David Fulton, said they are putting out poison pellets and 
traps in and attempt to curb the invasion.  A municipal
representative said a city contractor has been hired to
mow the overgrown yard of the abandoned house next week.


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