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Publication: Looking Good
Nail Facts

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                  LOOKING GOOD - June 3, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,  

Because tomorrow is the 4th of July, we won't be doing any
mailings and will return on Monday. I want to wish everyone 
a fun and safe holiday weekend. Be careful around fireworks,
unless, of course, they're coming from the person sitting
next to you, then, my advice would be...Enjoy! Hehehehehehe 

What's The Deal For This Week??

Okay, this is one of those times where we jumped the gun and
made a buy on this item when we shouldn't have.

Not too long ago we had bought, or so we thought we had, a
few pallets of Shark Power Scoopers from the manufacturer.

In anticipation of this buy we went out and made a deal for
the replacement bags for them. We bought 3,000 of them!

Well, the deal fell through on the Scoopers and it was too
late to cancel the bags.

What to do with them? Michele has the Shark Scooper and
told me she loves the bags. She actually prefers to use the
bags WITHOUT the Scooper.

She uses them for her dog when she takes him on walks or to
clean up the yard.

I got to thinking and took a package of these home and boy,
there really are a lot of uses for them. I immediately took
a roll down to the basement where I keep the kitty litter
and I now use these to scoop the litter into.

They are the perfect size for my bathroom garbage cans. I
keep a roll in the car, because it doesn't take up much room
and it always seems when I'm out an about I could use a bag
for something.

Anyway, bottom line is we bought 3,000 of these and we want
to get rid of them. We're selling them at our cost just to move
them out of the warehouse. So take a look and think of all the
things YOU could use them for. At as low as 99 cents for a
package of three rolls, you can't pass it up.

Plastic Replacement Bags
(originally for the Shark Power Scooper)

Retail Price: $3.99

Made as replacement bags for your Shark PS380 power scooper.
These plastic bags are great for so many things BESIDES the
scooper. Use them to clean up a litter box, take them with
you when you walk your dog. They're the perfect size to fit
a bathroom waste paper basket.

With the price of garbage bags, don't miss this closeout deal
on these. Package includes 3 rolls of bags. Each roll contains
10 bags which is a total of 30 bags for this low, low price.

Get one package for $1.49
Save an additional $1.00 get two (2) packages for $1.98
Save an additional $1.50 get three (3) packages for $2.97
Save an additional $2.00 get four (4) packages for $3.96

Grab them while we have them by visiting:

Today's Deal of the Day





Tool Technology 7-PC Tool Set

Retail Price: $9.99
Deal Price: $5.99
Get Two (2) For: $9.98

Tired of lugging around a big heavy tool set? You don't have
to anymore with this 7-pc tool kit from Tool Technology.

When the job is quick and easy, why not use this tool kit
that has everything you need to ENSURE the job stays quick
and easy? The carrying case makes it perfect for any car,
truck, boat, kitchen, office... so many places to use it!

Here's What You Get:
- Measuring Tape (1M to 3 FT)      - Hammer
- Flat Head Screwdriver            - Phillips Screwdriver
- Long Nose Pliers                 - Tweezer 
- Plastic Carrying Case

What's more, the pliers are ergonomically designed for
better grip and convenience under any conditions. They
can also cut and strip wire and crimp connections.

Grab one set for $5.99... or get two for $9.98. Sorry, we
do ask that you limit your order to no more than four (4),
visit: http://pd.gophercentral.com/r/120/a/611/l/zs7em2

Tool Technology 7-PC Tool Set


The skin on fingertips are protected by nails...
Nails are dead cells and made of protein called keratin...
Feeding nutrients to the nails go beyond the surface...
The surface of a nail is called the nail plate...
The cuticle is the skin that grows from the finger onto the base 
of the nail (nail root)...
Nail moons are found at the base of the nails. They are also known 
as lunule...
Small or no moons may indicate low metabolism while large moons may 
indicate an active metalbolism...
Nail moons disappear with age...
The average growth rate a day is 0.1 mm...
Nails grow fastest on the more active hand...
Nails grow faster during summer and pregnancy...


PET BLINKERS... The Pet Safety Light
Protect Yourself & Your Pet!

Store Price: $7.99
DEAL PRICE: $3.99 or less

Pet Blinkers give you the added security and peace of mind
knowing you and your pet(s) are visible at night. Whether
you're going for a jog with your pet or if you just want
extra attention, attach the Pet Blinker to your pet's collar
and be seen a half-mile away. These eye-catching LEDs
accessorize any pet. Requires three AG3 lithium cell
batteries (included).

PET BLINKERS... The Pet Safety Light


Young people grow nails at a faster rate...
Fingernails grow at least 2 times faster than toenails...
Weather, activity, hormonal changes and age all have an effect on 
the rate of nail growth...
With age nails tend to thicken, harden, grow slower and ridges appear...
When a nail is detached from the skin (nail bed), it could take up to 
6 months for a fingernail and almost 18 months for a toenail to grow 
right back...
Though the appearance of nails could often point to any diet imbalance 
or certain health problems, they are most often not sole indicaters 
but will be heralded by other more prominent signs and symptoms... 

Keeping your hands and nails hydrated will not only keep your hands
looking younger, but help prevent nail brittleness. Use a hand lotion
with sunscreen, and apply it as often as you can during the day and
before bedtime...

Have a great weekend everyone!

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