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Publication: Looking Good
Detoxifying Bath Soak

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                  LOOKING GOOD - June 26, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

Well, well, it's finally my turn! Guess they saved the best 
for last. Coco here, but you can call me Moose, since that's
what everyone calls me. Why, I don't really know. It may have
to do with a few personality traits and characteuristics...

I'm a big girl, nothing like my sister, who is much smaller
boned than me. She sure is fast though, I'll give her that,
but I'm sheer power and I'm not shy about throwing it around.
I can out-muscle anyone and anything and yes, I'm a very
confident dawg. Some would call it cocky, but I'm just a 
girl who knows what she wants and makes sure she gets what
she wants! Now, now, don't get concerned, I'm not mean, and
in fact, am a big baby. Mommy learned the secret of "calming
the savage beast" in me. I don't know how she figured it out,
but she did. If me and Ginger are getting too carried away
and that woosie sister of mine runs to mommy for help, mommy
starts to rub my belly and BAM!, I go down like a brick and 
roll over on my back. She puts me into a trance like state and
I swear, I have no idea what I was doing before. Weird power
that woman has!

My sister is afraid of everything and I'm not afraid of anything.
Ginger and I have different ways of dealing with mommy and daddy.
If they get mad and raise their voices at us, Ginger runs. I, 
on the other hand, have learned how to deflect the confrontation 
by giving them a little of their own medicine. I learned a little
trick. I sit down, look them straight in the eye, and howl at
them, then flap my jaws with other noises that lets them know
I'm not happy with their behavior. It obviously works because
they snap out of it and all is well again. Sometimes you just
have to be tough when disciplining humans...

I do reward them when they behave though. I sit pretty anytime
they ask, (I figure it's the least I can do), I come when they
call me, and I give them my cute face on the counter when they
are sitting there eating something I would like a taste of. (A 
little trick I learned from the master...Keno)...

I learned a trick all by myself which I use anytime I can. For
some reason, no other dog in this house has ever learned how to
do this, which should *AHEM* tell you just how dang smart I am.
There are these things around here called doors, and on these
doors are metal things called handles. I learned a long time 
ago that by using my mouth and head, I can get any of these doors
to open. It's so much fun to barge in on someone in a bathroom
because they don't have the brains to use that thing called a
LOCK! Here's what I do, I grab the handle, jiggle it, and push
it open. I then walk straight into the bathroom where there is
a human sitting. (Here's the part that gets me off the hook in
the yelling department). I put my face right into theirs, give
them a big, wet kiss, and in true Great Dane form, back up and
out of the bathroom and continue on my merry way. Nah, I don't
know how to close the door, they always do that and THEN you hear
them locking the door. Humans aren't too quick with the learning
are they? The only door they make sure is always locked is the
front door. I admit, that one is my fault. I kind of let Keno,
Mystic, Ginger and myself out of the front door for a good old-
fashioned walk-about a few months ago and since then, it's as
secure as Fort Knox...

I may sound like I'm a bit of a bully, and at times, I am, but
I'm also the biggest "lovebug" on the planet when it comes to
these humans. Don't tell them this, but I love them so dang much
and even I don't understand why I become such a baby around mommy.
I'm twice her size and yet I just gotta get and give all the lovin'
I can possible give and get. I still think she has some unknown 
power that I'll never truly figure out and it's OK, because I 
think me and my sister are the luckiest dawgs on the planet...

Of course, they are dang lucky too. We're unique... 

Gotta run, Ginger just walked by with a toy...






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This great soak relaxes muscles, draws toxins from the 
body, and contains a natural sedative to help your nervous 
system relax and unwind. It is also a natural emollient and 
exfoliant and it reduces swelling. All this in one simple 


1 cup sea salt
2 cups baking soda
1 cup Epsom salts
1 to 2 tablespoons pure vegetable glycerin per bath (available 
from your local health food store)

4 to 6 drops essential oil per bath (lavender, sandalwood, or 
ylang ylang to name a few) Do not add the oil to the dry mixture,
add the drops directly into the tub after adding the dry mixture...



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Today's Deal of the Day


Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl, stirring to blend. Add 
1/4 cup to your bath while the tub fills... 

Add the glycerin to the bath to prevent drying (feel free to 
use less if your skin is oily, or more if your skin is dry) and 
the drops of essential oil. 

The dry mixture will keep indefinitely in a glass jar with a screw 
lid. You can mix up batches of this and put some in decorative
jars as gifts. Include a bottle of essential oil and you have 
a nice, inexpensive gift. 

Makes 4 cups (enough for 16 baths)...

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