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Publication: Looking Good
Applying Eyeliner

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                  LOOKING GOOD - July 8, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

My allergies are acting up baaaaaaad the past few days. My
head and sinuses are doing their own drum solos. Nothing I've
taken has helped so far and part of this may be because the
humidity has been a lot higher than usual with a threat of rain
almost every day. Of course, we haven't seen a drop as of yet.
Plenty of lightning and thunder late afternoon/early evening,
but nothing in the way of precipitation...

I thought it was starting to rain last night, but it ended up
being "overflow" from Moose after she quenched her thirst and
shook her head. Ordinarily, I might have been grossed out, but
it actually felt refreshing at the time. That tells you how
rain-deprived we are right now...






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Liquidation Special - USA Flags


Applying eyeliner well takes concentration and a relaxed hand. 
A good idea is to start with a pencil liner to get the hang of 
it, and possibly graduating to a liquid liner when you feel more 
confident. Because there are many variations of the cat-eye look, 
ranging from sharp, thin and pointed to fat and supersmudgy, there 
are as many techniques...

For a traditional cat-eye look, use a sharp eyeliner pencil and 
dot along the root of the lashes, from inner to outer eye, following 
the natural curve precisely. Stop at the point where your pupil ends 
and begin to subtly slant upward, carrying out the line as far as you 
like. In most cases, about a quarter of an inch looks good. Try slightly 
more if you're going for more drama. If you like a fatter line, retrace 
your steps, only filling in a bit wider as you go...


GET A GRIP... With The Safety Bath Handle
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The Safety Bath Handle is an easy-to-grasp handle provides
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It secures instantly to fiberglass or tile with sure-grip
suction cups - no tools needed! Just flip down the green tabs
to lock the handle securely on any surface - horizontal or
vertical. Also removes easily to use elsewhere when needed.

Made of durable plastic. 11" long and helps prevent dangerous
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Safety Bath Handle


If you feel like your hand isn't steady enough, try using a brush. 
Use a bent-angle brush, which has a handle that bends in the middle, 
so when drawing on the lash line you have the perspective of a second 
party. It's a great little tool. It's also great for shadow or cream 

Evenly distribute shadow liner on your brush, press the shadow as you 
place it along your lash line, moving the brush in the same slanting 
upward path. This technique will give a more translucent finish...

Finally, don't be intimidated by liquid eyeliners. Just look for ones 
with small, firm, preferably tiny padded points. And make sure when you 
test them, that not too much liquid comes out of the applicator...

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