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Publication: Looking Good
Mature Makeup Tips

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                  LOOKING GOOD - July 14, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

When I last you, I was complaining about being "rain-deprived",
and disappointed in our monsoon so far this year. What a 
difference a few days make...

We got "hammered" Friday night with quite a doozy of a storm.
The winds measured 80 MPH nearby, which is the same force as
a category 1 hurricane. While rain amounts varied according
to locations around the valley, we came up the "winner" with
three inches of rainfall! Understand, in the desert, when you
get a storm with that much rain, it causes some major damage
and flash flooding all over the place. There were mud slides
that made some roads impassable, and are still closed. Some
of my neighbors had their driveways covered in inches of 
dirt, debris and water. Luckily, our house is at the highest 
point of the neighborhood and everything in the front ran
down and away from the house...

The backyard, however, didn't do as well. The water completely
covered the whole yard and came up and over the patio to the
doors. Luckily, no water came in. For the first time ever,
our pool completely over-flowed and how did Coco and Ginger
do in all of this?

HA! We couldn't get this inside! They had a ball out there!
The galloped through the water, playfully pawed at the rushing 
water on the patio, and Moose did her best to try to drink all
of the fresh rain water lakes that were nice and cool and
flowing nice and quick all over the place. The thunder and
lightning didn't phase them, the wind didn't scare them and
they couldn't wait to get back out there when we hauled them in
during the worst part of the storm...

The following day, we surveyed the storm damage and about the
only real damage we had wasn't really from the storm per se,
it was more like finding a treasure trove of ancient foot
prints from an archealogical dig, which would excite a crew
until they realized they were dozens and dozens of Great Dane

I don't think I have to give you a visual on how my floor looked...





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Makeup is something females can't wait to use when they're
young, have fun with it when they're getting slightly older,
and depend on when they're middle aged and older. Even after
using makeup for years and years, it should never be a "robotic"
application out of habit, or rushed. Makeup should always enhance
your features subtly and applied with thought while doing it no
matter what age you are. Today's makeup tips are for the 45+ age

As we age, our skin texture changes. With that change, the makeup
we use should also change a bit...Some Do's and Don'ts to keep in

Tone down the vibrant shades and colors, they're aging...

Stay away from pearls or shimmery makeup. This will exaggerate the
texture of skin and enhance the lines and wrinkles, which I'm sure
isn't the look you're going for...

Don't choose matte products made for oily skin. They can make your 
skin look pasty and dry. Matte lipsticks should also be avoided and
if you decide to go with the matte finished makeup and lipstick, look
in the mirror and think...Kabuki...

Don't apply blush to the bones of the cheeks. Faces become thinner 
as they age and applying blush to the bones of the cheeks isn't very


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Now...a few Do's...

Choose colors that are natural against your skin tone in richer,  
moisture-based formulas. Cream blushes, cream eyeshadows, and 
moisturizing foundation. Subtle rose or coral-toned moisturizing
lipsticks and glosses work best...

If you use a lipliner, stay with a neutral toned liner and use it
sparingly. Stay within your lip line and not outside it...

When you apply blush, smile and apply it to the apples of your 
cheeks and blend, blend, blend...

If you use mascara and eyeliner, use them on the upper lashes
only to prevent lower eye makeup from running down and aging

Use foundation, but sparingly, just where you really need it,
the sides of the nose, for example, or on red spots. For under 
the eye, find a lightly textured concealer and blend with moisturizer 
before applying...

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