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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Staycation Part I

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                 Monday, July 7, 2008
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<%BLOG|Staycation Part I%>

A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:  

With the economy in dire straights, many people will not be
able to head to Disney World, the Grand Canyon or embark on
long road trips this summer. Instead of a traditional 
vacation, many will be using their paid timeoff at home 
with a staycation. Let's put a positive spin on things, shall
we? Instead of being a little bummed about this turn of
events, let's consider staying at home for a week in Great
SEXpectations terms. Be prepared for arousal.

Relax & Energize, Revive Tired Muscles & Relieve Stress...

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Release stress by massaging muscles and by activating 
acupressure points, which send signals to relax all the parts 
of the body. They are acupressure-hard to the touch and feel 
GREAT pressed into your muscles. Try them on your back, your 
feet (my favorite!), and hands. They are amazing... Makes a 
GREAT GIFT For Men, and Women. Great for Foot massages and foot 
spur relief. Great For Stress Relief, Pregnancy Relief Foot Rub, 
Back Rub, Hand Rub, Self Massage.

Using mini massage balls this massager will relax tense muscles 
and stirs up circulation. It's both gentle and comfortable to use.
Pets love it too! 

Plus our amazing price of this will relieve even more tension... 
and we'll even discount it more if you buy more than one. Get 
two and save an additional $1.00... two for $3.98


Today's Topic: Staycation Part I

The goal of your staycation is to rev up your sexual life
and sexually reconnect with your honey. This will take time
and commitment. But, hey, you have a week off, and what 
better way is there to pass the time that getting it on? 
Yes, rhetorical. I will run through the days of the week with 
an idea for you to try. If you don't like the idea, then you 
must commit to 45 minutes of any sexual activity. This could 
be all oral, rubbing, touching, other foreplay activities and/
or include intercourse as well. Mix it up, your choice!

MONDAY - At some point during your staycation, you will prob-
ably be doing a little housecleaning. You might as well get
this over with at the beginning of the week. You have two
options. As your partner is putting away the dishes, wash-
ing windows, or folding laundry, come up behind him/her and
start nuzzling their neck. Take the nuzzling south and con-
tinue to kiss the back until you reach the buttocks. Now
gently spread the butt cheeks and 1) commit to anilingus or
2) lick and suck the testicles/labia and then full-fledged
oral sex. I know, I know, tough options. 

TUESDAY - Cleaning Part II: This does not have to actually
be on Cleaning Day. Make use of the washer or dryer and have
the lady sit on top while the machine is in use. It will
vibrate against her bottom, which will, in turn, rev up her
labia and start her pussy pulsing (I told you to be prepared
for arousal!). Stand in front of her and start thrusting. 
The benefit of this position is mouth kissing, access to the
breasts, and she can reach around and scoop his butt for 
deeper thrusting! 

WEDNESDAY - Outdoor fun: If you have a pool, then this one
is self-explanatory. If you don't, I strongly encourage you
to get your sprinkler system out and run through the water
like you did when you were kids. Laughter can be an aphro-
disiac because it just makes you happier and puts you in a
lighter mood. Now mix that with feeling each other's slippery
bodies and you've got a heavenly opportunity. Spread a 
blanket on the ground...and then your legs :)

Improve Your Health & Have Fun... One Step At A Time 

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The Pedometer Scan Radio is a pager-sized device that can be 
worn on your belt that simply records the number of steps 
you take based on your body's movement and keeps track of 
your steps on its LCD Display.

Just press the reset button each morning when you clip it 
on your waistband....and you and your step counter are ready 
to go. 

- Digital pedometer
- 12/24 settable clock with alarm, calendar, day-of-the-week 
  indicator, count down timer 
- FM scan radio
- Calculates the distance walked and the calories you burned
- Includes earbuds and belt clip

Remember you can save even more when you buy two. Get two (2) 
for $7.98. They make great gifts. To order, visit:


I've given you enough ideas to last until Part II on Wednes-
day. Now remember, if you don't like the ideas, then you
must commit to 45 minutes of other love play. Again, the whole 
idea is to reconnect with your beloved and put a spark back 
into the relationship. My dear Great SEXers, please, please 
really commit to this. Seven days will go by regardless of 
this Staycation challenge, but imagine what seven days of 
bliss will do for your relationship. I believe you have an 
assignment. Now have fun! As always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

*********************WEEKLY VIDEO CLIP**********************

                  Repeal Fox News License 

In what may be the most disgusting comment ever, Fox News 
contributer Liz Trotta, not only links Barack Obama and Osama 
bin Laden together, but calls for their assassination. It may 
be time for the FCC to look at Fox News and revoke their 

Fox News

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