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Publication: Looking Good
Using Aloe Vera

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                  LOOKING GOOD - July 18, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

Yes, I goofed with a measurement on an ingredient in yesterday's

Another great recipe that you can make a peel off mask can 
be made with gelatin and juices... 
1 packet unflavored gelatin 
12 cup fruit juice <-----should be 1/2 cup, (but you kinda
figured that out on your own didn't you, and if not, by now
you're probably drowning in fruit juice)... 

For everyone who asked...When the time comes for the new 
column to be launched, Looking Good readers will automatically 
be subscribed to it. Everyone that does NOT want to receive it 
will have to unsubscribe as soon as they get it. Can't wait
to deal with that!

What's the deal for today? Something you've probably heard
about and wondered if it works. I can tell you, the Ped Egg works,
and I use it all the time. This is just like it, but a lot cheaper
than what I paid for the Ped Egg. I ordered a back up one when
my sister told me they got these in and it does work the same
as the Ped Egg... Carry on, I just thought I'd stick my two
cents worth in...

You've seen it on TV and in your local drug stores for $9.99.
We've got the same type of item, made in the same factory,
for 1/2 price as the famous brand.

Actually, the one we have is an enhanced professional version.
It has over 135 precision micro files... for smoother and
safer use.

Check it out and grab a couple, they make great gifts.

Like the Ped Egg, but 1/2 the Price

Retail Price: $9.99
OUR PRICE: $4.99

By now we've all seen the TV commercial countless time on the
Ped Egg. We were lucky to find The Foot Buddy which is the same
thing, made by the same factory... but at 1/2 the price.

Gently removes callous and dry skin. for smooth and beautiful
feet. So gentle, it will not even burst a balloon. Safe to the
touch and easy, no mess disposal.

- Comfortable ergonomic design
- Over 135 stainless steel micro files
- No mess- collects shavings
- Safe to the touch
- Includes 2 emery finishing pads

At these affordable prices you can pick up a few.

Today's Deal of the Day





Earth Aid DVD Collection
It's Easy To Make A Difference...

Retail Price: $29.99
Deal Price: $19.99

Do you know who actor Ed Begley, Jr. is? I'm quite certain if
you saw him you'd instantly remember him.

What you may not know is he is a HUGE conservationist. Unlike
many Hollywood stars, who say they are concerned about our
environment because it's the popular thing, Ed is actually
downright SERIOUS about saving the planet. And he lives his
life that way.

If you're like most you want to do the right thing when it
comes down to living green but are not always sure what you can
do... this DVD collection solves this problem. It's hosted by
Ed Begley, Jr. himself! From recycling to easy every day steps
you can take, you'll be amazed at how a little action leads to
some real conservation.

To get more information on each DVD or to order, visit:

Earth Aid DVD Collection 


Aloe Vera is a natural product from the Aloe plant. Here,
in Arizona, it grows like crazy and is the best plant to
have around for your skins health and beauty. If it is at
all possible, try to grow an Aloe Vera plant indoors, if
your climate isn't like Arizona. It is a low maintenance
plant, takes very little water and regenerates even after
clipping the tips off when needed for...

Burns...Applying the gel directly from the Aloe plant will
heal and soothe the burn quickly

Cuts...Again, Aloe will heal and prevent scarring, or at
least help heal with very little noticeable scarring...



Normal Price: $9.99
Get Two (2) For: $6.98

It's just AMAZING what the Super Pocket Tool can do... no
wonder it's called Super!

It's a must-have for a purse, briefcase, car, office desk, just
about anywhere. This is one of those items that's both cool
and functional.

Once you have it, you won't believe how many times you reach to
use it. Plus, give it as a gift and see the delight it brings.

FEATURES: Pocket Level, Super Grip Handle, Bright White LED
Light, Small/Large Phillips Screwdriver Tip, Small/Large
Flathead Screwdriver Tip, Pocket Clip

Grab one for yourself and another for a gift... just visit:



Chapped lips...Aloe applied directly to chapped lips, left
on for five minutes, then tissued off will remoisturize the

Hydrating mask...Aloe applied on the face, left on for 10
minutes and rinsed with cool water will cut down on an
inflamed face and moisturize...

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