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Publication: Coffee Break
$55,000 found in jail bathroom

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Friday, July 11, 2008             

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Sen. John McCain, likely GOP presidential nominee, is
pushing his plan to cut the business tax rate from 
35 percent to 25 percent to stimulate the U.S. economy.

"The first consideration we should have when debating tax 
policy is how we can help (small businesses) grow and 
increase the prosperity of the millions of American 
families whose economic security depends on their success,"
McCain said Tuesday during the 79th annual League of United
Latin American Citizens Convention in Washington.

Employers can hire more employees or pay more taxes, the
Arizona Republican said. "They can rarely do both. ... I
propose to reduce the business tax rate from 35 percent 
to 25 percent."

The United States must recognize the "global economy is
here to stay," and not be afraid of foreign competition, 
he said.

"America is the biggest exporter, importer, producer,
manufacturer, and innovator in the world," he said. "Any
confident, competent country and its government should 
embrace competition ... not hide from our competitors and
cheat our consumers and workers."

More jobs and higher wages are created when trade barriers 
are lowered, he said.  "Our future prosperity depends on
opening more of these markets, not closing them," McCain

What are your thoughts on McCain's business tax rate
cut to stimulate the U.S. economy?

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             $55,000 found in jail bathroom
Missouri's St. Louis County Jail said $55,000 in $50 and 
$100 bills was found by a jail employee in a prisoner 
booking restroom, a secure area.  The jail said the money,
of unknown origin, was found stuffed behind a tissue 
dispenser in the secure area of the St. Louis County Justice
Center, the St. Louis (Mo.) Post-Dispatch reported 
Wednesday.  Police said they interviewed a number of 
prisoners at the jail, including those who were booked 
shortly before the money was discovered July 2, but none
admitted to having any knowledge of the cash.  "We really 
don't know where it came from, so I guess you could consider
any possibility," said Clayton Police Chief Thomas Byrne.
Officers said they are investigating whether the cash may
have been linked to any recent robberies or thefts.  The
Clayton city attorney said he is researching what should
be done with the money if police are unable to find out
where it came from.


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           Prison for man who killed over smelly feet
A Houston man who prosecutors said stabbed his roommate to
death during an argument about foot odor has been sentenced 
to 35 years in prison.  William Antonio Serrano, 23, who
pleaded no contest in May to murder charges related to the
October death of his roommate Noel Quintanilla-Vaquero, 21,
told District Judge Mike Anderson that he killed
Quintanilla-Vaquero in self defense, the Houston Chronicle 
reported Wednesday.  However, Harris County Assistant 
District Attorney Joe Vinas said there was no evidence to
support Serrano's claim. Vinas said Serrano will be 
eligible for parole after serving at least half of his 
sentence.  A third roommate, a woman, had told investigators
that she heard Vinas arguing with Quintanilla-Vaquero about
the odor of the second man's feet. She said she saw Vinas 
stab Quintanilla-Vaquero.  Quintanilla-Vaquero was stabbed
16 times, prosecutors said.  Serrano's court-appointed
attorney said his client is appealing the sentence.



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       City: 'Lost dog' sign fine threat mistaken
The Pittsburgh Department of Public Works said threatening 
a woman with fines if she didn't take down "lost dog" signs
she posted around the city was a mistake.  Nicole Currivan
said a department employee phoned her with a warning that
she had two days to take down the estimated 1,000 fliers 
posted on utility poles and other structures before an 
investigator went out to photograph the signs and show 
them to a judge, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported
Wednesday.  "He said there's a $300 fine for every 
infraction of this code," meaning Currivan would have had
to pay thousands of dollars in fines, she said.  However, 
Public Works Director Guy Costa said the warning was a 
mistake, as the city only bars "business and political 
advertising" on city property.  "It doesn't say anything
about pets," Costa said. "That's why we have to let the 
pet lost-and-found signs stay up."  Currivan said the 
search for her missing dog, a black and tan Shiba Inu 
named Mochi, has been hindered by the fine threat, which 
led her and friends to take hundreds of fliers down. She
said the fliers garnered the most responses from residents 
who reported spotting the dog at different locations in 
the city.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reader Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
What are your thoughts on Obama stating he will end
the war in Iraq when president?

"People must remember that he voted FOR the war.  You can't
just pick up and leave Iraq all at once.  I don't trust 
Obama.  He does not have the experience to be president. 
I believe he 'flip flops' on many issues."

"Like all politicians, once in office you are bound by 
procedural crap and then you begin to realize that it 
takes more than just wanting to do something.  In the end, 
you can only do what you can do." 
Nicole R., Orlando

"At some point the war will have to end."

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