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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Where Would I be without my friends

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                 Wednesday, July 16, 2008
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<%BLOG|Where would I be%>

A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:  

Oh, where would I be without my dear friends? I got together
with my girls over the weekend and had a long gabfest about
our relationships and sex. I, Carmen Sutra, took notes for
my Great SEXers. And today I am sharing their juciest tid-
bits. My friends have been forewarned. What do they expect 
with a sex columnist as a friend? Maybe you should take 
notes, too.

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Today's Topic: Things I've Learned from My Friends

1. Role Playing on the Cheap - One dear friend described all
the costumes she's tried for her husband. She's tried the
schoolgirl getup, an angel, cat, and devil. Then role playing
ensued. I asked about the costumes' specifics because they
can be quite expensive at an adult store like Lover's Lane.
My friend said you can always get these outfits in less ex-
pensive ways, like buying a cute plaid skirt from Target,
get reduced bunny or cat ears after Halloween, and of course,
be imaginative. For instance, for the devil costume, she 
wore a long red slip, put devil ears on, and pinned a little
tail to the bootie :)

2. Just because he's laughing doesn't mean he's not turned
on - You have to love any story that begins with "The time
I wore saran wrap for my husband..." My friend heard about
the idea to greet her hubbie at the door one night wearing
saran wrap. He dissolved into a fit of giggles, but after a
moment they got down to business. I say this all the time:
you have to have fun in the bedroom! Laugh with each other
and it will increase your bond. Thus, just because he's
laughing, doesn't mean he isn't turned on.

3. Sex in the daylight - As we've often discussed, body image
issues can greatly affect how we enjoy ourselves in the bed-
room. More specifically, for some readers the idea of certain 
sexual positions doesn't conjure thoughts of orgasms. Rather, 
some can only focus on how their stomach hangs in some 
positions, how their spare tire looks, or how their breasts 
droop. You get the idea. 

I talked about this with friends, and one said "When someone 
loves you, they don't see those things. They only think about 
the love they have for you." While those things are true, I 
also think in the heat of the moment, your partner is probably 
just thinking about how freaking good it feels!

4. Know Your Audience - One particular friend of mine says
she feels like she can't pull off the whole lingerie and
seduction thing. Instead, she knows her audience. She knows
that her husband loves the Chicago Bears. Like a love bigger
than your love for food, shopping, talking, and watching TV - 
combined. And then some. Knowing this, one day she wore a
Bears jersey for him...and nothing else. Yep, it's a winner.

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So, I ask my Great SEXers what works for YOU? What works for 
YOUR "audience?" Carmen story: I bought a wicked leopard
print trenchcoat a couple years ago and wore heels and only
panties underneath. Yeah, I know MY audience. It was a hit. 
Now share yours! As always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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                 Water Power... Water Fuel 

Will the dream of converting water into energy become a 
reality...or is this a hoax? Fox News ran this report of a 
man who swears he has discovered a way to separate Hydrogen 
from Oxygen inexpensively and use the Hydrogen as a fuel 

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