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Publication: Looking Good
Easy Wrinkle Buster

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                  LOOKING GOOD - July 22, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

"But it's a dry heat", a phrase you will usually hear when
people refer to the high temps in Arizona. Oh yeah? Not this
week. As we speak, it's 103 degrees with a humidity level of
over 50% which gives us a heat index of...who knows, or who
cares, it's a fricken' steam bath out there! There isn't even
a slight breeze and my hair expanded 3 feet in 3 minutes just
by going out to put ice in Coco and Ginger's water bowls...

They have been predicting rain for the last three days and
it hasn't happened, which had made it more humid than usual.
The pool temperature has shot up to over 100 degrees and it
isn't even a hot tub. I don't recall it ever getting that warm,
and even turning on the waterfall to cool it off hasn't done
the trick...

Oh well, I may put in the DVD of Dr. Zhivago and watch the
bitter cold winter scenes. That usually gives me a chill
just watching it...

What can I say, I'm desperate...



Is it time to see without glasses? It's never been easier
or more affordable... Find out at AllAboutVision, visit:


2-pk Limelight Flush Night Lights...

Normal Price: $4.99
Get two (4 lights) for $4.98

These night lights provide a great way to ensure energy safety
throughout your entire home. You've seen the same ones sold in
Ace Hardware for as much as $4.99 each. Now you can get them
for $2.99 or get two sets (4 lights) for $4.98... less than the
normal pack of just one.

Each diminutive (2" x 2" x 3/8") light emits a soft glow that
lets you know where a wall or door may be when you most need to
know. Ever stub your toe in a wall? No annoying light bulb to
replace. Remember Get One For $2.99 or Two For $4.98, visit:

2-pk Limelight Flush Night Lights...



Mix a tablespoon of your orange juice with a drop or two of 
almond oil or olive oil to make the mixture a little more 
spreadable. Gently apply the mixture around the eye area
and the mouth area. Make this a nightly routine and your
eyes and mouth area will thank you...


Set of 2 Magnifying Mirrors...

Retail Price: $29.99
Steal Price: $11.27

See what you've been missing! This handy magnifying mirror set
includes one 7 1/2 inch diameter mirror with 3X magnification
and a 6 inch mirror with 7X the magnification.

Each mirror has a suction cup that can mount to the shower or
bathroom mirror. Great for shaving, putting on make-up or

- One (1) 7 1/2 inch round mirror with 3X Magnification
- One (1) 6 inch round mirror with 7X Magnification
- Suction cup design.
- Attaches to any smooth surface.

To get more info, see a picture... visit:

Set of 2 Magnifying Mirrors...


This facial scrub is easy and ideal for dry, flaky skin. 

1 teaspoon sugar
the juice of 1/2 lemon

While washing your face with your regular facial cleanser,
add the sugar and scrub gently. Splash the face with the lemon
juice (careful around the eyes) and rinse with cool water. Do 
this once a week to keep your skin radiant...

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