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Publication: Looking Good
Hints and Tips Using Blush

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                  LOOKING GOOD - July 11, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

What's the Deal?

Well a deal doesn't get much better than the one we have
today... how about free? Yes we have something that is
totally free to you.

We're pretty excited to bring you this one. The good people
from Just For Men (I love their commercials with Emmett Smith)
came to us and said they wanted to make this offer to our

How could we resist? So if you are a man who is graying or
know a guy who is, this is the best deal you could ever want.

Check it out below... by the way you'll get to watch a video
clip that is one of my ALL-TIME favorite scenes... I can, and
have, watched it over and over and over again!

NEW TOUCH OF GRAY from Just For Men...

Retail Price: $7.99
DEAL PRICE: free...

Get Just for Men's Touch of Gray at no cost.

This is one great product. The first hair treatment lets
you keep a little gray, and its available in every shade
you need.

Works Easily and Gradually -- No Mix, No Mess...
The applicator comb works gradually, making it easy to get
the look you want.

Get the Look You Want -- For Free. Visit the link below,
watch a classic movie clip and then click on the Get A Free
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Today's Deal of the Day





Improve Your Health & Have Fun... One Step At A Time

Retail Price: $19.99
Deal Price: $4.99
SAVE EVEN MORE: Get 2 for $7.98

The Pedometer Scan Radio is a pager-sized device that can be
worn on your belt that simply records the number of steps
you take based on your body's movement and keeps track of
your steps on its LCD Display.

Just press the reset button each morning when you clip it
on your waistband....and you and your step counter are ready
to go.

- Digital pedometer
- 12/24 settable clock with alarm, calendar, day-of-the-week
  indicator, count down timer
- FM scan radio
- Calculates the distance walked and the calories you burned
- Includes earbuds and belt clip

Remember you can save even more when you buy two. Get two (2)
for $7.98. They make great gifts. To order, visit:



Unless you can get someone to embarrass you on a daily basis,
chances are you need to use blush as part of your makeup
routine. Here are a few tips and hints to make your "blushing"
look as natural as possible...

When you buy your blush, dump the blush brush that comes with 
it. It really is too small and stiff to create a natural look.
I have uses these brushes to apply a light eyeshadow to my eyes 

Look in the mirror and smile "hard". This is how you will
find the apples of your cheeks...

Dip a nice fluufy brush in your blush and shake off the excess.
Brush the blush lightly over the apples of your cheeks, moving
toward your ear. Use a short, up and down vertical motion...

Blend the blush in with one sweeping otion over the top of 
what you just applied. Cover lightly with powder...

If you have a tendency to "wash out" or fade, you can apply
a light stroke of blush across your forehead up by your
hairline or a little over your brows where the sun would
land on your face. Go lightly though, less is more in this 



Normal Price: $4.99

Okay, I LOVE these. And I use them for just about everything.
With the warm weather coming, they are great for outdoors.
I love to put all the pool toys in them. It allows for them
to dry after being in the pool and it keeps them all together.

Get a few of them. You can use them for so many things. Ideal
for college students, holding toys, and all the laundry you
can fit. The best part is the nylon construction that makes
this light as a feather.

It folds down to 6" and pops up to hold TWO (2) FULL LOADS

Store it in the closet or in the corner of the room. We
guarantee this will help keep the kids' rooms tidy. This is
one of the best products we have ever carried and the
lightest hamper you will ever carry.

Get A Great Hamper for Just $1.99


Use cream blush as you get older because the skin is drier
as you age and a cream moisturizes and gives a less "cakey"

If you use cream or gel blush, dab a tiny bit on the apple
of each cheek and gently rub it in with your fingers. You
can use a sponge to blend and make sure it is blended to
prevent the "Bozo the Clown look"...

Whether using cream or powder blush, apply a light coat of
powder before and after applying blush. The powder makes the
blush go on smoother and it also prevents the blush from
grabbing on skin that is oily...

Whenever possible, apply blush or any other color cosmetics 
in natural light. A bathroom with poor lighting is the main 
reason women look like the circus is in town when they leave
their house...

Have a great weekend everyone!

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