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Publication: Looking Good
Using Concealers

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                  LOOKING GOOD - June 30, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

I had a nice time in Vegas last week. I got to spend a lot
more time with my sister than I usually get to...

I'm feeling a little blue today because Flypup and his wife
are leaving today for Philly. We did get to spend some time
together over the weekend, which was great. He's not too sure
how long he'll be in Philly, but he's hoping he'll be able to 
make it back West somewhere in the near future, although he
desn't want to be in Arizona. He and his wife didn't enjoy
our summer and couldn't wait to get out of here...

I told him a long time ago that visiting is much different
than living here when it comes to the summers. Of course, he
didn't believe me. (do kids ever believe their parents)?

Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh, I sure am gonna miss them...





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Use a green concealer if you think you over did the blush above 
acceptable levels. Green concealer also hides pimples, blemishes, 
scars, birthmarks and broken capillaries...

Use a yellow concealer to cover up dark colored bruises and dark 
under-eye circles...
Blend some pink/mauve concealer with your regular foundation to 
help camouflage yellowish bruises and even out uneven yellow-colored 
skin tone...
To hide freckles, choose a foundation that is just slightly darker 
than the non-freckled area...
To cover up dark circles beneath eyes or eye bags, apply some light 
liquid foundation on the dark areas followed by a concealer that is 
lighter than your foundation. Blend well...
It will also be beneficial to apply some gentle eye cream onto the 
dark circles before putting on foundation...


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Plus, it illuminates and magnifies problem areas under chin
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Made of stainless steel with angled tips for precision tweezing.

- Lighted Tweezers     - Eyebrow Grooming Brush & Comb
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Birthmarks... If it’s getting in your way, especially when its on 
the neck, shoulder or arm, look for creams that are specially 
formulated to camouflage birthmarks. Select the shade closest to 
your neck’s color. After application, blend together with foundation 
and loose powder extending beyond the birthmark area for a less obvious 
1 quick fix for a pimple... Dab a suitable concealer that is one shade 
lighter than your skin color before putting on foundation... 

Concealer can be applied either before or after foundation, just 
make sure that it is not wiped away while you are blending with 
foundation. Always start with a small amount of concealer and apply 
gently in a dabbing motion. Do not rub or exert pressure. After you 
have completed applying foundation and concealer, set with loose powder...

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