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Publication: Looking Good
Men's Manicures

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                  LOOKING GOOD - July 29, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh, my poor mom had to have another procedure
on her left eye. This isn't the eye she had the cornea
transplant on. The corner of her eye had to have a few
stitches put in to help prevent excessive dryness, which
keeps causing tiny scratches on the eye, leaving her vision
impaired. My sister said she is in pain, and depressed because
of how long this has gone on. I can totally understand this
and marvel at how well she has dealt with it this long...

I think part of her depression is also facing the reality that
she won't be able to go to Vegas in August. We have a plan to
make sure she cheers up though...

My mom thinks I'm still going to Vegas to see my sister, when
the truth of the matter is I will be heading to Chicago the
day before my sister leaves. As much as my mom says she will
be fine while my sister is gone, we don't want to take the 
chance. I'll surprise her and take her mind off of her
troubles, a little, at least...

I sure hate to leave this 110 degree weather...NOT!



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Sunglass styles come and go but this style remains popular
and stylish. Two reasons for this:

1. Rugged and built to last. You won't have to worry about
anything flimsy or breaking off on these.

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Most men would really like to have a nicely manicured hand
that is soft. Most men also would rather be caught anywhere
other than a salon to get those hands in shape. You can help
your guy get his hands in shape, or men out there, you can follow
these simple steps to get your hands in tip-top condition...

Soak a hand towel in warm water, (as warm as you want). Wrap
your hands in the damp towel for five minutes. This will remove
dirt and relax you. Relaxing is a big deal guys, try it...oh yeah,
WITHOUT the remote control...


Electronically Counts EVERY Coin You Deposit...

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A fun and educational way to teach children how to count and
save. Top twists off for easy access and re-sets to zero to
start all over again. Takes 2 AA batteries (not included).
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Rub in an exfoliating scrub, concentrating on the dry areas of
your hands. If you guys don't have an exfoliator in the house,
take your regular liquid hand soap and add a teaspoon of sugar 
to it in the palm of your hand. THis will remove the dead skin
cells and get you on your way to soft hands...

Take an emery board and buff your nails straight across to make
them neat looking and remove any jagged edges your nails may have...

If you don't like scented lotions, use an unscented one. If it's
in a tube, place the tube in the sink that is filled with very hot
water to warm up the lotion. Do this before you start your home
hand-care so the lotion will be warmed when you need it...

It's time, you now need the warmed lotion. Massage the lotion 
into the hands with a gentle, but firm pressure to get the
circulation in your hands moving. Massage until all the lotion
has been absorbed...

Your hands will thank you and so will anyone you happen to

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