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Publication: Looking Good
Gentle Jewelry Cleaning

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                  LOOKING GOOD - July 28, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa Nelly...My mailbox has been inundated with
emails asking where my "regular column" has been for the last
week and when will Anything Goes debut?

My "regular column" is still here, I just started the new 
format ahead of time to "wean" you off the opening, which
will no longer be a part of this column as of this Wednesday,
which will be the day Anything Goes will debut...

I still haven't decided how and where I'm going to take the
new column. What the heck, I'm going to play it by ear and
probably fine tune it as I go along. One of the "problems"
in the beginning will be getting new people that haven't been
with me as long as all of you, informed and comfortable. All
of you "know" me, (and my quirks). I'll have to make a conscious
effort in the beginning to introduce the whole cast of "characters"
that are a part of my life that they will have no clue about in
the beginning...

It's going to be a little challenging at first, and I'd be lying
if I didn't say that part of me is a little nervous about making
the new column a success. I just felt it was time to do something
a little different, yet the same in a lot of ways...

So...For those who are waiting, only a few more days and for
those who can't wait for this section of the column to be blank,
close your eyes for a few more days...






Retail Price: $5.99
Get two for $4.98

The compact Adventure Plus Tool has a small light for map-
reading in the dark and a floating-dial compass should you
need to get back on course. A thermometer, safety mirror,
whistle, and dry storage for matches give you tools to use
in an emergency. Bottom Line: This little item does it all...
it gives you lighting and safety tools for any adventure!
And at this low price you'll want to pick up a few... they
make wonderful gifts. Both kids and adults love 'em.

The Adventure Tool Features:
      - Super Bright LED Light      - Whistle
      - Storage Compartment         - Compass  
      - Magnifying Glass            - Thermometer

To grab one, or see a picture visit:



The two tips today aren't technically beauty tips, but both help
keep things "looking good."

Black clothing always fades with repeated washings. Your favorite
blouse, top, pants or jeans will keep their color and brightness
if you"set" the color before they get washed for the first time.

To do this, soak the black items in a solution of 2/3 cup table
salt to one gallon water. Increase the ratio and amount accordingly.
Soak for two hours, rinse in cold water, then wash according to
label directions...


Lighted Tweezers with Magnifier by Lady Elegance

Normal Price: $14.99
SAVE EVEN MORE: Get Two for $9.98

Here's a tweezers designed to raise eyebrows... This
revolutionary tweezers (made by Lady Elegance) has a built
in bright LED light and 8X magnifier to make tweezing fast
and easy.

No need to try and pluck your eyebrows with your glasses on.
Plus, it illuminates and magnifies problem areas under chin
or on the lip line. Prefect for fine or light colored hair.
Made of stainless steel with angled tips for precision tweezing.

- Lighted Tweezers     - Eyebrow Grooming Brush & Comb
- Carrying Pouch       - Three button-cell (AG-13) batteries

To order this or see a picture of it, visit:

Lighted Tweezers with Magnifier by Lady Elegance


Jewelry cleaner is fine to keep your jewelry clean, however,
there are certain items such as opals, pearls, costume, etc.
that can't be cleaned in the strong chemicals that are in
regular jewelry cleaners. If you mix a few drops of liquid 
dishwashing soap to two cups warm water and soak your jewelry
for five minutes, followed by a gentle scrubbing with a soft
toothbrush, any type of jewelry will be clean, shiny, and
safe from any chemical effects on them. Rinse in warm water
and dry with a soft cloth...

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